Good Morning !

 With Profuse thanks  to the source for capturing the chaos
                                                 the kettle shattered 
                                                all scattered topsy turvy
                                                my kids are awake !



  1. Very profound.........
    the kettle shattered - Big Bang happened - Universe created
    all scattered topsy-turvy - Concept of Universe as Upside down Tree espoused in Geeta
    my kids are awake - We, human beings, are supposed to be awakened to see the order amid of chaos

  2. It's a perfect picture in words !! ...and I love Ravish's explanation.... profound indeed...

    1. Glad you liked it Mani..Mom will like it no matter how good the child is :)
      As For Ravish's explanation..on my simple ,harassed-Mom lines..... some people are out of this world :) cosmos is their playground :P you know :) :)

  3. :) Loved it.... perfecto picture too.. and I was taken by surprise by what Ravish Mani inferred. I found it super cute... :)

    1. Thank you so much Shanx :) As I mentioned to Maniparna , some people are from 'out of the world ' so their interpretations are extra terrestrial...err... extra ordinary :) I too was pleasantly surprised by his inference ... great you enjoyed both the haiku and his interpretation :) Its lovely to have you here in thus sunshine :)

  4. As I went on reading, I felt nothing was right. But, the third line changed the entire situation! Beautiful haiku! Ah! Now you know that I am not a mom yet :D If I place myself in that situation, then I am able to feel what a mom might feel!

    Wow! Unbelievable how Ravish has shown the spiritual side of it!

    1. That's the perfect and true reaction Sindhu... first I have perfectly understood your maternal status :P :P and then, Ravish .... what can I say ... he plays Gulli-cricket with planets I guess ... and goes to starry space for his night stroll and ... what ore .. I feel one day he might wake up in the morning and will dim the sun saying its too bright right now ! :)
      Glad you enjoyed my words through his version even more :)


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