The Baker Street Boys : Children's Read

Book   :         Baker Street Boys
  The Case Of The Ranjipur Ruby
 Author:       Anthony Read
Genre` :        Detective Fiction 
Publication:  Walker Books
Year    :         2006
 Cover :         Fantastic 
Ratings :         4/5

The book is extremely well written with simple narration,lucid language and a story, adventurous enough to hold an adult!

The Blurb says 
"Ravi, son of a real Raja of Ranjipur, is on the run from a pair of murderous Thugs. Enter the Baker Street boys! But can they solve the string of mysterious deaths that surround the Indian prince? And where does the infamous ruby fits in ? if only Sherlock Holmes were here !"

The story seems simple enough with an Indian Maharaja  coming to England with his entourage of servants,a brother and his son,to present a precious heirloom to Queen Victoria.
The Illustrious Address : Source
A Madame Dupont is all set to exhibit her magnificent waxworks for Her Majesty's Jubilee and the infamous Professor Moriarity is back, lurking behind the shadows.The story takes another turn when two people die under mysterious circumstances, a clear threat is perceived to abduct the ruby and life of the young Prince is in grave danger!
Among all this mayhem and hullabaloo, a chance meeting of the Prince with the Baker Street Boys turned out to be his only relief. 

Some sparkles-
One,this is one of those rare books, where the content exceeds the promise of the blurb! No matter how interesting I have found a book ,almost every time, the content was little less interesting then what the blurb had so enthusiastically portrayed.
 Or we can say that this time the blurb is not well written ! :P
The Baker street irregulars : SOURCE

Two, it is a sort of a Sherlock Holmes's series as this gang had actually featured in few of the classic Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle helping the great detective in solving cases.That Mr. Anthony Read, got inspired by the boys and created this series, is solely our benefit. 
Three, the book offers incidents where I, a grown-up felt  my heart beats race faster and my hands moist! So chills and thrills guaranteed.
Four, the cover is awesome ! Running,black silhouettes,against a fierce crimson background, their eastern clothes flying in wind, towering Victorian gabled buildings, a lamp and a piece of a violet grey says volumes about the adventure and thrill one can expect between the covers.
AND not to forget the small black illustrations at the start of each new chapter depicting the essence of it, are marvelous. Unlike the black and white illustration of 'Northern Lights' (a beauty in their own right) these are black silhouettes. Done by David Frankland these are completely breathtaking!
A little Extra Info -
This gang of children called as Baker Street Irregulars by Mr. Holmes is here called as 'Boys' though three of its members Queenie, Rosy and Gertie are girls !

If you are interested in the ways of street urchins during Victorian times in London,along with a dash of mystery, a sprinkling of murders and garnishing of some oriental ways,this is the one for you.
Beside this particular case-book the whole series describes the mansions,houses, shacks,cellars,tunnels and bazaars of that era including the illustrious address 221B BakerStreet and its famous tenants !

A good book for children as well as grown-ups. 

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