A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

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Health is wealth - is the oldest adage I was grown up hearing and found myself saying many times to others at many occasions..
I wrote it in essays as a student and used it in many of my papers on  Modern medications V/S Indian Ayurveda so much that it had sort of lost its meaning without my realising it .Till.... my 10 months old son was diagnosed with severe indigestion /cough and cold.

Anindy : one year old
 The baby whose laughter and  happy shrieks used to fill the whole neighbourhood, suddenly was sullen and lethargic. 
He was told not to be given ANY milk product and oily things. To imagine NO MILK in an Indian household to the apple of their eyes was like sacrilege 

Whole house was in dismay and everybody was blaming each other for the situation. The major burnt was borne by the doting grandfather who was The Hero till then as Anindy used to squeal with joy on hearing the noise of his nearing motorbike! 
Yes ,he was able to recognise HIS bike's noise from the hundred other which used to pass through our lane .
A healthy Pihu and her toothy smile :)
Anindy would leave everything and everybody on catching the first glimpse of his peak cap and salt-n-pepper police moustache and both grandpa and grandson would go for a bike ride complete with eating and drinking out .. bottle after bottle of chilled Badam Milk and other stuff right from when he was 7 months old ...

The doctor scolded grandpa the most,  strictly prohibiting not only the outside products but any sort of home-made butter, ghee and curd...

I was devastated..I could not eat a buttered toast while my son would eat crumbs in daal ...
Anindy as a 2 and half years old  : outings 
with with Baba were no more a worry .

It was in this situation  that I went to my mother's place where my Nani, Ma and a fleet of Mausis decided to take matters in their hands.They continued the doctor's medication but started some of their own traditional ones like regular  gripe water - a mixture of dill, fennel and chamomile  and Dabur janam ghunti  for digestion.They started daily massage with Dabur lal tail or by fresh home-made butter for a supple skin and strong bones followed by a lukewarm water bath.This ritual was followed two times a day with a head bath in the afternoon and showering his body with warm water springs sans headbath in evening.The evening bath provided relaxation to his body and muscles making him sleep soundly, a thing which was unheard of before !

Anindy, 3 and half years :
 healthy and happy
As milk was barred, they gave him very small spoonful of tulsi-ginger-cinnamon-cardamom-kali mirch tea. In between they will grind/rub Jaiphal(nutmeg) with three drops of milk and give that paste to him. After three doses of these , there was a visible effect and within three days the cough and cold was gone!

Pihu with a healthy complexion as a
 9 months old on her first Holi 
After 5 days, tiny amount of diluted milk was started on with herbs and within one and a half month after his first birthday, he was almost back to the normal.By God's grace and the ayurvedic efforts, sometime before his 2nd birthday he was a happy,healthy and a noisy child .The immediate scare was past but from that time I understood to value of the treasure of Ayurveda our ancestors had left for us. 
Later, when I became a mother of two, my 6 months old daughter and 3 year old son, braved the coldest Dehradun -Mussoorie winters while travelling on bikes and playing outside... All this due to the jaiphal paste for both and the honey-almond-walnut chutney and chwanyaprash for my son.

My bond with Dabur strengthened with time and now as in 2014, I can proudly say that dashmoolaristh, ashokarishth , chwyanaprash, honey and shankhpushpi are some of the products I use on regular basis. 

My kids still suffer from occasional bouts of illness at times but, they have their immunity enhanced and they have adapted easily in changing environments of Dehradun, Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore. 

Hale n healthy : Planning something :)
Now my only task is to tame the unbound laughter and ongoing  teasing that goes on in my house, between them. And no mother on earth will ever trade it for a dull and silent kid no matter if you sleep with aching temples at times .

A happy house is where health shines and laughter prevails. Thanks to the treasure of Ayurveda that we bask in the sunshine of health and happiness , joy and cheers.

Now, I fully realize the meaning of  this Dalai lama quote "Happiness is the Highest form of Health"

May our home stay the same...Amen.

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A healthy child makes a happy home.

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The pics say it all : The Healthy Story of my Happy Home - 

Indeed, Healthy children  make a happy home  :)

Happy in the morning
Happy during activities: 4:00 PM 

Happy for School :7:00 AM 
Happy doing Nothing :) :P
Happy Together :
 Strange and RARE!!
Happy under the summer sun !
Health n smiles 


  1. Thank you for the lovely post Kokila. I can see the run of emotions when I see this post from you and I also see how contented you are when you are writing this. I agree to every point made in these.

    Kudos! :)

    And really nice to know that you wrote essays as a student in school. It surely shows :)

    1. Thanks Vinay.. am glad we are in agreement here :)
      As a new mother it was horrible not to know what is happening to your kid !

      he He .. Yup, I use to write essays and stories where protagonist kids will go to far off lands like Madurai ! the farthest I could think of that time :

  2. sweet story, full of home remedies and toothy smiles! I've almost forgotten what i used to do in similar situations.

    1. Thanks Uppal ji for being here and surviving the rather long post :)
      I agree with you on toothy smiles :)
      And I think I am 'already' forgetting half of the DESI Nuskhe for infants as my babies are now children ... :)

  3. Very sweet and useful post Kokila..Agree with you :) Happy for your happy home and happy kids..Stay blessed..:)

    1. Thanks Nagini.... for the sweet comment and your wishes :) wishing you the same dear :)

  4. Such a sweet post Kokila and emotionally so pleasing... :-) just love the photographs... :-)

    1. Yeah Mani... screensavers/trailers and pics are always good .. specially of my twos... :) Full picture is tad 'two much' mere dost! Thanks for the visit dear :)

  5. All the photos are too cute :) and I can really relate to what you say. I remember the gripe water did the trick in curing colics for kids than medicine which is often not good for babies. Also, our ancestors have much knowledge of herbs and plants than what we do now.But again, finding the right source of information is indeed difficult even with the Internet world.

    1. Thanks a ton Uma....yeah... I can vouch for that old herbal and home remedies are The best. Yup I DO go to doctor's clinic but for day-to-day things kitchen-garden has almost everything .. all we need is patience and preservation :) Thanks for being here Uma ...still remembering your Ganesha signature :)

  6. Kokila you have two beautiful children and I am so glad that they both are doing well. Must have been a very worrying time for you though.

    1. Sure Shashi... It is harrowing when either of them is ill ... so I am better prepared ...specially here in Bangalore weather , one cup of masala (clove-ginger-black pepper-tulsi ...) milk/tea is a must .... as well as lukewarm- coconut oil massage at least once in 10 days... Glad you liked the post ... you must have much-much more knowledge on this matter :)

  7. Beautiful post Kokila...and such happy pictures...Love those sweet kiddies of yours!!!
    Remember the Gripe water ad...and even we have such natural home remedies...typical to each and every place right! :)

    1. Thanks Deepa.. am glad you found the pics beautiful as I have replied to Maniparna also, the pics are trailers... the movie is FULL ACTION at my home (sigh !) but the best / strangest part of being a mother is that you never want the ACTION to cease... the moment anyone is ill or not herself/himself you , the mother, start missing the loud, naughty child... sigh ! more sigh !!

  8. How wonderful to read about all the natural treatments given to Anindy – the old ways are the best.
    All your family look radiantly healthy and wonderfully happy.
    I loved this post Kokila, thank you for sharing it.

    1. Glad Barbara the post resonated well with you... I think home and kitchen garden remedies are popular in West also .. here in India we are using these to increase the basic immunity of children ..
      Thanks for your lovely comment dear :) Just stay in touch :)

  9. Cute kids! And I so agree if kids are unwell the whole house acquires a sorrowful look!

    1. Thanks Mridula ... yeah I understood for sure now that health IS wealth :)

  10. You are so right about happy kids and the making of a happy kid. :)
    I too have good faith on our Dabur products.

    1. Thanks Indrani ... am glad you agreed with the post dear and yup, you are right about Dabur... one of rare things we still have faith in :)


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