SUSPECT : Review

Book :     SUSPECT
Author :   Micheal Robotham
Genre :     Detective Fiction
Publishers :Doublesday
Year :         2005
Book Cover : Insipid(This one )
Rating:      4/5
The book is not a Crime Classic but is pleasingly different from its contemporaries. While sharing many common threads with other contemporary crime fictions (murders can't be done much differently eh!) it offers an interesting scenario with a finely etched cast of characters and nuanced narration of their behaviour. 
After-all ,due to its popularity,it had to be translated in 22 languages soon after its publication.
Mercifully, the people in the book act and speak responsibly according to their parts and do not provide unbelievably out-of-character sort of jolts of shock for the sake of twists,turns and thrills.
And despite having many predictable incidents one is not bored as the book is heavily laden with subtle use of wit and wit! 

The narration at times,made me feel as if I am reading my own experience ... If I went through all this and had to write about it, it would have been in a similar way.
I hated this cover
Professor Joseph O'Loughlin is a clinical psychologist who is charged for the murder of his former patient ..... a nurse.He  was out on lack of evidence but is the prime suspect.While he is dealing with his own ethical and personal demons, another murder took place, again victimising him but this time, with concrete evidence. Even his alibi is dead.
He had  limited time with almost zero number of people to help and trust...... to unearth this seemingly motive-less mad conspiracy.... before the real killer strikes much near... his home!

Good Points 
 From  first line, first word, first page you are sure about him being a harmless man.
Second, the more you are sure of his innocence, more you are convinced that he will be the suspect. 
Three, you know he will manage to prove him innocent.
This one I found 
yet you  are driven into it with him as to HOW ?How he will do it. It becomes your quest, your search. How? And you wonder-
If not me then WHO?
If I am so deep in muck ... means I am being set up... then WHY?
 You are so engrossed you forgets its him and you searches for that killer to get back your life, your peaceful life back in your lovely abode.

I have wrote these words many times and am again maintaining that -
The beauty of a book lies in its writing.
Yes, story, plot, message,twists are integral but writing is what makes the difference.

Here,it is well worded,well written and well ...natural.
In the darkest of moments it never lost its witty spark .It provided an honest narration with real dangers and real people.  
The family, spouse,children,friends,parents,childhood... every detail of the protagonist's life is made crystal clear in few paragraphs and with the emotional connect.It's an ability par excellence.

This Dutch cover is also good.
This scene might be when
 Joe visits his home  at stealth..
 It reminded me of a Johnny Depp  movie 'Nick Of Time' in the sense that the  protagonist there was also an ordinary  common man without super human strength  or ammunition who, when got stuck in  uncommon situations, dealt with them to  the best of his abilities and emerged safe  and victorious.

THE Umms..
Of course, like any Hollywood/Indian mainstream movie it has certain convenient co-incidences like the school secretary gave full information with minimum apprehension or that Professor Loughlin managed to dodge police at his parent's home BUT, on danger of repeating myself- if written nicely, one can go easy on co-incidences and miracles. After all, they do occur - unexpectedly.That's why they are called co-incidences and miracles !

Intelligent, gripping and taut ,go for it if you like Drama in Real Life and if you don't ,then definitely go for it to get the feel! 
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Micheal Robotham is an International Crime Fiction Writer from Australia who started off as a newspaper reporter and rose to fame from his first novel-The Suspect. 
After it, he wrote nine more novels all of which are bestsellers. He is the winner of many prestigious awards and lives in Australia with his family and is a full time writer. 
You can be in touch with him at his official website here.
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More Covers
Fair -
The Hungary Cover
TheTurkish Cover
For me the Turkish Cover is the best. It has the required momentum, the running silhouette accentuated by the blue and white suggest fear, desperation,thrill and the light at the end of the tunnel indicates ultimate victory.
Several other covers of French, Russian, Swedish, Czech and Croatian versions are also available Here but I have posted those which I thought to be  good .


  1. I love a book which makes me want to know the suspense. Great review. I'll read this book, now.

    1. Hi Kiran, Its great to know you like thrillers ! Well ,welcome to the club :)

  2. I think I would like to read it. Nice review.

    1. Given your own witty style, I guess you will enjoy it Saru :) Thanks for saying it Nice :P

  3. As you said , it is gripping and leaves the suspense as if not him, then who .... I think I'll definitely go for it. Coincidences are so common in thrillers and murder mysteries...:-P ..though it's very hard to catch up with even one such thing in real life...

    You know how to make a review an interesting read... :-) love this as always...

    1. HA Ha HA Mani... yeah coincidences are so uncommon in real life and (If )when happen they ALWAYS follow Murphy's Law :(
      Thanks for the read and your comment love dear :)

  4. I like the way you've categorized different elements of the book and at the same time aroused the curiosity of the prospective reader.

    you're a good reviewer per sure.Carry on!

    1. Thanks Uppal ji ... am so pleased that you liked the review :)Thanks for your kind words and wishes:)

  5. Translated into 22 languages??! My my the book must have been quite a success! :).. Looks like my genre, suspense thriller.. Would love to pick this one up Kokila :)

    1. Its great Vinay to know that its 'your' genre :P and yes you might like it and others by the author :) Thanks for the read :)

  6. Hello Kokila, You made me laugh when you said murders can’t be done much differently – how right you are but so funny!
    I like the Dutch cover the most, the gateway and the misty view behind look terrifying. I would not walk through that gate even if you paid me!
    Not my usually type of book but the writing does sound excellent and after reading your review, I might just give it a go.

    1. You are so right in liking the Dutch cover as its aesthetically scary but despite liking it , it didn't worked for me as per story there was NO scary or eerie setting in the book .....
      I am with you as even I will not cross the gate for the double of the 'amount' :)
      Its pleasing you enjoyed the review :)

  7. many thanks for this kokila. i'll be reading this. hopefully soon


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