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Beyond School : Review

Book : Beyond School
Author :Chitra Anand
Category : Fiction
Published By : Leadstart Publishing, Frog Books
Year : 2014
Price : Rs 124
Pages : 201
Book Cover : Apt
Ratings : 4/5

From a plethora of books, there are only a handful few which grips us, right from the first paragraph.
'Beyond School' does this effortlessly. In fact, 'Effortless' is the word synonymous for it but considering that the author might have issues over the word which claim(though it does not) her hard efforts to be effortless, spontaneous seems better :)

The author deserves accolades for her style of spontaneous and natural writing.
She not only showcases the life of her protagonist Shail - a 17 years old but, of each and every character in the book. She had made a mere glimpse into their lives far richer than verbose chapters after chapters churned out by her contemporaries.A remarkable feat.

 Beyond School centres upon the weeks leading up to 17 year-old Sh…

तारे : हाइकु

                                               पत्तों पे ओस
                                              रात  के आँचल से
                                              छिटके  तारे

Twinkling crystal  stars
                                            from dark robe of the night sky
                                            strewn dewdrops on grass 

Tears :Haiku

                                             round cascading pearls 
                                            liberate calm heal the soul
                                             fervent hot springs gush

उदास मन : Hindi Haiku

            उदास मन                                                             चौखटे में जड़ा है 
                                                             चटका दर्पण 

  glum desolate  heart 
                                                           exquisitely framed in gold 
                                                          a splintered mirror

Irony : Haiku

   flames of pyre ablaze
                                                  spurting sorrow and anguish 
                                                  it dawns am alive.

Note : Above haiku got made out of a comment by my fellow Blogger friend Ravish Mani

Scent of Spring : Haiku

   Like wisps of incense
                                       immerses and enthrals the soul
                                       scent of  spring vinous

The Knell : Haiku

I was introduced to Haiku in late 90s,1996 to be exact.One of my mother's student-turned-colleague used to write these  occasionally for the school/college magazine. I was not impressed as, for me, those lacked soul. After reading Haiku here at blog-o-sphere by KristjaanManiparna,and Nimi's I was proved wrong. Then I went on to read the great haiku poets Masoka Shiki, Basho, Busan , Issa, Ryokon ...  Now,I know that, the lacking was perhaps, in the writer (my humble apologies)or more probably, in my interpretation and understanding but not in the form.
 I can see that much can be expressed in its few words.In-fact the limit provides a challenge as to play with words, to keep its soul and beauty alive emerging thus, as a beautiful token of feelings. Its a Japanese from of verse where 
Haiku makes the mental image born out of few lines brilliant in contrast to the restraint of words.
Hoping that the aforementioned person will not see this and the more yet to come.. er... pour.Here…


What better way to resume blogging (am on and off these days) then receiving an award from a dear friend.Thanks a million Shweta Dave for your affection... 

Shweta is an extremely talented writer of subtle short stories, informative travel pieces and poignant poetry. She is at complete ease in English and Hindi both and to gauge the depth of her writing you MUST read this one- 'The  Infinite Wait'  
She had just moved-on to her own site, a beautiful and sunny place with a soft zephyr to blow away the blue clouds of mine... :)

Now the rules - Link back to the blogger who nominated you. DoneList the Rules and Display the award. DoneShare 7 facts about yourselfConsidering fact are the 'things which are known or proven to be true' I present 7 universal truths about myself (drum-roll)-

1. I am lazy... that's why,I work really hardand constantly to avoid being so. hence no afternoon siestas for me as momentary  rest may transcend into a week's without my even noticing it.

SUSPECT : Review

Book :     SUSPECT
Author :   Micheal Robotham
Genre :     Detective Fiction
Publishers :Doublesday
Year :         2005
Book Cover : Insipid(This one )
Rating:      4/5
The book is not a Crime Classic but is pleasingly different from its contemporaries. While sharing many common threads with other contemporary crime fictions (murders can't be done much differently eh!) it offers an interesting scenario with a finely etched cast of characters and nuanced narration of their behaviour. 
After-all ,due to its popularity,it had to be translated in 22 languages soon after its publication.
Mercifully, the people in the book act and speak responsibly according to their parts and do not provide unbelievably out-of-character sort of jolts of shock for the sake of twists,turns and thrills.
And despite having many predictable incidents one is not bored as the book is heavily laden with subtle use of wit and wit!

The narration at times,made me feel as if I am reading my own experience ... If I went throu…

Sentiments of a Staff-Room Table

I am aware many of my fellow bloggers may not be able to read this post (my 200th post) still, keeping conscience over prudence,I am presenting it from the pages of our college magazine 2010,   verbatim.
 It was written as a farewell remembrance to the six exquisite gems of our college... retiring together. These were teachers ,who were synonymous with the ethos, principles and prestige of the institution. 
Incidentally,these six always sat together in the staff-room, around a hard and low table-cum-cot made of wood. Initially, the table was uncomfortable for them but gradually, mutual adaptation occurred and despite many other upgradations, somehow, the low-table remained unchanged for Forty Years ! 

With the passage of time these efficient ladies, too engrossed in their lectures and life,became comfortable to its low 'height' and its spacious vast spread. So much so that the chai-waale bhaiyya will call "Haan jee, takhat walon ki chai kahan rakhni hai?" 
The clerks wil…