Timur and his squad

Book: Timur and His Squad
Author : Arkday Gaider
Genre : Children
Published By : Progress Publishers
The book achieves what most books meant for children only aspire. Love and Respect.Appreciation and Admiration both. Its an honest book where the author speaks to the children with respect and honesty about 'the most important things in life' .He never creates a fairy world to them but a real world with good and bad, pompous and suffering all types of people.
(from preface)
Timur is a schoolboy ,a member of the Young Pioneers, who thought up a splendid way to assist those who are dependents of men in armed forces of Soviet Army. They did it secretly, so as to remain anonymous and to shroud their work in the aura of mystery so dear to children.Timur is an energetic, daring, big hearted lad who devise ingenious ways of doing this task.
What I Think
Like 'Chuk and Geck'  here again one can marvel at Arkday Gaider's command over words and emotions. He says it all with amazing simplicity and a poignant effect.The book understands the restlessness of young people and provides a beautiful outlet for their energies and emotions.It arms them with a cause to utilise their potential while giving the taste of  thrill and adventure so dear to youth!

The book is so popular that at a time TIMURITE became a word signifying children's patriotism and their desire to serve the Soviet Land.

'Timur..' tells truth, is wisely written ,simple and sincere and does not 'hides life's worries and disappointments' from the readers but confronts them in a way suitable for them.
It has patriotism, helping the needy , secret syndicate, ways to spying and sending secret messages, two loving sisters, camaraderie, friendship and all with a vaguest possible stroke of romance.

The opening scene between Jenny and Olga sets the tone for the rest of the story, mischievous,just and fearless.. just like Jenny , in red sun-dress, standing barefoot on the third floor windowsill cleaning a wide open window.
As the story unfolds the reader is engrossed into it not only for its virtues and goodness but for the simplicity of expressions.Gaider reminds me of Premchand.... for example-

 "....Yes .But you could have stood and listened from the road.Why did you have to climb over the fence?"
"Me? Climb over the fence?" The man was obviously offended." I beg your pardon, but I am not a cat.There's a gap in the fence over there and I squeezed through it."Perhaps you will be good enough to squeeze back into the street through it."
The man did as he was told.Without a word he walked through the gate and bolted it behind him.This pleased Olga.
"Just a moment!"she called , coming down the steps."Did you say you were a singer?...."

 Go Grab it if you have not read already !Or you are missing out on something genuinely good .

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