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The Queen of Attolia : Review

Book : The Queen Of Attolia
Author : Megan Whalen Turner
Genre` : Fantasy
Published by:Collins Voyager
Year: 2000
Cover : Nice
Ratings : 3/5
Rotting in the Attolian prison the Thief awaits his fate.For Eugenide has taunted the Queen of Attolia one time too many. And now he must pay.
The book opens with The Thief in the prison of a Mountain Kingdom Attolia and then takes the reader to deep ravines, steep cliff and  treacherous rocks of the three kingdoms of EDDIS, ATTOLIA and SOUNIS .
These three along with others are constantly entangled in a tug of power and supremacy over land,water and trade routes. Amid this politico-geographical war The Thief is the most valued piece .... and its Eddis who has him.What misfortune befell him and howhis loyalties got shifted and why(if shifted at all) is the climax of the book. 
The book is the second part of  a trilogy -  The Thief
                                                                     The Queen Of Attolia

Inexplicable Happiness!

This is hardly a picture of happiness. 
The child lying down on a bare rock on a seemingly sunny day. Hola!the day  was perfectly lit but was far from sunny and on the top of that rock, it's cold and windy. My precious little daughter was so happy by the gusts of wind that her little heart welled up with emotion and she lied down to kiss the rock... 'mother nature' she called it. 
I clicked pictures fearing the moment may pass soon but, was mildly surprised to see her lying there as if sleeping. I hovered uncertainly for a minute then left her on her own and sat a little away from her. She was still. Her brother explored the whole area making as much noise as one kid can manage on his own but, she was there unperturbed... standing up only when it was time for us to leave.
Later in the car, when I asked her what she was doing lying there on the rock? She said, "I was 'loving' the rock mother nature for making me so happy" "Did you feel sleepy?" I prom…

Am I happy ?

LINES WRITTEN IN EARLY SPRING I heard a thousand blended notes, While in a grove I sate reclined, In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts Bring sad thoughts to the mind. To her fair works did Nature link The human soul that through me ran; And much it grieved my heart to think What man has made of man.Through primrose tufts, in that green bower, The periwinkle trailed its wreaths; And 'tis my faith that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes. The birds around me hopped and played, Their thoughts I cannot measure:-- But the least motion which they made It seemed a thrill of pleasure. The budding twigs spread out their fan, To catch the breezy air; And I must think, do all I can, That there was pleasure there. If this belief from hea…

Dakota Warrior : Non- Fiction

Book   : Dakota Warrior (The Story Of                                                    J.R. Weddell)
Author : Gloria Mattioni with Daniele Bolelli
Genre`: Biographical
First Published By : Sensibili Alle Foglie in 1995
This edition : After 2013
Ratings : NA (?)

The books is my first review of a non-fiction biographical work.
And I am starting with a person who belonged to a proud tribe of hunters and warriors-the Yankton Sioux tribe from South Dakota America, a tribe who hunted and prayed for the buffalo ,who believed in the power of Wankan Tanka, the energy of the Universe and in a God Tunkashila ,whose rituals include the Sun Dance and the Ghost dance and who consider Eagle as the most sacred of all animals!
So, I can certainlyNot review it.Only speak about it - its warrior.
And this is not only about but is written by a warrior as well, a white woman defending goodness and honesty with courage,fortitude and recklessness of a true Indian warrior!
So its two warriors!
What's In it
Its abou…

The Baker Street Boys : Children's Read

Book   :         Baker Street Boys
  The Case Of The Ranjipur Ruby
 Author:       Anthony Read
Genre` :        Detective Fiction 
Publication:  Walker Books
Year    :         2006
 Cover :         Fantastic 
Ratings :         4/5

The book is extremely well written with simple narration,lucid language and a story, adventurous enough to hold an adult!

The Blurb says 
"Ravi, son of a real Raja of Ranjipur, is on the run from a pair of murderous Thugs. Enter the Baker Street boys! But can they solve the string of mysterious deaths that surround the Indian prince? And where does the infamous ruby fits in ? if only Sherlock Holmes were here !"

The story seems simple enough with an Indian Maharaja  coming to England with his entourage of servants,a brother and his son,to present a precious heirloom to Queen Victoria.
A Madame Dupont is all set to exhibit her magnificent waxworks for Her Majesty's Jubilee and the infamous Professor Moriarity is back, lurking behind the shadows.The story tak…

Blog Award !!

Blog Award! Another one!Heart gladdening.
Thanks to the beautiful Pratikshya from Magic Moments to shower her love as Liebster. But,before accepting it, there are certain things I like to me and to the readers. 
We all differ in opinions regarding awards and I respect the views  of  some of my fellow blogger friends who don't have to do anything with such labels.But then I Love Awards and am always pleased to have one without pining or coveting.
Vividhta mein samrasta is India's forte`so its going to be peace all the way in my little blogger family... 
'A thing of beauty is joy forever'- John Keats
Blog awards are a thing of beauty for me... 
Its not as if these are some Oscar or Golden Peacock ,by accepting which my blog will become a hot-shot, culture-meets-couture and real-meets-popular. 
Its simply a way to express the love and warmth one might be feeling for a blog. It does not say that because your Blog is THE BEST or your content is the BEST that's why y…

Happy days Again!

Sunshine after a bleak day, silver lining in thunder clouds, cool raindrops on parched earth... such are the happy moments, working wonders when you are feeling blue and low. When you are going through the phase of 'Why me?, what went wrong?'  these are the moments which light up your soul to let you see how fortunate you are to experience the beauty of life.

To be able to capture these fleeting moments of joy is bliss personified! I am sure you all have such beautiful moments of ecstasy and love which at one time or other must have helped you in keep on going despite the odds. Happy Day.

Little Chick : Russian Picture Book

'Little Chick' is a beautiful book perfect to be read aloud for babies and to read along with the kindergarten children.

The Little chick is little,sweet,pudgy and bright yellow. He is living fine when one day he imitated the BIG cock. He crowed with all his mightand fell into a puddle. The frog was amused and Mother hen came running to his aid.
She took him under her wing and comforted him.

The little chick has learnt his lesson.

The books was gift from my mother when I was young - one of the many other Russian Books.
Its a hardboard book good not only in the story but is capable to bear the 'love' of babies and kids alike. 
The excess love of young kids as liking the book so much as to chew it and devour it forever is one major concern for any book reading parent. 
Being hard board but round edged it is safe from and for kids.
The story is by Kornoei Chukovskyand the beautifully bright illustrations are by Tamara Shevaryova. 
And it has the beautiful illustration generally of…

Winnie the Witch : Children's Picture Book

The book offers a charming story and astoundingly intricate illustrations. First thing to strike is the colour palette or the lack of it or a bit of both.. Ugh!I am at loss to decide.Witch Magic,I Guess.

Winnie the Witch, a rather clumsy witch, lived in a black house.
The house was black from inside and outside.
The carpets were black.The chairs were black.
The bed,sheets, blankets, even the bath was black.Obviously,Wilbur the cat was also black. 
But the problem is Winnie could not see him in this much blackness.
 So,if his luminescent eyes were close,Winnie the Witch just could not find him.And he did take a nap causing Winnie the Witch to sit on him once, trip over him the another day and one day, taking a nasty fall from the stairs!
It was time for witch-work!
And Wilbur turned bright  green .But then he got mixed up in the grass even with his eyes open, and caused Winnie to trip over him again and land in the bushes!!

Winnie got really angry and painted him in Technicolour .

The Incompetent Dragon : Children's Read

'The Incompetent Dragon' is a Picture book for children about a desolate boy and a Dragon who lacks grace, fire and fierce splendour of a dragon! Casting mixed up spells the way it does,the dragon is almost human. People are not terrified of it.There's no fire-spitting and it is not found sleeping in some dungeon but on a stormy night it slipped rather awkwardly down the chimney into the boy's room ! 
Christopher Magnifico's, mother is a dancer and father an acrobat.So, when his parents are off to far lands for shows, he,to his dislike, has to live with his Aunt Pen.
Aunt Pen lives in a black house on a black cliff near a grey sea. She has a flowerless garden full of concrete so that no children can come for picking flowers.
Sitting in his black room with grey bed sheets Christopher detests holidays because it means coming to Aunt Pen's house.He felt dejected and  was crying when with a loud Thump! a large, scaly creature covered in soot and dust fell right d…

The Monochrome Madonna : Review

Book    : The Monochrome Madonna
Author  : Kalpana Swaminathan
Genre`  :  Detective Fiction
Published by : Penguin India
Year     :  2010
Cover   :  Bland 

The book promises to be a brisk thriller of deceit and intrigue with Lalli , the detective, at her most astute as she interprets the nuances of a murder without  motive. 

...and, it turns out to be anything but brisk! 
What started off as a promising story with Raphael's Madonna as an interwoven theme with a puzzling hint, ended completely damp and unfaithful to its title and the opening lines.

The Plot
 Sitara called Lalli's niece Sita whispering "I think I am going to die"... Sita rushed to Sitara's aid only to found a burly stranger sprawled on Sitara's dining room floor with blood oozing from his head. Sitara was drugged and hazy, her wimpy husband at office and Lalli out of station.Now it's up to Sita to observe the scene and make the most of this mystery.
The development is too elaborate, maddeningly tangle…

Has Reading Reduced ?

Reading books has reduced dramatically in today's youth. Kids who read books are treated as socially incapable nerds. What is your take on this topic?Greetings and kudos to you Madhura for posting this thought which was in my mind  but  I expressed it rather badly HERENow for the topic.Yes, I strongly feel that reading has reduced but not dramatically AS our society was already an almost non-reading society!See for yourself all images here are of foreign ladies..their Indian sisters at most, manage a love lorn letter to piya-ji.And that too sometimes - blank! 'Virah-vikal binu hi likhi pati diyo pathay..' In present times the scenario is same as the the paati or the letter is e-mailed and poor piyaji is henpecked 24*7.
In olden times preventing reading meant preventing thoughts. Without seeds even the most fertile soil remain barren.But then there were and are people ,who always choose the road less travelled.If they are called nerds,(vichitra then)its just a way of ignoran…