Breakfast Rues ... Not Any More

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We are all familiar with this quote specifying the importance of  not only a breakfast but a healthy and nutritious one .

It is the first meal of the day and a nice cheery breakfast defines upto an extent how we are going to spend our rest of the day.So the most important step is to have a breakfast.
Next important step being to have a healthy and cheerful one.

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  In most cases like my daughter's specially,  a nice and 'beautiful' (yes, her aesthetic senses are also involved in it ) breakfast served well is very important. The one of the many last questions  she asks just before drifting into sleep is "What will you give me for breakfast tomorrow?" 
It makes me wonder if breakfast is what she would be dreaming through the night! 
So ' the look ' , the presentation as well as 
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taste is of UTMOST importance for her and being the regular Mum I am , nutrition for me .Hence we both are usually found at loggerheads on the  breakfast table , with school bus approaching and all this jazz about breakfast not yum or looking ewww.....on and on.. TILL by sheer luck I got a chance to visit Kellog's Waale Gupta ji's Home .

I never realized what a breakfast heaven there home is till  I observed everybody asking him and his family members to invite them on breakfast !

The Visit-
It alerted my harassed and numbed senses and I grabbed a chance to invite myself to their home at the much coveted breakfast hour . Thus, on a lazy Sunday morning, shunning all my laziness, I was there present with a few others at their breakfast table ogling at the array of dishes Mrs. Gupta has made in a small window of 30 minutes!

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 Blinking my eyes hard and trying to bring them back to their normal beautiful almond shape from the large saucers they had become out of sheer astonishment, I was scared to ask how she did it ? Even the thought of preparing all these laddoos, chocolate pudding-ish dish , green and colourful salad, popcorn,chocolate mix dish .... was exhausting ! 

But I was already in their home , eating the yummy crunchy  breakfast so I took the plunge and asked the dreaded question "How did you do it ? So tasty and fast." 
Her answer made everything around me go silent and the sound I heard was a loud thud! of my own jaw dropping and hitting the ground , "Oh! I used Kellog's cornflakes in these things ."
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   I was aghast and shrieked ,"Excuse me, cornflakes in laddoos and salads and choco-balls! "
"Yes. " she replied sweetly and elaborated on the health benefits of a whole-grain breakfast as well as the taste , the crunch and the less time consumption in preparation .

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Then Mrs. Gupta patiently explained me the recipes of all the mouth watering dishes. It made my mind reel and suddenly I was feeling much happiness. It was so easy , quick and healthy. All her recipes had Kellog's corn-flakes for the crunch and to make the breakfast a solid one! 

Thanks For this one HERE Guys !
I returned home on cloud nine. No more 'Return of the Horrible MONDAY' Feeling for me ! No more pre-school-pre -office-morning madness and no more avoiding eyes of my darling daughter on being asked "What's there in Breakfast Mom ?"

Now my princess of a daughter can choose from a wide array of options though my guess is she would love to have the laddoos and for her brother  its going to be Walnut corn-flakes chocoballs. 
My personal favourite is the "Jagah banane wala nashta" as I love to have fruits in my breakfast without getting too much acid  content first thing in the morning. 
And for my kids, even if my guess turns out to be wrong , I can simply knock on the Kellog's Waale GuptaJi's door asking "Breakfast par kab bula rahe ho ?" 

To know more about yummyliscious and healthy possibilities of breakfast the Indian way , watch this video of Kellog's wale GuptaJi's Family  OR you may also visit HERE for more such videos .

The Post is written for Kellogg's India.


  1. Breakfast par kab bula rahe ho ? lol .. first time heard that.. all the best :)

    1. Ha Ha Ha You are Always Welcome Ankur... just remember that I might not be as good a chef as Mrs. Gupta :p :p..
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Super delicious post! Your narration itself makes me drool...

    1. Ha Ha Ha sindhu.. Mrs. Gupta's recipes are really worth drooling.... :)
      some day let's have them together :p:)

  3. I didn't know cereals can be so multi-purpose. Children always nudge awake creativity in Moms, don't they?

    1. So true Dr. Sahiba :) Specially in lazy moms like me who wants the best of all worlds- nutrition, taste, look and ease !Thanks for the visit dear :)

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    1. Thanks Celestine .. am glad it made you laugh dear :)


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