Love Unfulfilled : From Old Pages

Many years back when I was definitely not a young child but a little innocence and notions of pure love fed in me had made me the sentimental fool, I wrote this poetic piece (true blooded poets need not get offended..It sounds good this way.that's all!) after a phrase  - 'Even Love Unreturned Has Its Own Rainbow' which I came across in Reader's Digest. I was touched (inexplicably) and wrote it in one go. So, read it keeping my state of emotional frenzy in mind...:)


Oh! love just makes the world go round
 It blossoms beautifully anywhere
It paints the world in glittering tints
But true love is for a few who dare

I've once been through this path 'my dear',
And now I'm sauntering here again
It's still the same,under golden veil,
It's filled with anguish,sorrow,pain,

And as I ponder,hopes grow higher
only to be dashed again
hearts beat as one but far across,
it's circumstances hard to explain
Thanks !

But well ! then love means growing up

To move on ,seek and understand
Even love unfulfilled is strong enough
To help us be a better man.

Yes! It is such a wonderful thing
It makes, it breaks ,it fills our souls
Heartbeats are stopped, but still for it
A special place our hearts behold.

In deepest woods, in deepest storms
It gives to life a sunshine hue
An inner warmth, a bright outlook
A new perspective in all we do

The soul is drenched with joy and care
the heart sways in ecstacy, lo!
an inner strength, a brand new dare
Even, Love Unreturned, has its own Rainbow!

                                                                                          7thMarch03.My notions have not changed though :)


  1. "Even, Love Unreturned, has its own Rainbow!" It such a nice line. You have done a good job by letting your sentimental fool do the writing :)

    1. He He Vidyashree .... guess its fools and crazies who'll inherit the earth's beauty :) Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  2. Very expressive of innocence of days gone by!

    1. True Uppal ji .... innocence of days gone by .. but I am blessed with beautiful people and friends like you around me to guide me hence I still believe in the phrase :)

  3. Loved it. Very beautifully depicted various shades of love. These lines are inviting to dive deeply into it and feel the emotion, then only ones soul is drenched with joy and care and his heart sways in ecstasy. Love, indeed, is a daring act. A coward cannot cross the river of love. Wo kehte hain na "Prem ke dariya me jo duba hua wohi paar" And it is the safest path. There is no set back in the path of Love; even, the Love unreturned, has its own rainbow.

    1. Yes and that - "Even love unfulfilled is strong enough
      To help us be a better man" singing the same tune :)
      Thanks for the insightful words Ravish :)

  4. Love is such a magic potion....''in deepest woods, in deepest storm" it glows with an eternal light :-) The last line...I like it expressive, so vivid...

    You've a poetic mind indeed.... I love that emotional frenzy :-)

    1. He He .. glad you liked it Maniparna though , being a purist in love and feelings , I was almost sure you'd like it :) Thanks for being here... always :)

  5. Beautifully penned! Love the intensity of the poem.

    1. Thanks Charuhas ... Its nice to know it resonated well with you :)

  6. An ode to love and its many facets. Beautifully penned.

    1. Ode is the right word I feel ! Thanks Rachna ... I am glad you liked it :)

  7. How deep the emotions are! I never thought 'love unfulfilled' can be positively expressed! Day by day, I am loving your words more and more! I don't know to express them with words but, your words create beautiful and deep vibes within me...

    1. Thanks Sindhu for such sweet words !! The way you like my posts I like and treasure your comments so much that these become my sole motivation to write and post !! So many heartfelt thanks for such beautiful and inspiring words friend :)

  8. Lovely poem! Reading it again and again makes it beautiful :)

  9. Beautiful poem. Only those who believe in love can write it with such passion.

    1. Thanks Saru.... even your comments are poetic and true !Yes, i believed in it and still do .. hopelessly ...sigh !
      Thanks for reading and appreciating :)


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