Golden Home : My Dream 24K Home with Porcelanosa

When the serpent of desire enticed Eve-the first woman into the 'fall' little did it realize what's in store for .. the MANkind .
Because even before the first blush of  love gains full bloom, a woman ALWAYS  thinks no, creates a home - her dream abode .. where she  will live ever after with her man (who is still in the  initial stages of dilemma about gifting her a red heart ..but she 'knows' the look) .. so the man may change but that heavenly house is going to stay and will become grand with each passing suitor err... day 
I am no different and not being unfaithful to Eve's lineage, I too had a dream .. a dream of home sweet home which though has materialised but is  somehow in dire need of upliftment Always! 
So when IB gave the opportunity to make a virtual dream home of 24K gold I grabbed the chance and here it is -

The Basic model of my dream home will allow lots of sun and air into my house along with providing me with options to cut it off as per my wish . So the ventilated facade by Porcelanosa worked perfect for me. 
DAsh Of Colur !

Next is the internal layout and decor`.
Starting with the integral part Kitchen - it must have  LOTS of storage but with minimalistic approach AnD  muted tones with a dash of vibrancy always works wonders for my mental and emotional health which in turn may affect the health of the family members  :) 

Lots of Storage without clutter

The Rich look

Keeping in sync with my always harmoniously contradictory personality, the blend of less and more, colour and grace , space and storage , ease to move along with a comfortable seating arrangement and vast space to look as well as keeping my family close to me while cooking is my teeny-weeny small agenda.  

Seems Tough ? 
 Not exactly. And it is clear from the pics that may be its women like me who have designed these seemingly conflicting yet completely in-sync kitchen designs ....

Use of Space 

Now comes the Bathrooms . 
The places which according to me ought to be most luxurious and comforting .. for me its a relaxing zone.. a 'Me time'
So, it ought to be spacious, vast in  muted earthy tones  with a dash of colour preferably Prussian Blue or Turquoise !
Earthy space... a dash of colour.

The muted tones gives the earthy look and the blue shades provides calm. Alternatively , the master bathroom can be rich in gold and silver with metallic touch ! I love glimmer and shimmer enhanced manifolds when seen from the drops of water!
Rich n shimmering
The 'Season' Shower 
Then comes the CORNERS and the general house area like area near terrace /lounge etc.

Gold countertop basin
To have a graceful and seamless feel to the house its essential to choose the floor and wall tilings wisely.Similarly, the small corners where we put wash basins et al have to be done aesthetically so that instead of  standing out as eyesores,  they will accentuate the beauty of the decor` and the taste of the owner. Just like in the above images.

WALL TILES - The metallic finish tiles not only enhance the beauty of the house but give a rich and luxurious feel to the entire decor`. And they also go well with my taste of more space - less things approach and a de cluttered look. 
They provide glow,shine  and shimmer without displaying artifacts and paintings on walls and thus there is no need of further decoration.  

Infact, The wall itself becomes a piece of Art!

Awesome gleaming Floor tiles .. drooling !

The Taps and Accessories -

An entire range of beautiful shiny gold and silver accessories awaits you at the store and you are just spoilt for choice. These pics are just another example.

 The Wardrobes -With every space and corner of the house beautified as well as made comfortable ,its the storage of clothes and other things which might mar the beauty of an otherwise picturesque home. So the beautiful and highly spacious wardrobes which merge seamlessly with the decor` are offered and I chose my pick happy as a lark !
White Beauty !
Spacious and space saver !

My last Pick aer the non-slipping tiles and floorings/laminations for near and around the pool area.
Non slipping tiles 
I loved this lamination for floor which leads out ..It is so seamless and has a beautiful design . Loved the colour also. 

Laminated floor 

So these are some of my picks from the  Porcelanosa site ,though there is still more to pick but then one house is enough for one life- time and along with decking up my house with these above mentioned objects and facilities I 'll have to invest time and positive energy to make it a HOME ... 

A breath of zest and sunny rays of care, veneer of respect and foundation of love ...along with  24K Province  will make My Dream 24K home a reality .

 The post is written as an entry to Indiblogger Happy Hour post in association with IB, Porcelanosa and 24K Province .


  1. Truly a dream home Kokila :) If that were the bathroom designs, i wouldn't mind spending 22 hours of my time there and come out 2 hours only to eat :) nice post.

    1. Thanks dear for the sugar sweet comment love and yeah , in a bathroom so lavish even I'll be there most of the time :)

  2. Clean lines, minimalistic looks, simple yet captivating. Beautiful design. Would'nt mind living in this dream home and write about the experience :D
    Good luck on the contest!

    1. Thanks Meoww ! So glad you visited dear and liked the dream home ... it is actually beautiful and I enjoyeed writing about it a lot ..Thanks for the wishes friend :)

  3. oh my, wonderful post :) Got to hand it over to the skilled and visionary when it comes to home :) Superb! (And, I was all along thinking about the room where I could have my home theater, books, sofa and games :D )

    1. Skilled and visionary !! Ahan ... well-well the successors of Eve ..he he :P :D Must be a bachelor Adam thinking ONLY about books,home theatre,sofa and games !
      Way to go in this department buddy :P
      wishes :)

  4. Nice choices there; kind of like an awesome, impossible dream for me :) There were so many big designs at the site that I got shocked :D

    1. He He Teny :) Even i was dazed by the grandeur of the designs but then its easy to 'adapt' for better :P Thanks for the visit here pal :)

  5. It's a dream home for everyone :-D... great choice of pictures Kokila..stunning !

    1. Thanks Maniparna ... only problem is that no matter how much you decorate the interior its the view outside which has to be beautiful the above picture ... isnt'it ? what's the use of shimmering window- seat if while sipping coffee , if the street beyond present a buffalo doing her dungy business :P : P

  6. stunning images and a well written article..loved your dream home...

    1. He He Sneh ...thanks for the compliment girl .... And as I have also written in the post, a dream house can be converted into a dream home only after adding your name in to it - Sneh = affection and love :)

  7. Your dream home looks wonderful! Loved it!

    1. Thanks dear ! coming from a globe trotter friend , it must be good ! :)

  8. Whoa! The kitchen looks fantastic! Makes me want to learn cooking and start soon :)

    1. Ha Ha Vinay ... the kitchen is indeed beautiful but I'll NOT be lured into cooking :P haan.. your culinary skills I'll love to test :) he he

  9. Keep dreaming Kokila maybe one day it will come true:-)

  10. Grand choices made. Hope it comes true for you!


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