Games Cupid Plays

Ira was walking through the crowd as if in trance.What she just witnessed was too painful. Before today she knew the position of heart somewhat vaguely from the biology books. Now, she can be precise about the exact centre of the pain! It hurts.

Shekhar was laughing with Shamita, looking absolutely happy ! Too much! 
She adores Shekhar and is sure that he too has feelings for her. She has seen in his eyes,that long look he sometimes give..only to her...and that special smile which lit up his face on seeing her enter the gate .Many times she has spied his eyes searching something in her face, returning there again and again. And he watches that door from which she usually emerges after the 10:30 class.

And now Shamita was flashing her perfect white teeth, giggling and fluttering her fake eyelashes at him .. Ira has to think fast . The pain she is feeling is unbearable and proof enough not to doubt her feelings for Shekhar. 

Her chain of thoughts was disturbed when suddenly a boy rushed past her,colliding with her and her legs felt wobbly from the impact. Ira sat on the pavement to collect her thoughts. In front of her, big heart shaped red balloons were flowing secured to a door handle by long strings and she realised that the Valentine's Day is arriving.
She sat bolt upright "Voila! a plan ...a plan to express her feelings to her crush. "

Ira became excited. She had  an idea and she is going to execute it. She will propose to her crush... and leave the rest to destiny.

The evening arrived and Ira was ready with her plan. Shamita had publicised the fact that Shekhar and she are going to the Brite's, his favourite place with light music and a calm ambience. Ira was a bit nervous as almost half of their college would be there. 

Source : Ira chose this dress !Daring for her.
She arrived before time.After a wait which seemed like eons, Shekhar came, with his entourage in tow. Shamita was looking ethereal in a light pink and white ensemble making her pink and peach complexion glow with that reflected radiance. Ira's heart sank. But Shekhar was looking for someone.Shekhar was expecting her to be there as he had hinted about it . His searching look gave her strength and she suddenly felt at ease in her somewhat glitzy scarlet dress.

While Shekhar was still looking ill at ease, the waiter escorted him to the reserved table, under a secluded canopy of climbers and dangling flowers and placed a bouquet on the table. Everything was going according to plan. Shamita was looking slightly skeptical and was clinging to Shekhar's arm. A lovely card embossed with Shekhar's name in his favourite blue followed. Shamita's smile died on her lips.

Shekhar was staring blankly at his name embossed 'beautiful in blue and gold'.He was thinking what is going on? when a huge metal trolley started moving towards the Gazebo. It stopped a few feet short from him. A short flight of 5 stairs ran up to its top but  heavy velvet drapes were hanging around it making it impossible to see what's there over it. Suddenly , lights went dim , the curtains fell down and a huge glass casket can be seen on the top of the trolley. Its door opened, a scenery of waterfall appeared. It seemed vaguely familiar.
Like the pages from a life size note book, another page turned and on it was a written a poem , HIS poem.. Shekhar wondered from where this poem came here... when he was alerted with a jerk...a silky soft voice was crooning the lines " ... moments we spent together.... "
Shekhar's head was reeling .... who is this girl giving life to his words ?
.....has touched our souls forever...  "
 The third page opened. A girl draped heavily by sheer red, sequined flowing robes was standing in the atrium , singing his poem ... in a deep red gown and long chandeliers, she  looked breathtaking ..
Somebody from somewhere lowered  the pedestal.The diva descended and Shekhar got the shock of his life.

Soource It was romantic
 "IRA ! Oh Dear Holy ..... " his words were drowned as Ira came near .. she was looking every inch a Diva which he thought she was not. That simple,sweet Ira,the proper Ira ...his Ira .. can be so bold and zany ! He was bewildered.

And suddenly he felt happy. Grateful ... He loved Ira the way she was but was exhilarated to see her candour and chutzpah . She can be zany and lovely, sensible and fun....

By now Ira has come really close . The song was over . Ira extended her satin gloved hand and absentmindedly, Shekhar took it. Ira guided her to the centre of the manicured lush green lawn.From somewhere a soft music started playing.
SOURCE :Their hearts beat as one.

Their bodies were moving in tandem when Ira asked Shekhar "Will you be my Valentine tonight and f.... "
Her words were silenced as Shekhar placed a finger on her ruby lips and said, "...forever and ever after ."

And he sealed his words with love. 
Applause broke, champagne corks shot up and confetti covered the floor. The moon beamed and the stars shone down on the lovebirds.
It was perfect .

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The Great Indian Litterbug ... Come again ?

hainnn !!!  Litterbug ..Indian !! Where ?
Come ONN... you have got it all wrong mann. ... (I am laughing , shaking my head .. you can be pathetic sometimes..tsk tsk)
Its about values you see.

We religiously follow what Bapu told us -

                               "By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in a                                                                                   child and man - body, mind and spirit ."

We take  this quote and education very seriously.
Its no laughing HaHa-HooHoo business.Better mind your own not-so-clean business you Uncle Sam and Peter and all the Pedros, Pavels and Pradeeps out there.  
We practice  daily  hourly to hone our skills ...for drawing out the best .
We study meticulously,educating ourselves  to improve our shots,to refine the stroke of brush and to recite shlokas with perfect intonations at a perfect pitch . We are a nation of perfectionists. In all fields.

We are -
Born Artists -

Joseph Beuys said  "Every man is an artist " 
He was influenced by Novalis into it . We believe in it without any external influence !
Its inherent. 
In our blood, by birth. 
People at Le Louvre, Acropolis, The Vatican Museum will feel shy if they were to match the number of our artistic pieces... and that too in open , for all .
Protection against EVIL ! Photo Credit
If you are fortunate enough to visit any of our city from a metro with skyscrapers to a sleepy town, you will be amazed by the formidable spray paintings, the strangely familiar stench smell and awesome grafitti on our walls.
 Walls of schools, hospitals, cinema halls, homes,mayor's office, even national monuments and historic places all boast of these beauty spots . 
A good reason is that we love our Architectural marvels  and to save it from the evil eye we spit and spill on it. Making it beautiful and safe at one go.... err..time .

Psychologists -
What do you see Mr. Rorschach? 
When we are not privileged to have canvas, brushes and colours,we don't fret No No No... we make this world our canvas, our tongue -the brush  and our betel juice our colour ,our very own spray paint !

We make beautiful designs on walls,roads. vehicles and clothes with a special affinity for white surfaces .

Objects adorned lovingly and painted aesthetically by our spray, shine brightly under the Indian sun and present such intricate patterns that even Hermann Rorschach would have gladly put his 10 cards to fire in shame and humiliation! Such are the psychological intricacies unearthed from a human psyche by our patterns. 

Well Wishers-
The motto of our life is -"tumko kisi ki nazar na lage "

We are hell-bent to scratch a shiny car, to write slogans on freshly painted houses and to deface our national monuments lest some jealous person make the building crumble by his awestruck evil eyes!
Don't understand,  why westerners make such a hue and cry for this good work and call it 'defacing' ?

My personal Guess, Edvard Munch had painted The Scream after visiting India !

We, specially the better halves , do Recycling. 
They 're' 'cycle' their garbage to the next level like from 5th floor to level zero or from house no. 14 to the front of house no.15 and so on.
From time im-memorable, our ladies are expert in fencing and archery ... which they keep on conducting even today with baffling dexterity and aplomb. Just that arrows have been replaced by garbage bag shots.
We don't use synthetic colours.Instead we make kolams with by keeping leftover food for stray animals at our front door. Animal lovers.

Emotional -
We love to show-off and its really hard for us to let others forget about our 'achievements'.
What is the use of popping in Bercos popcorn and spreading mozarella on our multigrain bread or cooking veggies in the suave` Olive oil flown straight from the olive groves of Spain if, nobody is to see the covers and wrappers flying like vijay patakas or victory flags in the air, swirling in the whole neighbourhood with brand names enhancing our fragile precious prestige .

We cling to this litter .. Its highly 'emo' stuff ...

We CREATE History
All the time !

Some loonies are working towards capturing the sound waves (considering them to be immortal) from the Mahabharata Times to capture the Gita samvad or The Gita Dialogue....
Look at us,Helloooow ....  I mean, we have moved on from that dead period crazies! We use the latest expletives in phrases as simple as - 
give me some water saying it as "Abe, @#$*!!@#$ paani de de "
This is cool..the 'in' thing . 
We have evolved you see. Its friendship. 
Abuses set the tone, of the comfort level we share with each other. Study the way and the type of our expletives and you'll get the picture of the intimacy we have
We give equal rights to women.
Watch a single episode of  Splitsvilla and ROWDIES...errr....ROADIES at MTV and you'll get the drift that our girls are no sissies ...
Vivekanad said - "Utthisth, jagrat prapyam varannibodhat"
 that is "Awake, arise ......."
We have awakened and aroused (pun intended) discrimination.  Any type of progressive (read sexual) words (read expletives) can grace the MAC matte-d lips of our girls while describing a trait as innocent as cute without battling their perfectly permed mascara dipped eyelashes! We the young Indians know all such shlokas by heart and are making these cool sound bytes stay here forever... you regressive people.

Still, YOU say that WE are littering even the cosmic environment and now, you are labeling us 'Litterbug' !!   ewww.... Loser !

Be a sport, open that third eye of wisdom like our Lord Shiva ..... look at the brighter side , the BIG picture.
You see but you don't look, you lack vision.
We , Indians are visionaries.
Remember that . 
Here, I rest my (dirty) case.

(I noisily slurp the last of the diet coke with pizza dripping with extra cheese and loaded with seasoning italiano from a videshi brand. I casually throw the empty box and the can outside the window.. voices from adjacent house..."Daily pizzas and all .. reeking with money I tell " 
I smiled ..looks smug.

You ought to remember Mr. Litterbug- "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Bapu 

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Letter :Haiku

                                                                हाल -ए -दिल 
                                                               समझ गए पढ़   
                                                                ये कोरी पाती ...

                                                        read each word not there
                                                      touched your feelings, felt your love                                                                                      plain blank white paper


Try : Haiku

                                                            winning always is
                                                            not central.. at times it is    
                                                            just enough to try


                                                            strength is to hold on 

                                                            courage is when you try to 
                                                            set free ...and ... let go

Thanks Carnie Lewis 

In response to Haiku-Horizons

Circle : Haiku

                                                            circles of light shine 
                                                            sparkle, gleam, clink and tinkle  
                                                            rainbows on my wrists 

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Facts, Truth and Interpretation

                                                                                  the kettle shattered 
                                                                              all scattered topsy turvy
                                                                                                                                                           my kids are awake !

Beautiful meanings have been derived from this humble haiku by my fellow blogger and a dear friend Ravish Mani.
I not only agree to his inferences but it left me thinking and writing.... The first words to come in my minds were the quotidian ones-   "मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा " 
If your mind is blissful, Anandmay.. its salvation for you irrespective of time and place.. and a dip in to the neighbourhood pond can be as rejuvenating and meaningful as a one in The Ganges. 
As Milton said"Mind in itself is heaven in hell and hell in heaven"
 same what Kabir said -" जिन डूबे तिन पाइयाँ , गहरे पानी पैंठ..."  
 That the depth of the dive decides the quality of the find. Some find shells,some conches and a few find pearls... similarly the depth of our interpretation decides what are we taking with us from the situation/world.

Yes, I completely agree that "Its the Interpretation which matters and maketh or breaketh a person and his life."I have read somewhere that "Songs are as sad as the listeners" 
BUT,Is it solely the mood in which we listen and not the song ? Yes and No. There are Truths and there are Facts .And then there is Interpretation. I find truth different from facts i.e. Satya from Tathya by the fine line of inference or interpretation .

I concede with Agyeya when he said - "Nothing is Truth (satya) .. Its only Facts (tathya)"
Tathya is a fact. An object/idea which can not be denied. Satya is a fact which has some personal relation or meaning with/for us .
So when a fact becomes personal,attached to us,it becomes OUR Satya.
For example - When we read in newspaper that two young boys are killed in a freak accident .. We are saddened. Its a fact. We are truly saddened by the fact but in the humdrum of life will forget it slowly.
 But if  we realise that the boys are our family members, brothers ... it becomes a Truth.. which can not be ignored and can NEVER be forgotten... It WILL change/affect our life in one way or the other, may be without our realising it, but it will.
So the Tathya became the Satya
Similarly, the world is a Tathya - a fact.. but looks different to different people despite being the same AND that's why termed as MAYA or  Illusion. 


 Its our interpretation and reaction to the world , that we make it our Truth or Satya.
For example - If a person suffers from a Heart- disease and though not on a time leash he knows that anything can happen any time , there are two ways to interpret this condition -  
Thanks Here 
 one is to become sad, hopeless and  disheartened and lose interest in life .. with 'Why me'  thinking turning bitter and angrier  by each passing day, cursing life and God .. and thus may be causing the catastrophe to come sooner . Others will also feel his life as miserable . The  truth  he is left with - a miserable life .
He can accept it , follow the guidelines of an early morning walk, fresh air, healthy food, put conscious effort on staying happy and setting an example of hope and happiness for all and that life is too short to waste it cribbing. The Truth as he sees it - a life worth living.  
In both cases The fact stays the same but the truth changes...
Hence, there is nothing like Universal Truth only Universal Facts... We make our own truths , our own realities by our interpretations, attitude and reactions to these Facts .

HOW CAN we govern our interpretations ? What would have happened  if, ,when the haiku when interpreted as sad, would  have remained sad ? 
A classic case of -
"Two men looked out from the prison bars 
one sees mud, the other saw stars" 
THE ANSWER is to become 'sthita-pragnya' Literally translated as  same in all situations... It means to be able to see Beyond Facts ,Beyond immediate situations , Beyond reactions.. Whoever learns how to do that is living - in truest sense.

My truth is different from your truth ... it will harmonise only if we both are in harmony.. sthita-pragya... looking not at each other but looking together in same direction.... 
Whichever interpretation (of things) prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”  -Friedrich Nietzsche
As is said in Mahabharata  too 
"sukham va yadi vadukham, priyam va yadi va apriyam, praptu praptamupasit, hridyen aparajitah" 
सुखं वा  यदि  वा  दुःखं ,प्रियं वा यदि वा अप्रियं !
प्राप्तु प्राप्तमुपासित  हृदयानापराजितः।।   (शांतिपर्व )

means  " misery or joy,  gain or loss, worship that what you have been given , be invincible" 
Accept with an open heart whatever times are  bestowed on you... accept it all, remaining unbeaten from your heart and by desires. Its akin to Geeta where Karma is of utmost importance and not the result. You see, there is a difference in setting a goal and to become  crazy about it. Einstein said - "Its intelligent to have plan but neurotic to fall in love with it "

I don't dislike any season.Its
always beauty- a bit different!
 So, interpret wisely not in a moment of sadness or bliss,be sthitha-pragya, remain unfazed by fawning and smirks,channelise your energies, your potential, focus on living... and leave the rest to some supreme power ... even if you feel its not there .Well, some things have to be believed to be seen..
And Remember,
 "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper " - WB Yeats 

On a lighter note - Please extract truth from the given Picture Fact :P
Happy New Year (Its still January -A Fact .)

(With heartfelt thanks to Ravish for his inspiring  posts which made me write it :) He is a friend first and a dynamite blogger who blogs at Being Successful  and at  My Way Of Looking. An industrialist by business, an engineer by profession and a thinker by nature, he is intelligence personified.Empathy,clarity and research are some of his synonyms and wisdom is in the soil of his birth -the land of Nalanda, Taxilla and the Sun God himself.No doubt cosmos is his playground )
PS. It has become my first post in the New year . Welcome 2015 :)

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ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...