The (W)Hole of Creation

IndiBlogger BadgeDo you know I just witnessed whole of  the creation in front of my house? Read on.
Pihu  and the (w)hole of Life.
An underground water line leaked and broke in front of my maternal house, for the repairment of which, a big hole was dug by the municipality people. It was filled with muddy water and instantly became a hit with Pihu who became nothing less then enchanted by it. So much so, that she insisted on posing with it! 
By the time the prompt government labour was able to fill it up, it became a breeding house for mosquitoes and a plethora of other insects.
Children splashed stones in to it, stray dogs quenched their thirst from it, and my son along with his gang, started studying the life breeding in and around it. Pihu was sure she saw tiny tadpoles swimming in it ! 

Thus, suddenly, the slushy water hole became the center of their universe with creation of life happening in front of them. Pihu with saucer eyes called it Whole of Creation! Saari Zindagi..she said.

Stop Boys! Happy Day 80
Pihu got ready to meet the lil 'freinds'
Concerned, I poured a little petrol to crush the mosquito population and instantly gained the title of a 'Killer Mom' much to the envy of the Kill Bill Uma Thurman! 

The next morning, afternoon and evening was dedicated in survey of the 'bodies' of 'poor' mosquitoes  floating over the iridescent petrol layer. Anindy was quick to point out the beauty of their death bed and used the word Ajeeb which he uses to define irony. I was secretly pleased about him understanding the irony concept. Ironical ? 

At night the discussion veered towards - "how the departed souls must be faring en` route to the next world?
What will happen to them ?
 What about their next birth?" ...... 
and finally -
 'Ma, I am worried for you.They can come back to take revenge and perhaps now at this very moment all souls of mosquitoes have united and are coming to attack with vengeance!'  

Only after me and Anindy gave a full one hour lecture on health, hygiene and safety, Pihu was convinced that the 'killing' was indeed necessary. She blasted those who are not promptly filling the hole and are the ACTUAL cause of this 'bloodshed'.She told me that she was equally concerned about me too as much as she was for the mosquitooes and their babies. I felt lucky to be in her list !
And on this note of mutual satisfaction,world peace and universal love, she slept. I took a deep breath and offered a prayer to the departed souls.
 Good Night.


  1. Children's world is uniquely their own: instant responses. This post throws insight into those responses.

    1. Yes Sir.You are right in saying that.... such incidents, which I handle and post in a humorous way so not to sound PREACHY and a Bore MOM, actually provides insight in to their young,developing minds and help me know if their hearts are at correct place? if they are getting their emotional/moral values right ?Are they curious enough ? plus ensure that they should not loose the funny bone :)

  2. What a fun read - children's creativity and imagination at its best :)

    1. Thanks Beloo... indeed children are imaginative and inspiring !

  3. Replies
    1. Lol. so true.. :D Thanks for surviving the post !

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Issac .... it was quite unsettling to see your kids having a too close a look into that hole filled with ALL kinds of infections ! But it was fun...certainly :)

  5. Kids are absolutely hilarious and they have a fun mom too :P

    1. He He... fun Mom is nice :) and my Husband is in agreement with you... He says "Life is a stage and I live on the sets of 'Comedy life with Kokil Sharma '...... " :P

  6. that was a fun read :) loved it!

    1. Thanks Ruchira.... Your comment means a lot to me :)...specially after knowing that you like Austen :P


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