No Fikar .. CHAT Quikr

Moving to Bengaluru from the biting cold of Dehradun was a pleasant thought which  remained pleasant till we started executing the journey planned !

There was a plethora of  new age sites offering packaging , shifting, searching a house for you, a school for kids, furniture etc.
We were really pleased with all the facilities BUT.... the big but..
the sites were not professional enough to keep a record of discussions, to maintain the priorities set by us and to fulfill our exact requirements!

Somehow we managed and relocated. But now with another relocation on our heads ...not any more!
Enters the very efficient and quick Quikr with the All New QuikrCHAT.

I am (we are)simply amazed by the ease and comfort it bestows on our stressed-out minds and my three reasons for opting QuikrChat over any other call- facility are these-

First and Foremost is INSTANT connectivity and Photo Sharing-
It allows the buyer and the seller to connect immediately 24*7 which is not the case with calls. One can chat even in  a crowded room or a noisy bus or even in a 5 minutes break from a lecture or while doing laundry! And the photos can be shared with a click in real time and of real things/places. 

Second is Privacy  and SAVING Chat History-
To have the number privacy is a boon really ! And the seemingly unimportant saving of history is the MOST important as once I have asked a friend to buy a hi-fi camera worth 40K for me and at the time of receiving it , forgot the exact specifications I had asked for while placing the order!
 Now with chat history in place there's no scope for such instances :)

Third is EASE of communication and Ability to SAY NO - 
There are things which I feel awkward to ask so 'chat' becomes the best option !
 It definitely gives time to think before replying - a MUST for harrassed moms like me !!

And the ability to say No is again a point reserved for people like me who find it really, really hard to say an outright NO .

While handling the interior of our new house , I used to listen to the monologue of every seller for more than 20 minutes.(despite knowing that eventually my answer will be a no) 

So the  CHAT option is a REAL BOON :)And am grinning ear to ear :)

Its a comfort for buyers as well as sellers with instant connectivity, immediate Picture/snapshot uploads and round the clock interaction without any obstacle and all this without 'picking up' the phone !

For more on chat facility watch this video and visit for more such videos and information.

The post is written as a HappyHours post on IB in association with Quikr NXT


  1. Ah, blessed privacy. That feature itself makes it a winner. Cheers!

    1. So right Sweety have our privacy is indeed a blessing :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Uppal ji ... This chat option is a real boon :)

  3. Nicely explained about Quickr's chat option :) I had posted a test ad on Quicker yesterday before, they called me today to assist me! I liked their support for the customers... :)
    Best wishes, Kokila :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Yeah Sindhu ... Quickr people are really quick and easily accessible ...
      Thanks fro the visit dear .. I can sense you are busy ... wishes for your new venture dear :)

  4. Are you moving ? If so best wishes with the move Kokila

    1. No Shashi .. I wrote as a part of IB contest ... but thanks for the wishes dear :)


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