Words on Water

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Words on Water' is a beautiful book, an anthology of poems penned by children for the Young Obserever's National Children's Poetry Competition sponsored by Water Authorities in the year 1986 ! 
From 73,000 poems the selected few are published in this book so aptly titled as the theme of the competition was 'WATER'
Children from 3,500 schools took part in it and it was the largest poetry competition on record.

And to think that I found it in layers of dust pining for attention with a Rs 10 Sale sticker!!! I actually asked the shop owner if the sticker is correct to which the uninterested person shrugged and pointedly said, "jo mark lagaya hai wahi pay karna padega" almost like 'My sticker is final' to which I replied grinning, "No Problem Sir." 

The book is a myriad of images of water from Ice caps and puddles, docklands and lonely seas, thirst and Noah's Ark, tidal waves and rain and  even ...Tears and Saliva!
It boasts of beautiful detailed black-n-white illustrations by William Geldart and contains the list of prize winners as well.
I was sitting on the beach one day,
And soaking up the sun
when panic around me 
and people begun to run.
For out there in the distance was a sight I've never seen 
A tidal wave was coming so big, so wild, so mean!
                                                                                                               Chris Noon , 11 years.
The place for me,
Is not the sea.
                         I might sink,
                         I think.
Another thing ,
Jelly fish sting.
                          Crabs have claws,
                             Sharks have jaws.
 In the sun
The waves look fun.                                                                                                      
                                    But underneath
                                    The horrible teeth.
                                                                                                           Gregory Allin, 15 years.

My tears are big and round
They run down my cheeks
Just like miniature footballs running down a pitch,
and shooting in to an open goal............           Amit Kochhar, 9 years


  1. Interesting that you could get a book for a price less than that of a cigarette.

    1. Ya.. I agree Sir, and thanks for the info that a cigarette costs 10 bucks!! Whoa . Last time I purchased it for my maternal Uncle it was like 4-5 cigs for 1 rupee!

  2. That is a great find, lucky you hit upon that treasure. :)

    1. True dear, and its great for my kids to learn something other then the googled stuff.Thanks for your time Indrani, wishes, Kokila

  3. Awesome works. We are about to do a project "HUG2014" where photographers, bloggers and students can come together to plant more trees. One photograph of a tree-hugging will be converted as a real tree! Hope we do it well. Let's see.

    Actually this post encourages me.

    1. :) Thanks as your comment is amotivation.
      definitely! wishes and luck.

  4. Replies
    1. Shubecha avum protsahan hetu koti-koti Dhanyavad ! and sorry as I dont have the hindi keypad:( Thanks again,

  5. A Rs 10 book even in a second-hand bookshop is a rarity! Great that you found such a priceless book with great thoughts. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Anita for stopping by and yes its indeed a rarity! And you are soo.. welcome. Love , Kokila

  6. wow 10 rs huh. that's something.

  7. Indeed priceless, wisdom gems :-)
    I want to share one such incident- Here at our library sale events, we get to buy books at very reasonable price too, I have found my treasure trove last time with Khalil Gibran books, Khaled Hosseini & kids books just for $7 :-D I was happy like a kid that day.


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