Some Happy Days

It has been a long gap in uploading the happy days pics but I am not worried because it is the posting which stopped for a while not the happiness. 
Most pics represent my firm belief that  true happiness is when there is no 'reason' for it. It's a state of mind and trifle things, images, gestures and incidents just manifolds the happiness already lying within you ... and me.
 So here I am back with more Happy Days.

An edited image which can be termed as the Happiest image ever! It made my day.....
 Happy day 61
A DIY image . The prospect of being able to make it was sufficient to infuse happiness in me.
Happy Day 62.

Sunset in Bangalore as seen from our roof top.

Happy Day 63

Day break in Bangalore as seen from our balcony
Happy Day 64

It is dusk looking like a breaking dawn : view from our balcony.
Happy day 65

Pihu  on the steps of the LalBagh rock : Loved it!
Happy day 66
Anindy ready for ?  : No  prizes for guessing .This broad grin and twinkling eyes sure means play time ...
Happy Day 67


  1. Wow your balcony has awesome views!

    1. Thanks Sougata, Am glad you liked the view but we are in the same city !! so you must have also experienced some of these moments ..... Bangalore is still beautiful :) Thanks again for visiting :)

    2. Well yes I have seen such views half blocked by the buildings around. You are lucky to have an unobstructed view.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked these....welcome to the space :)

  3. So much positivity to make a day happy. Lovely clicks!

    1. Thanks Saru... the positivity manifolds with your sweet motivating comments :)


Your views make this blog work ...Thanks a lot. :)

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