Saturday, March 21, 2015

Haiku : skim

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                                  Nature smiled kindly                                          spring blooms in your soul happy                                               snow just skims thy mind

Image Courtesy : Here

In 2015 where to get

that pure, ethereal, soft

Ma's love-skimmed butter

Image Here
a few walks ago
a few stolen kisses back
we, swans on the lake

frozen dead by cold 
snow falls silent in dark hearts 
 Love skims over that lake    

precious treasure glows
brims, waiting to be cherished
they skim over charms

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  1. What an interesting and entertaining collection of poetry. I like "Ma's love-skimmed butter". What a great line.

    1. Thanks a lot Alice.. not only for the comment-love but for your presence also as I was irregular from past one month or so ... Real glad you enjoyed these :)

  2. What a wonderful've given such myriad interpretation of the word! Amazing dear...hats off!

    1. Thanks Mani :) You know how precious your words are to me .. so coming from you its elixir !

  3. An exceptional wonderful set here Kokila :) Profound most of them, beautiful are all... so many interpretations, so many emotions in a post. Bravo :)

    1. Thanks boy!
      Thanks for your esteemed presence ( :p ) on the blog and that you the man er.. boy of few words found many interpretations in them ! Glad you liked the set Shinchan :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Celestine .. its so sweet of you :)

  5. Beautiful ones! Amazed about your way of looking at things around! You are a wonderful soul, I am proud to be connected to you :)

    I am using feedly on my phone because my laptop feels jealous whenever I visit your blog, my phone is liking you :)

    1. Your words never fail to inspire me .. they always makes my day and today is no exception . Thanks for these sindhu :)


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