Facts, Truth and Interpretation

                                                                                  the kettle shattered 
                                                                              all scattered topsy turvy
                                                                                                                                                           my kids are awake !

Beautiful meanings have been derived from this humble haiku by my fellow blogger and a dear friend Ravish Mani.
I not only agree to his inferences but it left me thinking and writing.... The first words to come in my minds were the quotidian ones-   "मन चंगा तो कठौती में गंगा " 
If your mind is blissful, Anandmay.. its salvation for you irrespective of time and place.. and a dip in to the neighbourhood pond can be as rejuvenating and meaningful as a one in The Ganges. 
As Milton said"Mind in itself is heaven in hell and hell in heaven"
 same what Kabir said -" जिन डूबे तिन पाइयाँ , गहरे पानी पैंठ..."  
 That the depth of the dive decides the quality of the find. Some find shells,some conches and a few find pearls... similarly the depth of our interpretation decides what are we taking with us from the situation/world.

Yes, I completely agree that "Its the Interpretation which matters and maketh or breaketh a person and his life."I have read somewhere that "Songs are as sad as the listeners" 
BUT,Is it solely the mood in which we listen and not the song ? Yes and No. There are Truths and there are Facts .And then there is Interpretation. I find truth different from facts i.e. Satya from Tathya by the fine line of inference or interpretation .

I concede with Agyeya when he said - "Nothing is Truth (satya) .. Its only Facts (tathya)"
Tathya is a fact. An object/idea which can not be denied. Satya is a fact which has some personal relation or meaning with/for us .
So when a fact becomes personal,attached to us,it becomes OUR Satya.
For example - When we read in newspaper that two young boys are killed in a freak accident .. We are saddened. Its a fact. We are truly saddened by the fact but in the humdrum of life will forget it slowly.
 But if  we realise that the boys are our family members, brothers ... it becomes a Truth.. which can not be ignored and can NEVER be forgotten... It WILL change/affect our life in one way or the other, may be without our realising it, but it will.
So the Tathya became the Satya
Similarly, the world is a Tathya - a fact.. but looks different to different people despite being the same AND that's why termed as MAYA or  Illusion. 


 Its our interpretation and reaction to the world , that we make it our Truth or Satya.
For example - If a person suffers from a Heart- disease and though not on a time leash he knows that anything can happen any time , there are two ways to interpret this condition -  
Thanks Here 
 one is to become sad, hopeless and  disheartened and lose interest in life .. with 'Why me'  thinking turning bitter and angrier  by each passing day, cursing life and God .. and thus may be causing the catastrophe to come sooner . Others will also feel his life as miserable . The  truth  he is left with - a miserable life .
He can accept it , follow the guidelines of an early morning walk, fresh air, healthy food, put conscious effort on staying happy and setting an example of hope and happiness for all and that life is too short to waste it cribbing. The Truth as he sees it - a life worth living.  
In both cases The fact stays the same but the truth changes...
Hence, there is nothing like Universal Truth only Universal Facts... We make our own truths , our own realities by our interpretations, attitude and reactions to these Facts .

HOW CAN we govern our interpretations ? What would have happened  if, ,when the haiku when interpreted as sad, would  have remained sad ? 
A classic case of -
"Two men looked out from the prison bars 
one sees mud, the other saw stars" 
THE ANSWER is to become 'sthita-pragnya' Literally translated as  same in all situations... It means to be able to see Beyond Facts ,Beyond immediate situations , Beyond reactions.. Whoever learns how to do that is living - in truest sense.

My truth is different from your truth ... it will harmonise only if we both are in harmony.. sthita-pragya... looking not at each other but looking together in same direction.... 
Whichever interpretation (of things) prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”  -Friedrich Nietzsche
As is said in Mahabharata  too 
"sukham va yadi vadukham, priyam va yadi va apriyam, praptu praptamupasit, hridyen aparajitah" 
सुखं वा  यदि  वा  दुःखं ,प्रियं वा यदि वा अप्रियं !
प्राप्तु प्राप्तमुपासित  हृदयानापराजितः।।   (शांतिपर्व )

means  " misery or joy,  gain or loss, worship that what you have been given , be invincible" 
Accept with an open heart whatever times are  bestowed on you... accept it all, remaining unbeaten from your heart and by desires. Its akin to Geeta where Karma is of utmost importance and not the result. You see, there is a difference in setting a goal and to become  crazy about it. Einstein said - "Its intelligent to have plan but neurotic to fall in love with it "

I don't dislike any season.Its
always beauty- a bit different!
 So, interpret wisely not in a moment of sadness or bliss,be sthitha-pragya, remain unfazed by fawning and smirks,channelise your energies, your potential, focus on living... and leave the rest to some supreme power ... even if you feel its not there .Well, some things have to be believed to be seen..
And Remember,
 "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper " - WB Yeats 

On a lighter note - Please extract truth from the given Picture Fact :P
Happy New Year (Its still January -A Fact .)

(With heartfelt thanks to Ravish for his inspiring  posts which made me write it :) He is a friend first and a dynamite blogger who blogs at Being Successful  and at  My Way Of Looking. An industrialist by business, an engineer by profession and a thinker by nature, he is intelligence personified.Empathy,clarity and research are some of his synonyms and wisdom is in the soil of his birth -the land of Nalanda, Taxilla and the Sun God himself.No doubt cosmos is his playground )
PS. It has become my first post in the New year . Welcome 2015 :)

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  1. What a wonderful post Kokila!
    Your interpretation about Maya seemed just right to me! It reminded me of my jiju's words, 'there are infinite worlds and they are created by each one of us in our minds'
    That shloka from Mahabharatha, Einstein's words are superb! I have saved them in my quotes folder :)
    For many years, I had thought 'Karmanyevaadhikaaraste...' is all about vairagya... But, recently it seemed anew! I was able to see it as the most optimistic way of doing something! And that is reflecting though your words in this post Kokila :)
    I was looking for new posts in your blogs since few of days... Now I know, you were busy working on this awesome post!
    Thank you dear :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks Ton Sindhu :) your Jiju is so right ... and yes the optimistic way is the best way as our motto should be "to do the best of what we have OR what we have been given "
      Thanks for being such a patient and motivating reader dear ... wishes :)

  2. SUUUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRRRR both Kokila (my babe) and Ravish (my pal). I loved the interpretation when i read Ravish's article and then this post....wah....i feel fortunate to have you both as my super friends...positivity all around muahhhhhh :)

    1. DEar girl loved the long SUUUUUUUUPPPEEEEEEERRR as its the same for your comment :) Thanks for the comment love.. am basking in it :)

  3. I am so out of touch with shush hindi that I would never have understood the verses had you not explained. Thanks Kokila it is a beautiful post

    1. Thanks Shashi... Hope you had a great start of this new year.. Thanks for the comment love you so kindly shower on me and being my friend... keep blogging :)

  4. Wonderfully written Kokila..hats off!! I read Ravish's post earlier and super liked his interpretation about that particular haiku. You've nicely pointed out the subtle difference between truth and fact...every word resonates with my own thought.

    Loveeee you and this post of yours... :-)

    1. Thanks dear girl... your words mean SO much to me... And yes I am sure it resonated well with you as i know we girls are quite sorted you see :P Thanks A TON dear :)

    2. Its Awesome Threesome....I love you both toooo :) and my Fav lines are My truth is different from your truth ... it will harmonise only if we both are in harmony.. sthita-pragya... looking not at each other but looking together in same direction....
      " Whichever interpretation (of things) prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” -Friedrich Nietzsche and Kokila you know why :)

    3. Nice spot to post the comment eh !
      Yup I know very well what you (both) would have loved the most :) :P ... and I know the WHY too (rolling eyes) ... and know something ,from now onwards ,I am going to call you - my live wire girl :) :P
      love n love n love dynamo ..tc

    4. Hehe ..awesome threesome it is for sure. Love you both dearies and that's a truth, a fact and much more... :-)

    5. Profound dear ! Love you for this chirpiness :)

  5. Wonderful post Kokila. I really loved seeing this post from you. The contrast of different writers, the difference between an objective truth and a personalized one, make it one of the best posts I have read. vote to vote, I must say this is my favorite post in your list.

    Great work on this Kokila :)

    1. I loved your line Vinay "I really loved seeing this post from you." :) It seems like a compliment ..he he :)
      And Boy ! what nice terms you have given .. it never occurred to me to term them as an Objective truth and a personalized one .. too engrossed i was in getting the translation right perhaps :)
      Thanks for being SO kind with your words .. Thanks friend :)

  6. Your Facts, Truth and Interpretation appear to me as trio of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Truth stands for Brahma (coz creates meaning), Facts stands for Mahesh (cold, tathast) and Interpretation stands for Vishnu (balances, communicates b/w the 2, whole system collapse without it)

    Beautiful title: Om tat sat U started with essence of Universe. U r real Cosmos Player. I bow down b4 U. Duet of Milton with Kabir – truly a conception of genius. Then U explained nuances of satya & tathya elaborately with beautiful examples. Truly a sign of depth within. Then came the concepts of Maya and sthitpragya with Mahabharata sloka marching alongwith Einstein & Nietzsche. The end quote: “some things have to be believed to be seen” is superb. Literally, a Mind BLOWING article – blow the mind and established oneself in the state of highest wisdom (sthitpragya)

    The parts u wrote abt me is the glimpse of your never-ending unconditional love & compassion overflowing 4m U. I’d always like to move under shade of your blessings. :)

    1. Thanks Ravish for such a beautiful interpretation ! Seems logical :)
      And thanks A ton for your kind words ... am so glad it resonated well with you as it started with 'your' interpretations :)
      I am also much pleased to see that you appreciate the East meets West style of the post.. :) :) It seems natural as all great philosophies of the world say the same thing albeit using different terms...
      As for the part about you, its true enough...you have my wishes and blessings with you always :) Thanks for being a inspiring reader and a friend :)

  7. Read Ravish's post earlier and then I read this :) Both spectacular :) I am still trying to grasp the profoundness of the tatya and satya :) (my mind is like.. it's just the start of the year.. keep trying.. u will at least get it by Dec :D )

    1. Ha Ha HA .. Shanx I can really count on you to make me laugh ...:D :D yaad hai -subah ho gayi Mamu !
      Well said, its only January and that too of 2015 - a Tathya AND that you are still grasping it is the Satya you have interpreted out of it:P :P Though as I interpret your words.. you already know it All Boy ! :)

  8. But if we realise that the boys are our family members, brothers ... it becomes a Truth.. which can not be ignored and can NEVER be forgotten... It WILL change/affect our life in one way or the other, may be without our realising it, but it will.
    So the Tathya became the Satya.
    what a great lesson to be learn. Kokila ji Thanx for these nice and valuable facts.

    1. Thanks a lot yogi .. am glad it resonated well with you .. Thanks for surviving this long one :)

  9. Replies
    1. Its humbling that you found it so :)
      Thanks celestine .. for the kind words :)

  10. A wonderful start to 2015, Kokila. There are so many interpretations of truth, and our interpretations make us who we are. Loved the Einstein quote.
    Have a fabulous year ahead.

    1. Thanks Kiran . Your words are true ...yes we are what we think we are ..Its great to know you like some of the quotes .. they are some of those which are imprinted in my mind .. Thanks for your wishes Kiran.. may we all have a beautiful and a creative and constructive new year ahead :)

  11. Wow! Very intense post with thought provoking quotes which made me stop and introspect for a while. What diverse interpretations! I, for one am reminded of Shakespeare's quote: "All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players."
    Awesome start to the new year Kokila!

    1. Thanks really meoww :) Its gladdening to know that you identified with the piece .... You have quoted a profound one .. its true :) I am looking forward to have an awesome new year with friends like you around :)
      Love .

  12. Very delicate subject and how well you have dealt with it. There is so much maturity in your thoughts and words.
    Perspective matters a lot. The jail window is a classic example to this.

    1. Thanks Indrani for your thoughtful words..they have really made me happy :) :)
      yes you are right its perspective which makes us what we are :) Thanks dear :)

  13. Kokila, you're becoming a mystic!

    Please visit my latest post, there's a pleasant surprise awaiting you. (Thanks, Rekha - is the title)

    1. He He Sir .... just hope it resonated well with you :)
      I'll definitely visit it ...waise bhi, your blog is my regular stop ... :)
      Thanks :)

  14. I loved how you explained the difference between truth and facts. Happy New Year, Kokila. A lovely post with great quotes.

    1. Thanks Rachna ... motivating words are elixir much needed to keep on going :) And yes dear Happy New year ... best wishes friend :)


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