Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rachel and Obadiah : Young Readers

 'Rachel and Obadiah' is another gem for young readers which I got from the same shack for a meagre 10 bucks! 

The book tells about Rachel and Obadiah Starbuck. These are brother and sister who live on Nantucket island.The story opens on a warm, sunny day  at the point when both were picking black berries. Suddenly whole island came alive as the 'Clio ' was returning from a safe journey.

The mill owner wonders if Rachel can do it ?

 Obadiah 's brother Asa earned a silver coin by telling the news first to the captain's wife . Jacob Slade,the mill owner had send Asa to deliver the good news. 

The captain's wife blessed the child with a coin and a kiss !!
Now Obadiah as well as Rachel wanted to earn a silver coin.
The 'Speedwell' is coming next week and they have to wait for it. 
But Rachel will not get the chance as girls are slow runners. 

Now, will Rachel prove them wrong?
Will she get the chance to deliver the news and get a coin?
Will she be able to out run Obadiah ?

The book is good for the young minds as along with the main story it beautifully hints at many stories lurking in the background as - on how life on Nantucket Island offers spicy-sweet slices of excitement, joy, partings  and of feverish prayers for the safe return of the loved ones. 
How on an island most men go on voyages and the women folk stay behind waiting, praying and hoping for their safe return.. etc. All this is wonderful material to discuss with children.
The book is dotted with beautiful illustrations of ladies with parasols and girls with frilly bonnets. A good book.
                                                                           HAPPY READING

P.S. The author Brinton Turkle is a narrator as well as a self taught master illustrator .


  1. Really ten bucks? Thats it? Sounds interesting and must pick!


    1. Ya... I got lucky one day :) Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Nice. I guess this is also one of the nice Russian books you were telling me about. I should revisit those Russian folk tales.

    1. Its good but its not from the Russian books.The author Brinton turkle is not only a story teller but an illustrator too. for more info on him visit -
      Happy reading :)

  3. These days you don't get good illustrators too. I used to so love those illustrations on the cover and inside the Enid Blyton books of the old.

    1. Hmmm ....and with apologies I am again citing an example of the Soviet books - the illustrations of these are completely different .. too vivid, too bright with an abundance of blues, crimson reds and yellows. As a 6-7 year old I used to be somewhat terrified of some of the illustrations though later I found them all beautiful and mesmerising.


      Do check this Karthik for the image of an illustration from Soviet Books.

  4. Where do you get books for such prices!

    1. are good. You know this is the question I was thinking someone might ask but nobody did and it led me to believe that i am the only one pocket conscious while spending on or most of our blogger/reader fraternity is the name-the-price-mister-Landmark gentry. Well Koramangala is the answer.

    2. Actually I read ebooks mostly on my phone as its convenient and i can do that whenever opportunity presents itself, waiting in a line, waiting for someone etc. But I do like reading actual books. And books are great for gifting so yes I want to know where this place is :) . What's the name of the shop?

    3. Hey I am still in the process of replying to your other nice comments and you are so fast as to even re-comment !! True Gen X :) Well thanks for asking and its not a shop actually but a shack - a big shack full of long tables full of books. Unfortunately I don't know the cross/lanes/mains etc but can direct you a simple route on google which I am doing right now :) Thanks for visiting :)

    4. cool waiting for that. :) approximate location will be enough though


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