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Games Cupid Plays

Ira was walking through the crowd as if in trance.What she just witnessed was too painful. Before today she knew the position of heart somewhat vaguely from the biology books. Now, she can be precise about the exact centre of the pain! It hurts.

Shekhar was laughing with Shamita, looking absolutely happy ! Too much! 
She adores Shekhar and is sure that he too has feelings for her. She has seen in his eyes,that long look he sometimes give..only to her...and that special smile which lit up his face on seeing her enter the gate .Many times she has spied his eyes searching something in her face, returning there again and again. And he watches that door from which she usually emerges after the 10:30 class.

And now Shamita was flashing her perfect white teeth, giggling and fluttering her fake eyelashes at him .. Ira has to think fast . The pain she is feeling is unbearable and proof enough not to doubt her feelings for Shekhar. 

Her chain of thoughts was disturbed when suddenly a boy rushed pas…

The Great Indian Litterbug ... Come again ?

hainnn !!!  Litterbug ..Indian !! Where ?
Come ONN... you have got it all wrong mann. ... (I am laughing , shaking my head .. you can be pathetic sometimes..tsk tsk)
Its about values you see.

We religiously follow what Bapu told us -

                               "By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in a                                                                                   child and man - body, mind and spirit."

We take  this quote and education very seriously.
Its no laughing HaHa-HooHoo business.Better mind your own not-so-clean business you Uncle Sam and Peter and all the Pedros, Pavels and Pradeeps out there.  
We practice  daily  hourly to hone our skills ...for drawing out the best .
We study meticulously,educating ourselves  to improve our shots,to refine the stroke of brush and to recite shlokas with perfect intonations at a perfect pitch . We are a nation of perfectionists. In all fields.

We are - Born Artists -
Joseph Beuys said"Every ma…

Letter :Haiku

                                                                हाल -ए -दिल 
                                                               समझ गए पढ़   
                                                                ये कोरी पाती ...

                                                        read each word not there
                                                      touched your feelings, felt your love                                                                                      plain blank white paper

Try : Haiku

winning always is
                                                            not central.. at times it is    
                                                            just enough to try


                                                            strength is to hold on 

                                                            courage is when you try to 
                                                            set free ...and ... let go

In response to Haiku-Horizons

Circle : Haiku

circles of light shine 
                                                            sparkle, gleam, clink and tinkle  
                                                            rainbows on my wrists 

with Haiku-Horizons

Facts, Truth and Interpretation

                                                                                  the kettle shattered 
                                                                              all scattered topsy turvy                                                                                                                                                           my kids are awake !

Beautiful meanings have been derived from this humble haikuby my fellow blogger and a dear friend Ravish Mani.
I not only agree to his inferences but it left me thinking and writing.... The first words to come in my minds were the quotidian ones- "मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा "
If your mind is blissful, Anandmay.. its salvation for you irrespective of time and place.. and a dip in to the neighbourhood pond can be as rejuvenating and meaningful as a one in The Ganges. 
As Milton said"Mind in itself is heaven in hell and hell in heaven"
 same what Kabir said -" जिन डूबे तिन पाइयाँ , गहरे पानी प…