Deception Point : Review

Book : Deception Point
Author : Dan Brown
Genre`: Science Thriller
Published By : Pocket Books
In : 2001
Ratings : 2.5/5
Cover Image : Good

I have read Deception Point after Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress. Naturally, it was a let down.
Though I was not much impressed by one of the above said either, it was definitely better then this. 
In Deception Point Brown had touched a new low. The story, characters (always his strong point) even the 'mystery find' was a huge let down in  more then one ways. A true deception.

 Rachel Sexton is an able Intelligence Officer (gister) with NRO and is the daughter of the chief political rival of the president of America .She is being dispatched by the President to the Arctic to witness, confirm and advertise the 'earth shattering discovery' of the millennium - a meteorite excavated from under tons of ice by the NASA. After the extraction and analysis the meteorite confirms the presence of extra -terrestrial life in space! 
The much needed news is life saving for the Presidential elections as it will help boost the NASA image of a money sucker from the minds of American junta. So,the checking, scientific analysis and confirmation is all done and with certificates of authenticity from NASA as well as four independent and popular scientists-cum-celebrity experts and Rachel Sexton the president announced the discovery to the masses only to know that he as well as the American junta has been deceived. Now the lives of the protagonist Rachel and the celebrity scientist with hero like looks are in acute danger.... 
One can breeze trough the book if not looking for the story and its rational progression as Brown's narration of Arctic Ice, ice berms and the ocean currents was nicely picturesque.
The book let you feel the frost and the chill in more then one ways. Pun Intended.
Its fine if  taken as a Discovery Arctic Episode on Meteorites buried under Arctic Ice. One will get nuggets of information such as Its the Arctic which have  polar bears as etymologically Arktos= bear and Antarctic i.e. Anti=not and arktos =bear so in Antarctic no polar bears are found!

A point to praise is the time capsule Brown created for the incidents to happen... Just one day!All 500+ pages inked by the incidents of slightly more then 24 hrs.  This is something incredibly good as though the events ,the twists were poor and tacky the pace felt believably good and logical.

Characters were a big let down. Gabrielle Ashe evolved as an interesting character in the pool of stark white and black caricatures.
The hi-tech,highly trained Delta Force persons blundered like Gali ke goons in Hindi-film-style. :D

I will not recommend it to anybody.
Though others by the same the author you are welcome to read as I am waiting for the next Dan Brown.


  1. I had read it long back. I think I quite liked the part where the extra terrestrial life was discovered and then later the lie was discovered. It was the first book that I read which brought out how fragile science is in the hands of the wrong people. But sad that you didn't like it :( . Hope you like the next book :)

    1. I seriously wanted me to like it but as fate would have it that before it better books were read by me so,I guess it was not engrossing enough... I agree with you about the info part and I have praised that in my review also :) But the info part strictly. There is a danger in too much of anything dan brown,SRK pr even one of my all time fav-Agatha Christie... you slowly gets insight in how the author/actor approaches a subject and this understanding helps you predict most of the' unpredictable turns'and mars the experience/enjoyment. As I guessed it was first TRENCH and later Pickering made it insipid and Michael Tolland was a too much of a fimi hero for me :( ..but, I am glad to know you liked it as nothing is better then a steaming brew and a Cool Dan Brown on a rainy day! I understand the thrill you must have felt on the ice berms and in to those chilly Arctic waters :) Thanks a lot :)

    2. Well I guess the order matters :)

  2. Hello Kokila, I’m sad to say I agree with you! I enjoyed both the Da Vinci code and Digital fortress but this one left me cold – pun intended!
    I was happy to put it down and move onto something more interesting.
    I enjoyed your review.
    Have a happy day. Barbara x

    1. Thanks Dear for the comment and wishes.Am glad to know we have similar tastes !

    2. I think we really do have similar tastes Kokila. I hope your week is going well. Barbara.

    3. Apologies .. for such a late reply!! Yup! my week is going great as my youngest cousin is here from Delhi and I am busy giving him a tour n taste of Bangalore :) Its his maiden trip to South India as well as by air....so he is excited and clicking pictures like a crazy :) am happy AND busy :D

  3. I'm a Dan Brown fan and so consider my comments as a biased one :-P..for the same reason I never review Dan's books...because I fail to ponder upon with a neutral look...
    BTW , it's a good review and I do agree with you on the part that the Delta Force behaved like Hindi film villain's sidekicks.. :-D

    1. LOL...Its great to have a comment from a die-hard fan! Thanks for bearing :) and yes , as I stated earlier,if it was my first Dan Brown perhaps the review would have been positive...Glad you survived the post Mani :)


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