Living Life. Simply .

जीवन पथ का पाथेय यही ,

खुद की पहचान समझ लेना 

जग में अपनी निजता लय कर

निज में ही जग को पा जाना।

sustenance of life is

realisation of  the self.

harmonize 'self ' into the world 

to find the world oneself .

जीवन  - life ,  पथ  -  way , path , road

पाथेय  - support, sustenance , निजता - self 

लय  - harmonize ,blending

Sparked by Miss Marple from Agatha Christie's books .
Used as introduction in my new Hindi Blog "पाथेय "


  1. Loved the first two lines in this Kokila. Sustenance is in realizing self. I guess our entire lives is spent on understanding who we are and it sure is an amazing journey :)

  2. right Vinay the first two lines are the crux of life .... and to attain the last two lines is the bliss of life :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts Vinay :)

  3. You write with such meaning Kokila, thank you.

    1. Its a great feeling Barbara that you are liking my words... happy these resonated well with you :)

  4. Just read these awesome lines in your other blog :) Hey, wanted to thank you for the translation of it because of which I understood it clearly :) TC! Keep smiling dear :)

    1. because of you only I translated Sindhu , as I know that you are eager to understand and finds it difficult in Hindi :) Thanks for appreciating the effort dear :)

    2. Thanks is a small word Kokila for your kindness, you are helping me master Hindi!

    3. The pleasure is all mine Sindhu <3 :)

  5. Our lives are all about understanding ourselves and evolving our lives with respect to the world. Amazingly expressed :).


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