Dirty Face : Poetry

IndiBlogger BadgeThe poem is so like MY childhood ...
The images are sweet and one can feel good in just a casual glance, without investing much time. 
But, if only for once you spare some precious seconds to 'look' at one of the kids, you will smile inadvertently. The sheer joy on their faces derived from the simplest acts..... The glowing serenity on the contours of the  child with the rabbit, the look in the eyes of the boy with the duck and the concentration in the body language of the child with the net. Divine.
THIS is what Life is all about !
The Happy Day # 55

"Where did you get such a dirty face,
My darling dirty-faced child? 
I got it from crawling along in the dirt
And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.

I got it from chewing the roots of a rose,
And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.
I got it from peeking into a dark cave
And painting myself like a Navajo brave.

Happy Day # 56

I got it from playing with coal in the bin,
And signing my name in cement with my chin.
I got if from rolling around on the rug
And giving the  horrible dog a big hug.

Happy Day # 57
I got it from finding a lost silver mine,
And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.

I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears,
And from having more fun than you’ve had in years. "                                                                                           -Shel Silverstein                                    All Paintings  : Donald Zolan (Internet)


  1. O this is so lovely! Beautiful pictures and beautiful poem. You are so right, we often don't take the trouble to pause and appreciate such simple beauty of a child's face and smile.

    1. Thanks Beloo for your comment ! Yes we are mostly on the run but poets and artists work in their own ways and shower on us such glimpses of sheer bliss. :)

  2. thanks for sharing such an interesting poem which is full of innocence now following your blog

    Super Power

    1. Thanks Cifar for the honour..... and warm welcome to this space :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Friend :) hope to have more such dirty moments :p

  4. So sweet..beautiful pictures and nice lines to complement..

    1. Thanks Maniparna :) glad you liked ...

  5. Great to read about the innocence & fun of the child... Nice pics.

    1. Thanks Anita.... bada wala a BIG thanks.... :D

  6. Innocence :-)
    And giving the horrible dog a big hug.
    got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears,
    And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.
    just loved it as have fond memories with these lines.
    Absolt amazing & adorable paintings too.
    thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog post.
    Good wishes & hugs.

    1. Beautiful, awesome and creative ! <3 <3


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