The Graduation Day : Grace Maccarone

 'The Graduation Day' is a nice little book which tells about young Matt who had just learned how to read and write.He is going to receive his Graduation Certificate for the above said achievement but his graduation cap keeps on falling ! 

Matt is walking very slowly and is keeping his head very still so not to make it fall but what's this ??
 Look at Jane , Matt's friend.
 She's cartwheeling and still the cap is on !

Will he be able to make it to the stage without a fall-off ?
Will he make his Mother and lil sister Pat proud at school ? 
To know this all read The Graduation day. A sweet little book for young readers. With bold big letters and beautiful images .Happy Reading .


  1. I miss those days when these were the biggest problems I had in life.

    1. Lol... Yeah ! you have put the complications of a grown up's life in a very nice way .... going the writing way ? eh. :)

    2. Oh I am not sure if I can do justice to that!


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