The Queen of Attolia : Review

Book : The Queen Of Attolia
Author : Megan Whalen Turner
Genre` : Fantasy
Published by:Collins Voyager
Year: 2000
Cover : Nice
Ratings : 3/5
Rotting in the Attolian prison the Thief awaits his fate.For Eugenide has taunted the Queen of Attolia one time too many. And now he must pay.
The book opens with The Thief in the prison of a Mountain Kingdom Attolia and then takes the reader to deep ravines, steep cliff and  treacherous rocks of the three kingdoms of EDDIS, ATTOLIA and SOUNIS .
These three along with others are constantly entangled in a tug of power and supremacy over land,water and trade routes. Amid this politico-geographical war The Thief is the most valued piece .... and its Eddis who has him.What misfortune befell him and howhis loyalties got shifted and why(if shifted at all) is the climax of the book. 
The book is the second part of  a trilogy -  The Thief
                                                                     The Queen Of Attolia
                                                                     The King Of Attolia
Despite starting from the middle one I found the book interesting if not gripping.
The positive points are -
The author had finely carved her characters .. remote,strange yet, familiar.Being of fantasy genre`the customs, the titles and the settings are foreign yet,strangely enough, its the predictability of characters, to know how they feel and will emote,which  made a connect and made me like the book !
I loved the romance.(Even if it was the faintest possible!!)
The rest, is just a prelude and interlude to the climax and my liking has more to do with the narration then the story.I really liked the way the author made the Thief fell in love...
The negative point is- 
Its more of a narration of the events occurring, after the first and before the third part.So, don't have much to offer except the gloomy Thief and bleak situations he has to face due to loss of his hand.It lacks the thrill,adventure and witty remarks of the first book -'The Thief '
THE COVER- is nice with bright green and dark jade specially in the tiles of the prison. Its better then the others like the above a bit crude one with the Queen of Attolia with thief's prosthetic hook shaped hand accessory.
Read It.You might Like it for that a whiff of a romance...
You can buy it HERE


  1. Seems like an interesting book!

    1. It is truly interesting Meoww .... :)

  2. Hello Kokila, I enjoyed your review, but I’m not sure I will read it. It’s not really my kind of thing, but I will add it to my maybe list. I often refer to my lists, and it’s surprising how many of the ‘maybe’ books end up on the must read list. Thanks for telling us about it, Barbara

    1. Glad you liked the review despite not liking the book which means either you have read btw the lines or I have done a great review ! :D ... a passage or two from the first part,felt witty and thrilling,two elements lacking here. But as I had it,I read it and found the romance part good ... sadly it accounts for six lines precisely. And my 2 lists are 'books-in-my-budget' list :)and back at my native, 'books-available-in-library-list':) :) Thanks for surviving the post dear :)

  3. I think I might pick this one up. I like books that have good, funny, quirky characters. Annoying and frustrating narrators usually ruin a book for me, so I'm excited to pick it up sometime, as you said that it's a character driven book. Thank's for commenting on my blog :)

    1. The book is good if read as a part of trilogy but as a single independent book, its wanting in more then one aspect. On danger of repeating myself I am again stating that I liked it because I liked the languid romance which is very little in substance but like a wisp it hovers through out the narration. I liked that feel . As for characters you will definitely like them as a YA fan and as a part of the trilogy. Be in touch :)

  4. Hey Kokila,
    Nice write up. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks Sougata ...I don't know how I am missing these very words on which this blog lives....sorry for the delayed reply .. Hope to see you again ... :)


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