Captured !

Sometimes the earth goes round the moon
Sometimes the snow comes down in June ...
Though the Three Musketeers never pose together,
Still I captured them on two afternoons!!!

                                                                   Happy Day #46


  1. That is a beautiful blog you have. Will try to drop in now and then. 64 posts already within 2 months - you are indeed one prolific blogger. Hats off to you.

  2. Thanks Karthik for your comment and feedback.They mean a lot to me . And as for 64 posts...I didn't realize !! Hopes the quality is there along with the quantity! Thanks again.. Kokila

  3. Hello Ms Kokila,

    This is Nikhil from

    I am sorry I missed your earlier comment on one of the posts. Please try and visit Blossoms at Bangalore, they have a few titles left.

    Also please call me on 098922 42767, will help you with some other sources

  4. Oh God NIkhil !!! What a blessing to meet you! Your amazing blog and a hell of a introduction :) gr8. Thanks fro the info and the help.Yes, I had tried Blossoms number buit the person who answered the phone told me to call after a month or so as he was not sure about Soviet books.Now with your contact info I'll definitely get some for my kids. Thanks , wishes , Kokila

    1. Hello Kokila
      Sorry for delayed reply

      Staff at blossoms don't know what soviet books are so on phone they won't be able to answer the query...try m visit the shop.

      Thank you for the kind words..they mean a lot to's really great to meet you!

      Keep in touch..



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