Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sorting Out Sid : Review

The Sid-dom and the Bean Bag
Book : Sorting Out Sid
Author : Yashodhara Lal
Genre` : Modern Fiction
Published : Harper Collins
Best Buy : Here
When author Yashodhara Lal started the 'Sorting Out Sid - Blogger and Beer contest 'asking why are we interested in 'Sorting Out Sid' I answered honestly 'because Sid's world is stark opposite from mine's and I want to experience up-close and personal how he gets sorted out.'
I received a copy of the book! with a red tiny Bean Bag (Brownie is for Sid) and a promise to sign the book at some later opportunity :)
Siddharth aka Sid is a cool guy, with a ten years old marriage, loving friends, a promise of soon to be the 'youngest VP' of the company and much more .. Still his life lacks the zest ...why? Failing childless marriage, great unfulfilled expectations of parents,too interfering friends, obnoxious boss and manipulative colleagues.... then enters a single mom, revival of lost hobbies,a share in  responsibilities ......
Will he be able to sort out his life and himself?That's the big question.
Witty, hilarious and simple.
Its a slice of life book of modern day professionals. And this sliver of a slice offers you more flavour and variety then an international main course!
The book has it all. Though Sid definitely is missing on one important ingredient called....calm.
Through out the book he is running and running and that too, not towards something but from it. And 'It' here covers a wide spectrum.It is something which is vague for him and he don't want to confront it.
Impulsive and evasive,he seriously needs sorting out.He is seriously screwed. Having all he has none. 

The author successfully  portrays the complications and stress of today's life.And the glaring fact that these are totally manageable with a slight change in perception makes Sid and other people in the book vulnerable. 
Mandira being the head-strong wife, Aditi - a true friend but with insecurities,Meenakshi - the colleague with hidden agenda .... are all flawed to the realistic extent .Neha -is the only breezy character, responsible,smart and creative... some one good, for a guy like Sid but then Sid is far too habitual to be with Brownie rather then move his body for someone's matter if that someone is the best one he had met so far!
Me and my book
Author signing the 'SOS'
Writing style - Lal's style of writing is short and crisp. Her words and exclamations drip with humour.
The characters she created are of a believable grey.Be it Sid's parents or in-laws.In fact, that mini Banshee Rukmini is described so accurately that her image 'crouched somewhere behind the sofa' will be etched in your mind! 
Narration is full of hilarious moments and I laughed a lot inadvertently.
A Realistic Climax-The book ends on a positive note concluding that sorting is a process which goes on through out our lives.
Sid had been initiated (perhaps)towards the correct path where he can explore his inner self, his basic nature and find a way for release (!) from the rest. If not, then Brownie with Beer is there after all :) 
What It Lacks -
A good story to build up to.Due to lack of a solid,basic story the characters so nicely drawn do not grow or develop.
Good for a light read with a reality check on metropolitan-life-style with relations in juxtaposition. 
The Book is received with thanks from the author and the publisher as a part of "Sorting-out-Sid -Blogger and Beer contest".


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  2. It seems to be a nice book, and your way of writing review is very fascinating.


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