Dear God ! Pray, Continue...

Dear God! If you have ever travelled for one day and two nights on an Indian Railways Rajdhani or any Express that too with two hyper active kids and without a husband/brother/mother.... that is, alone on your own, only then you will be able to relate to my words about the following pics. 
My children felt - "The journey is AWESOME Ma! "
I - smiling all the way, clicking pics for memories, adoring their happiness despite being on the verge of tears and somehow feeling joy despite being and looking so haggard!
Rewards of motherhoodand of being a good wife!

Pihu  to my dismay, always think the compartment as a gymnasium  and  to my irritation, behaves accordingly!

Anindy thinks the compartment to be a plush hotel room and expects to be treated accordingly in terms of food, fun and frolic where fun is translated as comfort and frolic as TV.
Dear Ma is taking care of the whims of children and is looking more of a poor Ma as Anindy clicks this picture.
(Happy Day 81)

Still, don't know why, I am thankful for the too-some twosome.


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    1. Lol........with my bindi astray and hair disheveled....I so need it :D Thanks Ali.

  2. Pihu looks super cute with that missing teeth :p

    1. He He .... She'll LOVE it when she'll read it and I love the gap as its my last chance to hear every word with an extra shhhhhhhhh..... in my house.

    2. Ha ha. you can always record it

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