Friday, June 06, 2014

Glimpses of Happiness !

Some moments are of pure delight 
The times when tedium,boredem flies
And happiness spreads its warmth in my heart
Praise the Lord! These two are doing it right from the start... -'making me smile' 

Pihu always wrap this towel turban around her head  pretending to no other but herself as if she has LONG hair....It makes her SOo happy . Bound to be a happy day 73

What happens when Pihu gets a chance to get ready by herself ? Bright neon lip-colour ,flower-ring,beaded chains for bracelets,my stone bindis for ear studs (her ears are still not pierced) and all bling accessories her short hair can support ! Happy Day 74

With my  awesome twosome any journey is fun , but during our trip to Andhra Pradesh when we got stuck in a traffic jam for four hours this was how they made us laugh. Happy day 75 

In the temple premises : The stout iron chains became the swing for Pihu and soon 'dada' followed course!  Happy day 76

Anindy,Pihu and Tushaar at my hometown. Though Anindy is just a  9 year old, Tushaar ,being from his Nani's place, is ALWAYS referred to as his 'childhood' friend- bachpan ka sathi. It makes Pihu jealous and she tries hard to make her own 'childhood' friend ...No Luck yet! So she'd forcefully butt-in between them evoking this picture of forced emotions on Anindy's part :D
Happy Day 77


  1. Really those pictures capture some real happy moments..both your kids are adorable..

    1. Thanks Ranita... Thanks a lot ... :) yes Kids do offfer happiness a little two much sometimes :p

  2. And they made me smile too! What a lovely post and delightful pictures – thank you for bringing some happiness my way today. xx

    1. SO glad to hear it .... Yup ! they do make one smile,but the real version is a bit too happy almost dangerous... :D Thanks a ton for your sweet comments...... :)

  3. What a delight to know your kids....they are so cute and charming...I loved the bonding b/w them. I love how Pihu has dressed up by herself...of course she wouldn't have found that lipstick if mom wasn't fond of it :)

    1. Some problem with my site or me .. which caused me to miss such sweet comments from friends :( Sorry Vidhya for such a late reply .... Thanks dear for visiting ... and the neon lipstick is a gift from Pihu's father chosen by papa-beti .... guess they choose as per their choice :P though its fine by me :) Thanks for the comment love Vidhya and you are sharp my girl ... :) <3

    2. Thanks dear girl for the comment love... I am replying so late .. perhaps some problem with my site or me :P
      sad I missed such sweet remarks from friends :(
      well the lipstick is a gift selected by papa-beti for me ... so not much say in that :) but its fine with me :) and you my girl are sharp... not miss much haan ! love n cheers :) <3


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