Listening to the Nothings

Pic. 1 - NO !
All she want is, what she wants!
This time it were the roses her father brought for her. Ma dearest was not at all understanding/divining what daughter dearest was too proud to speak! Clearly, it was a helpless situation, for both of us.             
 What exactly happened was that I dressed her up for a neighbour's party but instead of her usual chirpy self and radiant expressions, she was carrying a glum, offended and hurt look. Doubting nothing, I pinned a red rose on her dress, and
PIC 2. Little pleased 
She looked a little pleased. I thought, she wanted to pose with flowers so, I made a small bunch of roses and gave it to her. Immediately, her eyes lost the pensive look and she gave a hint of smile.  
PIC 3 -You are Doing Fine Mom!
Pic 4- Happy Day 82
Still understanding little I  'asie hi'  just for a lark, pinned a yellow rose in her hair and it was then that I got the usual dazzling-party-wala smile!                        Then it dawned on me that she wanted me to understand her longing for the floral décor but was embarrassed  to 'ask'. The reason of her sulking and my bewilderment was solved and quite understandably it was my fault .                               

"Ma should ought to understand her whims and fancies,
all her moods,benevolent and antsy,
whether she likes the rose or pansy,
Ma must gauge it with out being grumpy. "

In the pics one can see the transition from a No-snaps-stage to  Okay-I-am-fine-stage to a-little-pleased-stage to the-Hurray stage.  May Lord have mercy on me and make me wise and calm while dealing with my angels. Amen.


  1. Oh my goodness Kokila, I love that second picture – your little angel is truly beautiful! Your poem is excellent and yes we mums (or grandmas) in my case are supposed to know these things. It’s hard being a mum sometimes but so worth it when the smiles come. Have a happy day. Barbara

    1. Thanks a lot dear Barbara.... Yes the smiles are worth it. And as you mentioned the term grandma, I am looking forward to many many more such frowns and smiles.... Truly a happy vision :)

  2. Aww...look at her smiling!

    1. Ha Ha .. Thanks for your comment and welcome to the space....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Buddy :) this is what Pihu will say :)

  4. But you understood! I wonder if I ever would. The last picture is priceless, in fact all of them are.

  5. Oh, Mridula simply by fluke ! :) Thanks for liking the pictures and Of course YOU would :D just like I stumbled upon... :)

  6. Your daughter is so sweet. I have a daughter too & even i am trying to figure out her moods :)
    Moms really need to listen a lot & make sense, Kokila :)

    1. Thanks Anita..... Its good to have daughters ... they fill our homes with sunshine.. sometimes it scorches but otherwise pleasant and radiant :D Thanks again.


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