The Great Indian Litterbug ... Come again ?

hainnn !!!  Litterbug ..Indian !! Where ?
Come ONN... you have got it all wrong mann. ... (I am laughing , shaking my head .. you can be pathetic sometimes..tsk tsk)
Its about values you see.

We religiously follow what Bapu told us -

                               "By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in a                                                                                   child and man - body, mind and spirit ."

We take  this quote and education very seriously.
Its no laughing HaHa-HooHoo business.Better mind your own not-so-clean business you Uncle Sam and Peter and all the Pedros, Pavels and Pradeeps out there.  
We practice  daily  hourly to hone our skills ...for drawing out the best .
We study meticulously,educating ourselves  to improve our shots,to refine the stroke of brush and to recite shlokas with perfect intonations at a perfect pitch . We are a nation of perfectionists. In all fields.

We are -
Born Artists -

Joseph Beuys said  "Every man is an artist " 
He was influenced by Novalis into it . We believe in it without any external influence !
Its inherent. 
In our blood, by birth. 
People at Le Louvre, Acropolis, The Vatican Museum will feel shy if they were to match the number of our artistic pieces... and that too in open , for all .
Protection against EVIL ! Photo Credit
If you are fortunate enough to visit any of our city from a metro with skyscrapers to a sleepy town, you will be amazed by the formidable spray paintings, the strangely familiar stench smell and awesome grafitti on our walls.
 Walls of schools, hospitals, cinema halls, homes,mayor's office, even national monuments and historic places all boast of these beauty spots . 
A good reason is that we love our Architectural marvels  and to save it from the evil eye we spit and spill on it. Making it beautiful and safe at one go.... err..time .

Psychologists -
What do you see Mr. Rorschach? 
When we are not privileged to have canvas, brushes and colours,we don't fret No No No... we make this world our canvas, our tongue -the brush  and our betel juice our colour ,our very own spray paint !

We make beautiful designs on walls,roads. vehicles and clothes with a special affinity for white surfaces .

Objects adorned lovingly and painted aesthetically by our spray, shine brightly under the Indian sun and present such intricate patterns that even Hermann Rorschach would have gladly put his 10 cards to fire in shame and humiliation! Such are the psychological intricacies unearthed from a human psyche by our patterns. 

Well Wishers-
The motto of our life is -"tumko kisi ki nazar na lage "

We are hell-bent to scratch a shiny car, to write slogans on freshly painted houses and to deface our national monuments lest some jealous person make the building crumble by his awestruck evil eyes!
Don't understand,  why westerners make such a hue and cry for this good work and call it 'defacing' ?

My personal Guess, Edvard Munch had painted The Scream after visiting India !

We, specially the better halves , do Recycling. 
They 're' 'cycle' their garbage to the next level like from 5th floor to level zero or from house no. 14 to the front of house no.15 and so on.
From time im-memorable, our ladies are expert in fencing and archery ... which they keep on conducting even today with baffling dexterity and aplomb. Just that arrows have been replaced by garbage bag shots.
We don't use synthetic colours.Instead we make kolams with by keeping leftover food for stray animals at our front door. Animal lovers.

Emotional -
We love to show-off and its really hard for us to let others forget about our 'achievements'.
What is the use of popping in Bercos popcorn and spreading mozarella on our multigrain bread or cooking veggies in the suave` Olive oil flown straight from the olive groves of Spain if, nobody is to see the covers and wrappers flying like vijay patakas or victory flags in the air, swirling in the whole neighbourhood with brand names enhancing our fragile precious prestige .

We cling to this litter .. Its highly 'emo' stuff ...

We CREATE History
All the time !

Some loonies are working towards capturing the sound waves (considering them to be immortal) from the Mahabharata Times to capture the Gita samvad or The Gita Dialogue....
Look at us,Helloooow ....  I mean, we have moved on from that dead period crazies! We use the latest expletives in phrases as simple as - 
give me some water saying it as "Abe, @#$*!!@#$ paani de de "
This is cool..the 'in' thing . 
We have evolved you see. Its friendship. 
Abuses set the tone, of the comfort level we share with each other. Study the way and the type of our expletives and you'll get the picture of the intimacy we have
We give equal rights to women.
Watch a single episode of  Splitsvilla and ROWDIES...errr....ROADIES at MTV and you'll get the drift that our girls are no sissies ...
Vivekanad said - "Utthisth, jagrat prapyam varannibodhat"
 that is "Awake, arise ......."
We have awakened and aroused (pun intended) discrimination.  Any type of progressive (read sexual) words (read expletives) can grace the MAC matte-d lips of our girls while describing a trait as innocent as cute without battling their perfectly permed mascara dipped eyelashes! We the young Indians know all such shlokas by heart and are making these cool sound bytes stay here forever... you regressive people.

Still, YOU say that WE are littering even the cosmic environment and now, you are labeling us 'Litterbug' !!   ewww.... Loser !

Be a sport, open that third eye of wisdom like our Lord Shiva ..... look at the brighter side , the BIG picture.
You see but you don't look, you lack vision.
We , Indians are visionaries.
Remember that . 
Here, I rest my (dirty) case.

(I noisily slurp the last of the diet coke with pizza dripping with extra cheese and loaded with seasoning italiano from a videshi brand. I casually throw the empty box and the can outside the window.. voices from adjacent house..."Daily pizzas and all .. reeking with money I tell " 
I smiled ..looks smug.

You ought to remember Mr. Litterbug- "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Bapu 

The post is written in response to The Great Indian Litterbug on theHappyHours on Indiblogger in association with 
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  1. I am speechless, Kokia... I don't know whether to appreciate your writing skills or to be shameful. I really don't know. I have been taking care not to dirty my country. But, so far I hesitated to insist others to do the same. But, I have decided I will not be silent hereafter. I have decided to tell 'It's my country, you cannot dirty it!'

    1. Thank you Sindhu .... yes you have decide right as enough is enough!
      I am really humbled by your loving words .... Thanks again for the comment-love dear :)
      Hugs n wishes for your creative endeavours :)

  2. Wonderful hilarious post! Especially I like the 're-cycle' concept U have shared! :D

    1. Thanks Amrita ... I am really glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. I completely agree with you on this: It's a part of conspiracy to demoralize the great born artists. ROFL

    1. Lol ... right
      I hope you are not as talented .. and nor are you a great artist ..... :P :)
      Happy being a blogger me :)

  4. One hell of a post Kokila :)

  5. You made me laugh Kokila. Yes quiet a few home truths put there so eloquently. Great post

    1. Thanks Shashi.. that's all we can do to stop Mr. Litterbug inn us ... Glad you enjoyed it dear :)

  6. A serious topic presented in such super hilarious manner! Hats off to you, Kokila. I totally dig the humor and the slap going together in this write up :) The first picture of that note on the wall for Ruchi is quite something! And oh that part about re-cycling. Superbly done.

    1. Thanks Beloo... Its pleasing to know that you enjoyed the write up .... Thanks for the motivating comment dear ..means a lot to me ..
      Hope in coming years , we'll read it as old news ..wishful thinking :)

  7. All this happens not just in India but the fact that it does happen here (too) is really sad. All that, despite what our rich culture teaches us! I feel ONLY strict rules and really heavy 'fines' can save us from ourselves.

    Great writing there, Kokila. We ought to be ashamed.

    1. Yes Dee I Agree ... certain things /habits require 'punishment' and that too severe... A friend reasoned that a fine of 10,000 bucks will be ineffective when the person responsible will let go the culprit for a paltry 500-1000.
      And what I think is ...yes it will happen but some little effect will occur... public shame is also an effective tool in today's whatsapp time ...
      Thanks for the appreciation Dee :)

  8. Wonderfully written Kokila! Just loved it.... I don't know whether this awareness campaign will actually be of any help to change the traits....but a change is very much needed...

    1. Thanks Mani ... yes even limits of limits have been crossed .If we .just look outside our plush homes and we are almost sitting on a dump......

  9. Such a creative post, Kokila!
    All relevant points conveyed with paintings! Great work :)
    May we create history of the kind we can be proud of...

    1. Hey Anita ..Thanks dear .... don't forget to include me when creating history... May it will be of swachh type ...sadly, in the littery type we have already scored..


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