November 14, 2014

धुलाई : हाइकु

किरण धोबिने 
सूरज की पोट  को 
धोएं  पटक 

                                                       नभ पाट  पे 

                                                      धूप में  भिगो -भिगो 
                                                       रँगे चटक

Washing : Haiku 

wash-women sunrays

wash hard .... the pale pouch of sun
swash, dash ,splash... smack,slosh

                                                             on the sill of sky

                                                              soaking it in brilliant gold
                                                              colouring it bright                           


  1. Very beautiful & innovative haiku on Rainbow. I guess the inspiration behind this wonderfully creative haikus is a Mother's observation of colourful bubbles while washing her children's cloth. :)

    1. Thanks Ravish ! Its a great feeling that you liked this one as it has a bit rustic imagery 'lok bhasha shabdon jaise - pot , patakna and paat .... ka prayog kiya hai.... bas suraj ki pit-pit ke dhulte hue dekhna chahti kirano ko dhobin bana diya :) he he .. and you are so innocent and sweet in your beautiful imagery of colourful bubbles of kid's clothes .... so sweet :) yup your imseg and my image both have that maternal feeling as a common factor :)

  2. This one is too good...that a haiku can be written on this subject is beyond my imagination..:-) It's such a pleasure reading your haiku.

    1. Am really happy Mani you are liking this new fad (endeavour from my side) of mine... Thanks to you it is happening :) Its more pleasure reading your sweet comments dear :)

  3. Soooo beautiful!

    Loved the analogy!


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