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The Wild Flower.

As I wander'd the forest...  the green leaves among; I heard a wild flower, Singing a song..... -William Blake     Happy day 60

Phool gulaabi....Gulaabi yeh shehar

"Earth laughs in flowers"                                                                                                                         - Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy day 59 The pink blooms of Bangalore paint the inhabitant's mood pink.... and, I am one of the most affected ones!  This tree in front of our Apartment complex, has yet to gain its true splendour still, the cherry blossom like bunches catches the eye and stir the soul, reminding of- Shaam gulabi,  ...sehar Gulaabi,  Pehar Gulaabi ,hai gulaabi yeh shehar...

As I like it

"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it ."                                                          - Celia in As You Like It by  William Shakespeare
 Happy Day 58 (Country Club, Attibelle, Bangalore)

What's in a Name Kokila?

Thanks to Narasimha Sharma Veturithat I get the chance to talk about KOKILA- the name.
Of course I Love it. Kokila is a beautiful and poetic name ... and Uniquefor a North Indian girl. 
It means the melodious cuckoo. In that age of Amit I, Amit II , Amit III and Monica Sharma, Monika Agarwal and Monika Arora,  I  was ALWAYS the only  Kokila in the class, sections,school, neighbourhood, city and perhaps the state.  I Loved my name . It was Different . The difference made me prone of getting caught in mischief and made naughty children wary of me as they realised that with me in their gang there is hardly any chance of not remembering the name or any such confusion ... It costed me a lot of fun. I loved my name. it was umm...Pure ? In May 1991, the Rajiv Gandhi assassination happened  and one of the killers being some K.O.K.I.L.A. .. What ! Excuse me. Oh NO.! I wailed .. It was a hideous act .The only solace was that it was vacation time so my friends were too busy dipping in nearby ponds and la…