Friday, September 12, 2014


IndiBlogger BadgeWhat better way to resume blogging (am on and off these days) then receiving an award from a dear friend.Thanks a million Shweta Dave for your affection... 

Shweta is an extremely talented writer of subtle short stories, informative travel pieces and poignant poetry. She is at complete ease in English and Hindi both and to gauge the depth of her writing you MUST read this one- 'The  Infinite Wait'  
She had just moved-on to her own site, a beautiful and sunny place with a soft zephyr to blow away the blue clouds of mine... :)

Now the rules -
  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. Done
  2. List the Rules and Display the award. Done
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
Considering fact are the 'things which are known or proven to be true' I present 7 universal truths about myself (drum-roll)-

1. I am lazy... that's why,I work really hard and constantly to avoid being so. hence no afternoon siestas for me as momentary  rest may transcend into a week's without my even noticing it.

2. Though I am lazy, lack of work leaves me in doldrums.

3. I love everything related to art,culture,written words,             architecture,sculpting,weaving,sewing and jewellery making irrespective of styles and popularity           

4.  I adore nature in its all forms.

5.  I perform best under pressure. And performance  includes cooking. 

6.  I can be so happy as to count it as bliss OR abysmally sad ... either the genius or a tube light, an eloquent speaker or a shy crab unable to even manage a decent Hello!

7. Still, overall and essentially,  I love being alive .

Now its time to forward this gesture to those bloggers who have inspired me in one way or other-
(Not in any order)

Saru Singhal-Words
Barbara Fischer-March House Blog
Datta Ghosh-what are we
Vinay Naagraju-  Inspire 99
Indrani - I Share
Teny WITH his Vampire Bat and Owl - Movies of the Soul
Shashi Nayagam -Sewing with Moonbeams
Vidhya - Paint My World
Anupam Patra- Reflections


An Open and somewhat vague Letter to My Nominees

Dear Nominees,

When I joined the blogging community,I wanted to be connected but not as a compulsion, to be read but not as an obligation.
 And I practice the same as once when I connect the net, I pick one friend at a time and go through ALL the posts of the person irrespective of what's his/her trending hot post... it gives me a better insight into their heart and mind and I feel connected and inspired in the TRUEST sense of the word..

May be this way of mine, made me a bit too inspired by too many and too trifle a things.... but this letter here is to say that this little piece which I am passing on to you is the embodiment of my sincerest gratitude and humble feelings to all of you who have helped me cheering up one day,awestruck by your brilliance the other and shaking me up from my comfort zone on the third ......

You can see that I am a blogger who is irregularly regular ... a free bird which insist for a cage .......... and can be best defined as that small potted (flowering) plant,you have in your balcony -'green' yet blooming, living yet rooted, movable yet potted ......  I am something always growing, taking in sun, rain and air... who wants to travel the world, experience different weathers from breezy to sunny and calm to fierce, Autumn and Spring, hail-storm and hot desert winds....  but all the time rooted in the familiar soil needing nurturing and care.

This may explain my flights of fancy which I embroil on after reading your awesome posts while I remain rooted, all the time, in the reality of my own sweet lil world.

I felt with Mridula and Arti's travels,and made resolutions with Vinay, tried Haikus (disastrously) reading Maniparna's ,DIY decor with Vidhya and quivered with writings of Saru n Shweta
Found resonance with Datta's thoughts and Nagini's reading shelf, Amit and Indrani's passion for clicking,Teny's love of movies, Anupam's reflections,the passion Shashi finds in making dolls and the bliss of Barbara in her awesome job... not to forget the refreshing walks I embarked on with Ruchi.

You ALL have inspired me by a single expression or a post, an image or a caption,by your craft or your thought process or simply by your sheer persistence,grit and will power at the things you love.....

Hence I am forwarding this to you all irrespective of your award policies, our mutual comment love and number of visits. Because when I say You Are inspiring to Me, I mean it .
                                                   Yours Truly
                                                            Aww..  you know me :P                                


  1. Lovely post!
    And Congratulations for the award.
    Good to know the facts that you mentioned. Nice :)

    1. Thanks Nikhil fro the wishes and your visit... I am seeing you after some time (look who is talking ?) ... glad you liked the facts.. err.... post :) Keep in touch :)

  2. Thank you so so much Kokila for such kind words. I am moved and touched by your affection. The day the faux pas of your name by me happened I knew it was the start of a long and best friendship. The award is so well deserved and your modesty is something I truly admire. Congratulations to all the other winners. And the Q&A section, I already know my friend well don't I? My best wishes for many more awards.

    1. Thanks dear...And as for liking the post, well you have you only to thanks ,as you are the one to start it ... :) I simply did what you asked me to do :P Love n wishes :)

  3. Hey thanks so much for the honor!
    I don't do this kind of posts. so, really sorry about that.
    Hope you will understand.

    Keep blogging! Congrats on your award!

    1. Hey Indrani, no need to use 'sorry' ... I knew about your blog and the posts dear still chose you as I have to be true to myself ... 'award' simple means someone likes your posts/images/something and that something of yours lights the other persons day sometimes.... unexpectedly :) Glad you are here and you BLOGS :)

  4. You're such a wonderful person Kokila..a GOOD human being ...which is so rare these days.

    "soft zephyr to blow away the blue clouds of mine... :)" ..hehe... love this line ...and the facts about you..I'm finding them so similar to mine... :-P especially #1,4,5 and 6.... :-D

    Thanks for nominating me and thanks for all those kind words... ( try haiku, you'll excel in it..I'm sure ) and I so much agree with your words about the other bloggers mentioned here... :-)

    1. Am basking in so much love n affection... guess i have to write a post about inspiring comments from Mani :P :) You are too kind dear and a little partial towards your friend ... that's all.
      Glad you find some similarities dear.... and as for Haiku. i have tried and posted ... its up to you for honest criticism :)

  5. I'm glad that I got an opportunity to sneak in your life beyond blogging through this wonderful post of yours. And congratz for the award.

    1. Thanks Ravish for being here... and I hope you liked what you see ... can't fake the facts:( so you have to bear with my true lazy self ... sigh!

  6. Congrats and thanks for nomination :) Universal truths always deserve to be blogged :D

    1. Lol Teny... its the Vampire bat and the Vampire Owl who inspire me ... so thanks to them dear friend:P

  7. Kokila, thank you for the tag but I hardly ever do tags :( Do blog more.

    1. Its completely fine AND welcome Mridula... tags are not to be followed or tag along like dead things... its just to say you are liked :)

  8. I loved the points 5 and 7 Kokila, more specifically I loved the point 7, being Alive above all :)

    1. He He Vinay.. for me to 7 is essential.. if we are at stage 7, rest will follow and like water over rough terrain, will find its own niche and path.... glad you are here :)

  9. Hearty congratulations, Kokila:)
    I am truly honoured, and grateful to you for this generous gesture.
    However, I don't find myself worthy of this lovely gift as I'm not competent and capable of carrying out the formalities attached.
    Please read my reasons here:
    I do embrace the spirit of this magnanimous gesture of yours and thank you for the same from the depth of my heart. Trust you would kindly understand and excuse me. Warm regards...amit

    1. Lolz Amit... on seeing you in such a fix :P
      DO not worry about it, I know you already .Nahin Kya? :)
      While passing on the baton I knew many of my runners are not to be tagged and that's the PRECISE reason I have not informed through the required comment/mail...

      BUT as I have stated in my LETTER, its a gesture of appreciation from my side. Instead of going to all the sites and telling the owners separately, Shweta's timely intervention made it possible in one go !

      In fact will you believe that before I received it from Shweta, I was toying with the idea of 'CREATING' a one myself !!! with lots of raindrops in it, It was to be named on the lines of 'Calm' 'refreshing' Or Mellow effect ' .. You must be glad Shweta saved you all from this :D :P
      I would have dedicated it as the passing on being optional :)
      Gals you are here. That's important and enough :)

  10. Congratulations!!! It's nice to read something more about you... :)

    1. Am not sure Deepa if its likable to like me ! Thanks dear... its always a pleasure to see you here :)

  11. Congratulations. Great and lovely post :) All incredible bloggers up there. Best Wishes

    1. Thanks Shanx for being here and imparting support for the cause.. lolz......... seriously for the cause of building love and affection among bloggers :) Thanks again :)

  12. Congratulations dear! An award gives a lot of confidence especially when we are struggling to blog regularly... Nice to know about you... In fact, surprisingly, I saw myself in every single word... Best wishes Kokila... :) TC! Keep smiling :)

  13. So many thanks Sindhu for your beautiful words.... yes I agree, specially with " when we are struggling to blog regularly "
    Am so glad I am able to reflect a part of you in me... its an honor , you know that Na! :) Thanks fro your wonderful visit here Sidhu :)

  14. Dear Kokila, congratulations on receiving this lovely award, and thank you so much for thinking of me. I love visiting your corner of Blogland and always leave feeling richer in spirit and happier in my heart. I'm not sure that makes perfect sense the way I’ve written it, but I hope you know what I’m trying to say. I’m honoured to be included in your list of blogging friends. Thank you. xx

    1. No Barbara .. you are making not only perfect sense but a very heartening one :) You are the one who motivated me with my first award and it worked like a charm... see 200 + posts after that .... I mentioned you not because you need it but its a gratitude as you ARE Inspiring. .... with so many things to juggle and maintain a quality blog :) Am glad you felt nice about it dear :)

  15. Amazing post Kokila. learnt a lot about you :) . I like your way of reading other blogs. I do something similar :P

    1. Thanks Sougata.... yeah I noticed this way of yours ...and I guess I was subconsciously inspired by you in doing so .. Thanks for that and this sweet comment :)


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