The City of Joy

                                                                     Where joy-beams dance in sunlit streams
                                                                     and morn shines bright with hope as gleam
                                                                     they smile with eyes, and laugh with hearts
                                                                      where love grow strong on being apart

                                                                     where the 'selfish' fog has lifted long ago 
                                                                     insecurity, ego are words not known
                                                                     where compassion blooms on every tree
                                                                      and girls and birds both dance so free

                                                                     where charity graces all their homes
                                                                     and clemency decorates every dome
                                                                     where empathy grew in backyard patch
                                                                      and mercy fever, like cold they catch!

                                                                      Vines dangle from contentment hooks
                                                                       try and persistence bloom at nooks
                                                                       forgiveness scents the avenues wide
                                                                       and life seems like a good-luck-ride

                                                                       A bed of thanks, and a gratitude  quilt 
                                                                       acceptance cuts the threads of  guilt                                                                                                                                       where fondness curtains sway in air
                                                                       and 'I can' windows throw out despair
                                                                       where kindness rolls as waves at the shore
                                                                       and hate is a figment, a piece of lore
                                                                       where mercy droppeth like gentle rain
                                                                       and a knee grazed bad is the only pain ...

                                                                        tears turn into stars; laughter in pearls
                                                                        to deck the town, light up the hills
                                                                        In that blessed town, I wish to stay
                                                                        where life is love, work, JOY and to pray.

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  1. What beautiful thoughts Kokila! I'm sure your diary is full of awesomeness! I wish to take a snapshot of it so that I can read this every now and then. Hope you would not mind...

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. he He its a poor crumbling yellowed thing Sindhu.. with the advent of gadgets, blog has swiftly taken its place but then it is precious as it helps in re-living those memories unlike the electronic media.... and its your kindness that you think its awesome :)
      you are most welcome to follow your wish friend ! words are less to thank you for your sweet uplifting visits Sindhu :)

  2. Modern day version of Alice in Wonderland. Loved this poem, Kokila. I wrote a similar one - In far far land.

  3. Wow,that is a brilliant and an imaginative poem making one yearn to live in such an incredible town!


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