Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Listening to the Nothings

Pic. 1 - NO !
All she want is, what she wants!
This time it were the roses her father brought for her. Ma dearest was not at all understanding/divining what daughter dearest was too proud to speak! Clearly, it was a helpless situation, for both of us.             
 What exactly happened was that I dressed her up for a neighbour's party but instead of her usual chirpy self and radiant expressions, she was carrying a glum, offended and hurt look. Doubting nothing, I pinned a red rose on her dress, and
PIC 2. Little pleased 
She looked a little pleased. I thought, she wanted to pose with flowers so, I made a small bunch of roses and gave it to her. Immediately, her eyes lost the pensive look and she gave a hint of smile.  
PIC 3 -You are Doing Fine Mom!
Pic 4- Happy Day 82
Still understanding little I  'asie hi'  just for a lark, pinned a yellow rose in her hair and it was then that I got the usual dazzling-party-wala smile!                        Then it dawned on me that she wanted me to understand her longing for the floral d├ęcor but was embarrassed  to 'ask'. The reason of her sulking and my bewilderment was solved and quite understandably it was my fault .                               

"Ma should ought to understand her whims and fancies,
all her moods,benevolent and antsy,
whether she likes the rose or pansy,
Ma must gauge it with out being grumpy. "

In the pics one can see the transition from a No-snaps-stage to  Okay-I-am-fine-stage to a-little-pleased-stage to the-Hurray stage.  May Lord have mercy on me and make me wise and calm while dealing with my angels. Amen.


  1. Oh my goodness Kokila, I love that second picture – your little angel is truly beautiful! Your poem is excellent and yes we mums (or grandmas) in my case are supposed to know these things. It’s hard being a mum sometimes but so worth it when the smiles come. Have a happy day. Barbara

    1. Thanks a lot dear Barbara.... Yes the smiles are worth it. And as you mentioned the term grandma, I am looking forward to many many more such frowns and smiles.... Truly a happy vision :)

  2. Aww...look at her smiling!

    1. Ha Ha .. Thanks for your comment and welcome to the space....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Buddy :) this is what Pihu will say :)

  4. But you understood! I wonder if I ever would. The last picture is priceless, in fact all of them are.

  5. Oh, Mridula simply by fluke ! :) Thanks for liking the pictures and Of course YOU would :D just like I stumbled upon... :)

  6. Your daughter is so sweet. I have a daughter too & even i am trying to figure out her moods :)
    Moms really need to listen a lot & make sense, Kokila :)

    1. Thanks Anita..... Its good to have daughters ... they fill our homes with sunshine.. sometimes it scorches but otherwise pleasant and radiant :D Thanks again.


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