Blog Award !!

Blog Award! Another one!Heart gladdening. 
Thanks to the beautiful Pratikshya from Magic Moments to shower her love as Liebster. But,before accepting it, there are certain things I like to me and to the readers. 
We all differ in opinions regarding awards and I respect the views  of  some of my fellow blogger friends who don't have to do anything with such labels.But then I Love Awards and am always pleased to have one without pining or coveting.
Vividhta mein samrasta is India's forte`so its going to be peace all the way in my little blogger family... 
'A thing of beauty is joy forever'                                                                                                                          - John Keats
Blog awards are a thing of beauty for me... 
Its not as if these are some Oscar or Golden Peacock ,by accepting which my blog will become a hot-shot, culture-meets-couture and real-meets-popular. 
Its simply a way to express the love and warmth one might be feeling for a blog. It does not say that because your Blog is THE BEST or your content is the BEST that's why you are getting it... instead its a way to spread smile and affection among bloggers.
 Its a network, a chain which binds the donor and the receptor and is solely based on 'liking enough' to forward it.

TAKE AN EXAMPLE -  Consider there is a certain blog which I feel has a great content,a huge fan following ,the blogger writes in a matter-of fact-way and replies nicely to every comment.Well, I might appreciate the content,the style..... BUT it is NOT ENOUGH for me to like it ! I might not forward the award to it instead I'll choose some one with whom I feel an 'emotional connect'some silly liking ,a common passion or a shared whim...
The awards based on content are the ones  where you are evaluated by a panel of judges on certain basis. Its not that people blog simply to please others and lure awards!Likes for likes.Yikes!  

These awards for me holds a sentimental value that I am being perceived as a non-judgemental and warm blogger.And I forward these by keeping the same lines in mind.These are like ribbons of rainbow in my sunny skies.... pleasant,mysterious and beautiful. And who knows I might actually stumble upon a pot of gold at the other end !

So I hereby accept this award with all the grace and aplomb I can manage :)Thanks again and here are the answers - 

How has blogging affected or changed your life?
        It has made me less social and more virtual  :) 

2.      Whom do you draw inspiration from?
      My Mother. Besides each and every little thing can fire my inspiration
3.      Suggest one of your favorite books and why it is close to your heart.
      Tough to set on one but Manjari Opera will do

4.      Which era, or culture or country would you like to belong and why?
      I am much happy in present era meaning right from my growing up. As for       why, because in this era I have such a vast wealth of history and literature to look back and learn from,an internet connected present to live in and a promising future to rectify past mistakes and beautify the future.

5.      Do you think being anonymous has its advantages? Why?
      If your society is judgemental then Yes like in "A WEDNESDAY" otherwise its  liberating to be yourself.

6.      If you would want to have a pseudoname(pen name), what would it be?
       I have thought long and hard.... No PEN Names For me! 
      On compulsion it will be on the lines of Ranbir Kapoor's song in YJHD  'Ilaahi....Kabira...Sufi...Fakira...Banjaarey... ' :P

7.      What would be the title of the story of your life?
       How Not to be successful !

8.      Make a confession.
       I don't like cooking...regularly,three times a day. 

9.      Describe yourself in three words.
       Honest,Observant, ....last one word,so many  qualities....well Gifted! :D

10.  Mention a wish from your wishlist.
     Run a Library ..and travel around the world -each single nation and divide sections on the basis of places.

11.   A few words for me and my blog. Gracias! Merci!
    You are beautiful,engineer in making with crystal clear views and seems to me a mix of intellect and heart,a person able to enjoy calm and clamour alike...much like your blog :) All the best wishes to you and your blog :)

I in my turn am passing this award to some of my wonderful blogger friends who had make blogging  worth while. 
These are Ranita Sinha , Deepa Gopal SunilUppalji, Maniparna Sengupta Majumdar ,Nimi AroraNeha Gupta and Nagini :) Hope you will like it as Liebster means Sweetheart!

The questions for my friends are -
1.Why you choose your blog name this?
2.Which is your favourite  heroine  in literature?WHY?
3.Which is the one book you was mesmerised by and WHY?
4.What is that one idea (crazy/mysterious... ) on which you want a book/movie to be made?
5.What according to you is a classic?
6.Which is the best mystery/Thriller you have come across?
7.Which country/culture other then yours attracts you most and you want to know more about ?
8.What will you ask for if you are granted 3 wishes?
9.Make a confession.
10.What are your few words for me and my blog ?
Kindly make sure to link it back to me... Gracias!Merci! Thanks!


  1. Thanks so much Kokila, needless to say I love and appreciate your blessings

  2. Congrats Kokila :-))) You have so beautifully expressed your joy. I like the spontaneity in your writing style.

    Oh, thanks a lot for thinking of my blog for this award. Actually I was awarded this some time back.

    1. Dear Uppal ji, Thanks for the wishes.Your blog is sweet enough to be awarded numerous times :) and I passed it to you to show MY liking of 'You and I :) and that it reminds me of 'sense and sensibility' by my favourite Jane Austen. Am grateful for your visit here :)

  3. Thanks so much Kokila....I've been honoured with this award many times before...still it always feels very very special whenever any fellow co-blogger bestowed upon me the honour... :-) thanks once again're a real sweetheart... :-)

    1. Great Maniparna... I understand that love is for sharing ..again and again.... and you and your blog must be receiving these 'sweetheart' awards left,right and centre :D .... and as our acquaintance is new its a step towards friendship :) Am glad you liked it :)

  4. thank you so much for your sweet words... :)

    1. The pleasure is all mine as what you spread .... will come back to you ... some day :)


Your views make this blog work ...Thanks a lot. :)