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To share my opinion on how E-Governance through technology can accelerate the vision of Digital India , first  we need to understand what is Governance  ?

As per Wikipedia, " The process of  interaction and decision-making among the actors involved in a collective problem that lead to the creation, reinforcement, or reproduction of social norms and institutions" is Governance.

So the word can be simply defined as a "process which ensures that the pre-defined policies, rules and laws are being followed as well as updated according to the needs."

This governance can be public, private, collaborative,corporate , environmental, Information technology related, Internet, Project etc.
And now on the above basis we can understand the Wikipedia words that E-Governance is " the Governments' use of technology to carry out their governing duties."

E- Governance is Electronic Governance - an aid in governing the nation, state, family or the globe.
It is the application of Information and Communication Technology referred commonly as ICT in governing duties. In India E- Governance is a new concept in comparison to its western counterparts and despite the application in governance , its still in its nacant form.

The four basic models of E-Governance are 
Government to Citizens
Government to Employee
Government to Business and 
Government to Government

These models ensures that each and every citizen have the access to all public services and government provided facilities  at his/her locality with transparency,ease ,a 24 hour accessibility and reliability at an affordable price.

But things are not as simple as they look here. 

India, with a the largest illiterate adult population of 287 millions (The Hindu , 2014)  needs much more than electronic gadgets and technology to make India digital .

It needs the Human factor .

The human factor first in governance and then in the E- Governance. 
To make India understand the value of education and its constructive use , we need electronic media to spread the awareness. Options like  blogging platforms , Android phone technology, multimedia messages, youtube videos, print media and satellite channels offer far better visibility and a greater impact than the Nukkad natak held on the streets of our metros and towns alike to awake the citizens. One youtube update of ane scuh natak garners more response and a mass coverage across the nation as well as the globe.

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The youth as well as the not -so-young Indian is quite savvy in operating  e-gadgets and this power gives hope towards the bright future if E-Governance in India despite the initial hiccups its still facing.
In Banking and Corporate sector its having a smooth run as th
e users are the high-educated crust but the image of the government to citizen model also seems optimistic. In 2006 the national e-governance plan has been started by the Indian government as the NeGP for the same purpose .

Image Courtesy Here 
Specially with E-giants like Intel setting the new dimension in computing and networking and helping India to gain freedom from the long queues and tons of paperwork for government services, the hopes are higher and stronger only .
It is offering its latest technology which is user friendly, interactive and definitely able to fulfill the dream of a digital India with e-governance at its core. With its experience in the corporate governance Intel is the best choice and for India where the ethical, and behavioural codes of conducts changes at every 50 steps, its going to be revolutionary change . 
This empowerment of an ordinary citizen , a common man towards the public services is going to be the backbone of not only Indian finance and politics but of the whole government. 
So this is a step , a move which had started some time ago but will gain momentum now in the form of rural e-governance, e-governance in our local language and interactive platform enabling every Indian to be the part of it. 

The post is written for Intel as a #Digital India post


  1. Short and precise. E-Governance is the need of the hour.

    Wish you all the best with the contest... :-)

    1. Hey Thanks a lot girl :)
      rest regarding it .. have to write a mail to you :)

  2. Fascinating Kokila, I learn something each time I visit you. Barbara.

    1. Thanks Barbara .. you are too kind and affectionate that's all :)
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  3. E-Governance would be awesome if implemented and succeeded. Good luck on the contest!

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  4. I read some very lengthy posts on E gov initiative and I liked yours as it is so crisp and brings the points forth straight :)

    1. Baba Re .. coming from 'The Best' editor and 'The Crispiest' of the writers !!! love,love ,love ....
      In between I forgot about it so wrote it in the last 30 minutes...he he ..
      Thanks dearie

  5. Short and concise.

    Wish you all the best with the contest.

  6. Hi Kokila.. Its an awesomely simplified post by you. Loved reading this. My vote is for you.!! Win and confirm.. Shantanu

    1. Thanks so much Shantanu ... loved your 'Satyaa' :)

  7. You have made a very pertinent point made is about the human factor Kokila. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Somali .. loved your choice of theme for the A-Z challenge :)

  8. Very informative... Post written in 30min! unbelievable!! It is not a topic that can be simply written by closing eyes, it takes min of 30 minutes for me to plan even a wordless post !

    1. As the age old adage " jab sir par padti hai to sab ho jata hai" means when a situation falls on our head , we somehow find a solution to it ... same here Sindhu :D
      Thanks for the unwavering support and love ... Its the most precious thing i have got from blogging :) wishing you the same dear ... love and wishes :)

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