The Emerald Fruit

Yum... The on start of the mango season! No body who had spend his childhood gorging on Indian Mangoes can EVER forget the taste,aroma or the Beautiful colour of these heavenly fruits. The various shades of greens mixed artistically with the shades of scarlet,crimson,deep red and all possible hues of brightest to palest yellow... Amazing ! To look at a mango tree loaded with fruits is akin to sighting hanging emeralds!
Here this tree at my cousin's place is full of unripe mangoes good for chutneys,pickles and the golden-emerald Aam ka Panna.

                                                                          Happy Day # 42

Recipe for Aam Ka Panna-
serves 4
Preparation Time - 25 minutes
2  raw mangoes - medium size
Cumin seeds - roasted
Black/rock salt - according to taste
Aesfoetida - a pinch
MInt leaves - 8-10 leaves
Black Pepper - 4 (powdered)
Sugar - 3 table spoons (acc. to taste)

Wash and peel the raw mangoes.Separate the fleshy part from the drupe with a knife.Boil the raw pulp with water. (Or you can boil it as such and later, after cooling can separate the pulp from the drupe.) 
Mash with a ladle or better give a turn in the mixer along with mint leaves. Strain the pulp.
 Add roasted cumin seed powder , black salt , sugar and asafeotida, black pepper powder and mix well .Add 2 glasses of water with ice cubes or chilled water.Garnish with mint leaves ,stir and serve. :)


  1. I am craving for it now.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Its gladdening to know that you like 'Aam ka Panna' ... Thanks for joining me as my motivator.Keep visiting :)

  3. Oyes! The season of Mangoes at the door :)


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