The Northern Lights : Review

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Book  : The Northern Lights
Author : Philip Pullman
Genre` : Fantasy
Published by : Scholastic Ltd.
In : 1995
Book Cover : Good 
The book is the first in The Dark Materials Trilogy. The blurb says-
When Lyra's friend Roger disappear, she and her daemon Pantalaimon determine to find him.The ensuing quest leads them to bleak splendour of the North armoured bears rule the ice and witch-queens fly through the skies-- and where a tea of scientists is conducting experiments too horrible to be spoken about.
The book with Pihu's Bear 
Lyra overcome these strange terrors,only to find something yet ore perilous waiting for her-something with consequences which may even reach beyond the Northern Lights .....
The book opens with Lyra Balequa, the protagonist -a 12 years old girl and her daemon Pantalaimon creating havoc in the galleries and kitchens , cellars and conference rooms of Oxford. Lyra came as a free spirited,courageous and fierce girl reminding me much of MERIDA, the brave princess from the Disney-Pixar 'Brave' but with golden hair!
I was new to the concept of daemons but greedily took to it. And so much as to look eagerly for the daemons of other characters as they were introduced during the narrative.
This for Ch. 1 For More HERE 
Every chapter starts with a captivating and small illustration (by the Author )which captures the main event or character of that chapterIt added charm as I took it as a small puzzle to solve before the end of the chapter.Like this one  opposite - 
THE STORY is layered, fantastic,full of talking bears, flying witches , fierce,mysterious gyptians existing side by side with telephones, motors and scientific experiments. Still everything seemed plausible and I totally believed in it.
THE CHARACTERS  ..umm not all are greatly etched but some like Ma Costa, Farder Coram, Serafina Pekkala -the witch, Pantalaimon -the daemon and both the bears are finely created.
 This illustration and more are HERE
THE WRITING STYLE is amazingly smooth and simple despite introducing strange concepts and stranger events and characters! The narrative is detailed and picturesque without being cumbersome or overloaded with information.With philosophical undercurrents and symbols running through the story the book is fit for young and adults alike .
"We are all subject to the fates.But we must act as if we are not or die of despair."
The Cool Alethiometer ! 
  The STAR : Lyra and The alethiometer.Smashing Cool!
It is not The best fantasy book I have read but its certainly one of them and I strongly recommend it.  Its un-putable and am glad I read it :) You'll definitely like it ... Happy reading :)
The Dark Materials Trilogy
About The Author 
Phillip Pullman  has been writing from 1996 and has been given various awards for his writings including the 'Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award' (the same writer whose creation inspired a character in 'The girl with the Dragon Tattoo")
 While teaching middle school children he pursued his passion'writing'.Later he stopped teaching and became full-time writer. List of his writings for young and adults is HERE.


  1. Seems a great read for kids too...I can tell the story to my son once I read it... nice review Kokila.. :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna....(U have a Beeautiful name ! ) The book has many subtle things which we can just simplify for kids .. :)

  2. I think the movie Golden Compass was made from this. The movie is pretty good. I wonder how it compares to the book.

    1. I watched the movie today and It was not even near to the book! Its good technically like the alethiometer , the ship, Serafina and all but low on emotional connect and that feeling of awe. Sorry foragain playing a spoil-sport but sach mein Sougata,I wish you have read the book before :( I hope you will like it better then the movie. :)

  3. i have read some of his book .. still to read this one .. !

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ankur :) ...This one is good... which one you have read ?

  4. Seems to be a good book for kids!!! Will get it soon after their exams!!!

    1. Sure Bhavani !ITs definitely good and thanks for stopping by :)

  5. This looks interesting. Yet to read it...
    Nice quote you have shared, Kolkia-
    "We are all subject to the fates.But we must act as if we are not or die of despair."
    May we all act & be blessed!


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