Befikar,Umar Bhar : No Stress,For LIfe

As if the new advertisement from IDBI Lifesurance was not feel-good enough,some intelligent soul introduced the Tag-line "Befikar Umar Bhar " .. 

Ah! The thought itself is so relaxing,liberating and lucrative ....

That moment, when life would become carefree in monetary sense regarding illness, health scare and higher education , I'd open my Bucket ...nay...Chest full of list.
And the Five Front-runners you would find are -

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First - To own a Library with a rich aroma of  freshly grounded coffee filling the space ... and I have a name ready - 'Brewing Books'  smells good ! 

Second-  To travel the world .... the whole of it including those little
countries and places hidden like jewels in its creases ... and write a travelogue.
 Two months of summer vacations tease and torture me beyond words... every year ! 
Would spend that time in Antarctica with six months of day and six months of night ! It was the ONLY thing I loved in the Sandra Bullock movie 'The Proposal '...

Third is to fatafat enroll myself  for a Waltz ,Rumba or Tango dance school .... I looo...ve dancing. Specially the Ballroom way .... would help me cut some flab too :p

Fourth is go scuba diving in the great barrier reef ..... or  anywhere man ... as far as I am under the 
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salt-water experiencing that cool warmth of it. And from there head straight to watch the Northern Lights ...the Aurora Borealis ..with my kids n family  .....  

Fifth is to devise a system and fight for it where I can study  as  well as teach Biology,Philosophy and Literature  eksaath  as in same course!
As a student I HATED it when I had to choose between Biology and Literature OR Philosophy and Chemistry ....why couldn't a combo of both?

Well , If only I can be as Befikar as these guys of the video .... 

You may think that all my wishes, aspirations or day-dreams are not so hi-fi as of owning a floor in Burj Khalifa or to have the King of Brunei in my chuddy-buddy Whatsapp group :p ...
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Then why can't I follow my heart and go for at-least the first fours right now ?

One reason is that I want to do all above things not for some days but for six months at-least !
Second is - One has to be befikar ...without any stress .. to listen to your heart .. the IDBI Federal Lifesurence Whole Life promises to be one such step to secure your life financially . After it perhaps, I can be footloose and follow my heart ... Finally :)

The post is written as a Happy-Hour Post for the  HappyHours on IndiBlogger in association with IDBI LifesuranceFor more information on it check out Here


  1. No stress, I agree with you... let things go softly :)

  2. Ooooo these are Brilliant Kokila. I love them all, that too in the same list of priorities. Books, travel, learning a new skill.. These are sure to keep the spirits at their highest! :)

    1. Wow .. to know that even the priority list matched .. is something to be proud of on my part :) :D And I agree with your words Vinay .. these are sure to keep the spirits highest ! Thanks for the sweet words :)

  3. You're right to say that our wishes do match :-D What about a joint venture? :-P

    I love dancing too..learned Bharatnatyam for 5 years..learning Waltz, Rumba or Tango will be super-awesome!
    Aurora Borealis, scuba-diving...wow wow!!
    Not much into philosophy but the other two are my fav subjects :-)

    #SoulSister :-D

    1. Hey girl forgive your lazy soul-sis for being a tad too lazy :p:)
      Such a sweet awesome comment you wrote !!
      Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to find our matching list ! ANd was happy to see that we complement each other as now we can waltz on my tunes in your fairy-light lit garden and travel in your Porsche to far off places from my/our lists !
      As for philosophy too, I guess we are similar as well, for us "Honesty is the best policy " and "positivity is the best attitude ' and "imagination is the best vision" for us . Say what :)
      Ah ! Bliss.


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