How will You 'Go' Babli ?

Dear Babli,

I know how common it is for you and your family to 'go' out there in the open..  just before day-break. Your parents must have told you, rather ingrained in you the 'benefits' of 'going' in open .They must have told you that -
 its less smelly 
good for our Earth 
and more hygienic ! 
What they forgot to tell is - they don't have a choice.

I know this because, as a young girl from Uttar Pradesh, I had seen this up,close and personal. I had even tried to dissuade Rajni, our helper's daughter of my age, from this practice only to receive the above Gyan

My home was in the outer,silent zone of the city AND my school on other end of the town ... situated amid greenery, away from hustle-bustle which meant I had to start earlier from home than others.
 So, my rickhaw wale bhaiyya would promptly pick me up at 6:00 AM in chilly and foggy northern winters when beside ME only the poor uncouths of the city would be going on with their 'normal routine' thus, somehow making me an accidental partner of their privacy !


Meeting their shady, ghost like apparitions suddenly emerging out from the dense fog was so norml for me that I used to wait for the next hooded , blanket clad figure to appear, walking stealthily with just some kind of  vessel in their hands. I never gave much thought about those sillhouted figures till Rajni made me wiser. 
I still remember the tinkle of bangles of the ladies' hands as my rickhaw passed them as well as the expletives murmured loud enough when some car headlight falls on their partially hidden faces .

So much so for the decency and modesty of women in India!

But Babli,
Things ought to change. And you should start it . You must NOT sit back and watch it happen like I did 25 years back .. was it that back ? 
Source : Unsafe childhood !
what a waste of time !

I witnessed this 25 years back and become used to it after trying one or two of my lame attempts.. that too out of that innocence of childhood ... attempts which were a soothing lullaby for my conscience effective in putting it back to a sound sleep .

No Babli, 
you don't fall in this trap and make people aware - in Maharashtra and Orissa, in Bihar, Rajasthan and in Uttar Pradesh. 

Tell them, teach them- 

 About the dignity of being HUMAN
Of modesty of women
Of dangers of beasts near forests and wilderness
Of  lurking attackers
Of the diseases  like diarrhoea and cholera spread by it .
Of the lack of hygiene .

And I will tell and retell the horrors occurring with girls and children at such occasions like - 

the rape with a 7 months pregnant lady in Delhi while going to attend nature's call on a chilly winter morning 

the death of little children by tigers and other beasts while attending nature's call..

Together we both and all, will teach our rural counterpart to treat themselves as humans.

I, the 'educated-privileged Indian' will be your sincere partner in this crusade and will make fellow educated people aware about it.. will shake them from their apathetic slumber and join hands with the Domex Toilet Acedamy  or the (DTA) launched under Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in 2013. And by the money raised and collected, toilets will be built in each and every village and hamlet even better, may be in every home ! Babli you and your family will not need to go out anymore then.So let's spread the word and help the cause.  
                                                                    And as I spread  awareness , you Babli take good care of yourself, be bold and practice health and hygiene for a better future :)

Source The Image needs NO WORDS .
About Domex Initiative - 

Its Social Mission programme, launched in 2009, involves partnerships with organizations such as UNICEF with a target to help build a ‘clean, safe toilet for all’. 
Domex is not only a brand delivering functional performances, but also a brand with a purpose and a real commitment towards Hygiene for all.
To bring  the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for it. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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  1. What a superb take on the initiative babe. I really liked the flow and the personal experience. Its touching when heinous crimes happen under helpless circumstances. Its a very nice article.

    1. Thanks a TON !! You know your comments make my day any day and today is no different... yes this MUST change .Thanks for the support dear :)

  2. What people don't understand, Kokila, is that most don't have a choice. Most brand them as disgusting not knowing the truth. Families telling the above gyaan having no choice, so true. A wonderful article. When I look back, there are way more sanitation facilities today at least in my city back there, but there's still long way to go. This is sure one among lot of other must change we need.

    (I didn't know that we come from the same place :D )

    1. Lol Shanx for your "from the same place":D guess you also have seen apparitions emerging out of fog ! Eerie ...
      As for the families ..did not want to make the post grim as its hard to write (am weak!) otherwise there is plethora of incidents from funny to outrageous ... albeit at a slow pace but things are changing .. Hope !

  3. It's a harsh many women and kids are endangering their safety and modesty while going outside to attend nature's call..:-(

    1. Such a sorry state of affairs... and while writing the post only I realised that how used to i am ... :( Lets just not simply hope for change but do efforts this time :)

  4. You are right.. Toilets first.. temples later.. good article..

    1. Thanks Sneh .. glad you liked it... and yes even I like this phrase... its powerful and shows actual concern for the cause ...

  5. Kokila I have found that a lot of these projects are started with very good intentions but never really thought through often. Maybe I am a bit cynical and admittedly it is a superb project but have they thought it through how they are going to keep it clean. Usually people in our country tend to think it is not their job to keep toilets clean. So they just dirty and leave. Yes one can employ someone to get it clean but the person who is employed to clean himself may not understand how to keep these places clean. So unless people are educated at the grass roots about cleanliness which your suggestion after a bit of time the projects fall by the wayside. I think you did wonderfully by trying to educate your helpers daughter. Hope some of those advice did stick in her mind. I used to teach our helper how to clean toilets. I would actually show them how and tell them that they should the same way their toilets. My friend and I would do the same in our hotel room too. And whenever a new roommate joined we would educate them as well. Never was afraid to get down to the nitty gritty :-)

    1. Its great Shashi to know that you actually did that and are ready to teach again... yeah there's whole lot of difference in preaching and practice.. look at me, I too was reminded about the issue only after the campaign and i am ashamed as well as shocked to realize that how easily I have accepted as a 'way of life ' for 'them - the poor and uneducated.... '
      What I did in childhood would have been a purer, sweeter me , who tried to teach her out of concern and not out of good will .

      Mercifully, here in my neighbourhood in Bangalore people are aware and the way of living of daily wagers/labourers/maids is almost same to ours minus the comforts. I admire this thing in people here - they are hygienic , economic and content in comparison to their counterparts in Northern belt ... lets hope for the best :)


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