The Wild Flower.

As I wander'd the forest... 
the green leaves among;
I heard a wild flower,
Singing a song..... 
                                                     -William Blake
    Happy day 60
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Phool gulaabi....Gulaabi yeh shehar

"Earth laughs in flowers" 
                                                                                                                       - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Happy day 59
The pink blooms of Bangalore paint the inhabitant's mood pink.... and, I am one of the most affected ones!
 This tree in front of our Apartment complex, has yet to gain its true splendour still, the cherry blossom like bunches catches the eye and stir the soul, reminding of-
Shaam gulabi,  ...sehar Gulaabi, 
Pehar Gulaabi ,hai gulaabi yeh shehar...

As I like it

"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it ."
                                                         - Celia in As You Like It by  William Shakespeare

                                                     Happy Day 58 (Country Club, Attibelle, Bangalore)                                  


What's in a Name Kokila?

Thanks to Narasimha Sharma Veturi that I get the chance to talk about KOKILA- the name.
Top Post on IndiBloggerOf course I Love it.
Kokila is a beautiful and poetic name ... and Unique for a North Indian girl. 
It means the melodious cuckoo.
In that age of Amit I, Amit II , Amit III and Monica Sharma, Monika Agarwal and Monika Arora,  I  was ALWAYS the only  Kokila in the class, sections,school, neighbourhood, city and perhaps the state. 
I Loved my name . It was Different .
The difference made me prone of getting caught in mischief and made naughty children wary of me as they realised that with me in their gang there is hardly any chance of not remembering the name or any such confusion ... It costed me a lot of fun.
I loved my name. it was umm...Pure ?
In May 1991, the Rajiv Gandhi assassination happened  and one of the killers being some K.O.K.I.L.A. .. What ! Excuse me.
Oh NO.! I wailed .. It was a hideous act .The only solace was that it was vacation time so my friends were too busy dipping in nearby ponds and lakes rather then concentrating on what was happening on the national front.
I loved my name... It evokes  Memories... of rains, monsoon....
...and of me.
In college, I was the one always to be remembered for bunking lectures and again my pals (highly questionable) were wary of being 'seen' with me inside the college walls.. Grrr.
That my Mum was a Lecturer and ALL teachers were extended family only made matters worse.There was not a lane in our city where I could go without doing 'Mausi Namastey' at every alternate turn.
The running joke was 'if you are going out with her its better to complete your work before or next day you don't have an alibi ! '
bluebird and blossom animations I loved my name. It was Poetic.
Sarojini Naidu bore all the burns meant for me ,from irritated class-mates, on losing in exams/competitions.Again I found pleasure and solace in being compared (although sarcastically) to her.Though none of my verse was ever considered anywhere near to hers... Poetic Justice! 
I loved my name... Its of a free bird .... free of boundaries...
As soon as I entered Karnataka , I was labeled a Tamilian, my complexion, dressing sense (read attachment to saris )and my name!
In Dehradun I was a Southie due to my name. (my clothes were more western then) 
In U.P. all my life I was thought as a Bengali (No idea why )My introductory line generally had been a clarifying one-
 "No, No Auntyi ji, I am from Uttar Pradesh..." then conforming the caste,clan,gotra...
I Love my Name...Its Traditional.
I was the Coke maha when gained weight and Coke mini on losing it.For my cousins I am Koko and to all kids ranging from toddlers to 4-5 years old- koko/choco didi.
I Love my name. Its bestowed by MY parents ...kuch soch kar they named me ..
To my amazement and disappointment it was not given to me by my parents ! but by the Pandit ji who made my birth-chart- the janm patrika !! The man must have been, influenced by Abhigyan Shakuntulam and Jaishankar Prasad/SumitraNandan Pant .What ever the reason he left me with a name unique and uncommon  in U.P. ... even today.
 I love my name .... Sach mein
 I was very upset with my Mum for not naming me herself.When  I asked why she said that she liked the priest given name so much that she opted for it!
"What was the name YOU had in mind for your unborn girl? "I persisted ."After all you are a lecturer of Hindi Sahitya."
She promptly replied "Kajri"
"WHAT ? ...." followed by a stunned silence from my side......I was aghast.
Suddenly I was very happy .. and thankful... to the Pandit ji.. the great learned man had saved me a life time of embarrassment!
I could not have lived with Kajri ..(am cringing) Ah Lord. Thou are Merciful. And I Love My Name.

PS : On second and sensible thoughts Kajri or Kokila... no image can bound the potential you are born with. So no offence to the Kajris of India :D 

Below is something given to me by younger sister of my friend ..

K is for Keen, abounding with enthusiasm
O is for Open-minded, receptive to new ideas
K is for Knowledge 
I is for Immaculate, striving for perfection
L is for Light-hearted, I have an easy laughter
A is for Affectionate, exuding warmth and tenderness

This post is written in response to What does your name mean to you? Do you like it or hate it? Why? #WhatsInAName on Indispire on Indiblogger.

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