Yay... More Love

I received the best gifts any blogger can receive .. Awards for blogging :)...Am suitably pleased, humbled and honored ..(and ready to write more and better )

Like many bloggers I too have a strict policy regarding Awards - Accept it ... grab it..just get it somehow  ..lol *wink-wink* :P

And as I have said in an earlier post regarding Awards here , these show the love and affection of fellow bloggers and motivate me to do 'even' better :p

Now the first Award I have received is The Liebster Award from Ranjini or Ranju as she is affectionately called.She blogs at A Few Handpicked Things In Life  and to label her simply as a blogger will be blasphemous as Ranju is an extremely  multi-talented personality.She writes,again-WRITES, reads, sings, dances ,parties, blogs, does Yoga, want to learn Archery, loves colour PURPLE , is a hardcore Harry Potter Fan, loves Enid Blyton, is pursuing her CA course and ..(there is still more) is a believer in God and Sri Sathya Sai Nath Guru. Visit her place and you will understand that the 'FEW' in her blog name means 'ALL' :) 
Thanks a Million Ranju for the Award -Love :) 
May you pick up All the best things including Potter series :)

The rules are -
Thank the person who nominated you. (done)
State 11 random facts about you.
Answer the questions posed to you.
Nominate 11 blogs and ask 11 questions to them.
Questions for me:
1. What made you start a blog?
     Love for Writing ..Again- Writing :)

2. Black or white? And why?
     White. It has all colours in it .. comme onn...! real reason -I              found it calm and beautiful ...reflecting light .

3. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
    Health,Happiness and Contentment 

4.  Do you believe in magic?
     Absolutely ...Yes !

5. If you wanted one superpower, what would that be?
     Time Travel

6. Favorite cartoon character.
    The CowBoy from Toy Story

7. If you were given a role in a movie/a book. Any movie/book. Which one will you prefer? With reason.
So many choices.. well,

Lyra Belacqua from "The Northern lights" 
Reason : For her pluck, courage, curiosity and wit... and to experience her life in University and the adventures she had !

Elizabeth Bennet from 'Pride and Prejudice'
Reason : Obvious !

8. What is your ambition? Are you in the same field you wished to be in?
    Somehow I Never had any ambitions. Though I sort of 'knew'            about certain things :) 
    So, it  was a vague idea.. always pictured myself reading and            writing and here I am teaching and blogging :) 

9. When you see a flower, do you prefer leaving it there or plucking it?
    Leaving it .. 
    but capturing it mentally or by clicking, painting,sketching or writing a verse on it :)

10. For Indians, are you following ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement? For others, are you doing your part to keep your city clean?
    Yes ! I am.

Now My nominees-

Ishrath Humairah     Wandering Mist
Shashank Tiwari:     Embark With MyThoughts
Maniparna :              Scattered Thoughts
Indrani Ghose:         I Share
D. Nambiar :            Tipsy FromThe Trip
Parul Thakur :          Happiness and Food
Pratikshya Mishra :  Magic Moments
RavishMani :            Being Successful
Roohi Bhatnagar :    Soulful
Nimi Arora :             All In A Day's Work
Sindhu Devi :           Arts And Me

My questions for you guys are -

1.Why you blog ?
2.One character which you feel is exactly like you or the most like your personality.
3. One character who is different from you but you can relate to him/her or aspire to be like him/her.
4.One blog post of yours which you think reflects you the best.
5.A blog post of another blogger you liked the most till date .
6.One place/scenario where you want a movie/book to be done about or around ?
7. How do you want to be remembered?
8.The Best line/quote on love. (V-day is coming .. :)
9. One positive character (hero/heroine)you never wanted to be /play.Why ?
10. How much time do you give to blogging and other gadget related activities like net-surfing, gaming, messengers, whatsapp etc daily ? Be honest.
Tons of Thanks and with lots of love n cheers :)


  1. I came over to say Congratulations. But it looks like I have to say Thank you too. ;)
    Congratulations dear Kokila. Here's wishing you many, many more awards. And thank you so much for thinking me worthy of an award. Shall answer yours (and Shweta's ) questions soon. :)

  2. I came over to say Congratulations. But it looks like I have to say Thank you too. ;)
    Congratulations dear Kokila. Here's wishing you many, many more awards. And thank you so much for thinking me worthy of an award. Shall answer yours (and Shweta's ) questions soon. :)

    1. Hey Dee... thanks a ton for your wishes tipsy girl :p
      You deserve much more awards than this one ...just let me recieve them :p
      Will wait for your answers :)

    2. *swooning* :) :) wishing you love n cheers n many more lovely fun filled trips :)

  3. Congo kokila.. and thank you so much for considering me.. (we both have the same strict policies :D )

    1. Lol .... Very true Shashank :D
      Its such common traits in us which bind us Boy ! :p
      Hope you will stay the same dear friend as you are now, even after accepting the prestigious award :p
      Happiness n Cheers

  4. It was nice reading about you Kokila, congrats on the award :)


    1. Thanks Keirthana for the sweet words.. and though irrelevant here, I can't help raving about your blog :) loved it immensely :)
      Thanks for putting up that 'undefined' thing :)

  5. Congratulations on all the awards Kokila.. Nice to know more about you :)

    1. Sooo many Thanks Vinay ..hope you liked what you saw :p

  6. Congrats Kokila, and a huge thanksssssss with bear hugs...love you dear... <3

    1. Thanks Mani for the Bear Hugs dear girl !
      I know that you already have tons of liebsters but it never hurts to be a sweetheart blogger .. Isn't it ? Specially when you are truly a sweetheart and an excellent writer , a dear friend, a ... well I can go on forever :P
      ...And brace yourself for many more :p

  7. Passing on the award to you has made me happier than when I received it. If you'd jump up in the air, I'd start making up awards to see the excitement ;)
    Your introduction about me made it sound like I am a celebrity (And I absolutely loved it! :D Now I'm up in the air!) I loved how you emphasized on the purple color and Harry Potter. I know I have mentioned them half a dozen times, but the fact that you picked exactly the 2 things I love and highlighted them makes me ask this. Do you read minds or am I that loud? :P
    The best part is your wish. Hope it comes true (The series ;))

    Your 3 wishes were just perfect and I pray that you're endowed with them forever. You seem at ease with what you are doing now and not many people get that kind of satisfaction. I just came to know that you teach. *Respect* I consider teaching to be the noblest of all professions. :)

    Keep writing Kokila. I am glad I nominated you for the award. You so deserve it. :* :)

    1. Thanks A TON Ranju !!
      You have made my day .. again !
      No you are not loud and I don't read minds .. but yes, a spontaneous writer's words are embossed in the minds of the reader ...so thats it :)
      I am glad you liked it , because ..Its true after all ..:p

      Thanks for your wishes for MY wish :)
      And you have observed rightly Ranju... I am at peace with life though my kids and Peace don't go hand in hand :P
      Yes, I like..errr. love to teach.Its so Indian too ..sort of giving free advice , telling what not to do :p
      Its a reason that I give examples, I explain ,I prompt, I guide , I dissect and I ..... well Period over ! :p :p
      Sigh ..Once a teacher always a teacher ..
      Love n wishes dear :)

  8. Thanks D for nominating me for this award. And also thanks for introducing such a wonderful multi-talented personality with us. I read Ranju's blog but didn't know this much about her before reading here. :)

    And yes Congratz for this prestigious award. I guess this is your third Liebster Award. May you receive much more in future :)

    1. Thanks Ravish ....
      Glad Bhai that you have realized more about Ranju through me , as you rarely miss a thing :p
      ..Jokes apart , she is truly an amazing writer .. I am pleased to get this award from her !


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