Love from Basel...and Aligarh !

Thanks Dear Live-wire Girl
 The second Award which I received is from my dear live-wire girl Shweta Dave who is no more a virtual but a very real friend. 
Her blog needs no introduction still for the sleepy heads she blogs at 'Sunshine and Zephyr' ..yes, we both are sunshine loving sunny people .. 
She is the first person I met for real from this blog-o-world and that too on the very first day of 2015 !

She is warm and if rubbed wrong, can be volatile.And as you can guess (if you know me even a little) that I love this aggressive streak of her. 
She is affectionate and concerned (she mailed me a full post rectifying it of my errors !) fun and  peppy (there's hardly a thing under the sun which have failed to amuse us ) And for countless other reasons some even unknown to me ,she is really special to me... 
And that she is one of the most positive and vivacious person I have met in my life does not hurt the cause:P 
I admire her for her strength of character, clarity of vision and her sharp-edge intelligence (I know intelligence is never blunt but am emphasising) which is exactly the way her writing is - gritty and aggressive,sensuous and mushy, nondualistic and divine ...simply complex !
Ummm .... kuch aur bhi likhna tha  ..:p
She has bestowed upon me not one but two ! awards 'The Versatile Blogger' and 'The Sisterhood of Blogging'.
One can easily smell her love and generosity towards me :):)

I have also received the same award of a  Versatile Blogger from Aditya Sinha ji.
Thanks Shweta, Aditya Sinha ji
He blogs at Facets of Adi. When I visited his place for the first time, I prepared myself for a techno-politico-philosophical blog and in those few seconds which my ailing lappy took to open his blog, I was 
thinking about the word 'facets' he has used in his blog title. I wondered if Electromagnetism and thermodynamics law would count as facets !

 So you can clearly imagine my BLISS when I found the first post titled 'Aligarh ki kachori ! followed by travel tales, blog challenges,contests and posts relating to his myriad interests. 
He has this breezy style of writing which leaves you happy and fresh.
Recently I have come to know about his other blogs also- 
'Divine Perplex' and 'Mere panne'

Now for the rules which are -
Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 
Put the Award logo on your blog .
Answer the ten questions sent to you.
Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
Nominate 5-10 blogs that you adore.  Okay, All Done !


1. God asked you to measure happiness,how would you do that ?
     There should be no reasons for happiness. So less the reasons , more the happiness.

2. What is that one life changing moment that you will never forget?
     Getting married .

3. What’s your take on the the statement ” As we get wealthier we trade off emotions” ?
 Quoting Will Smith "Money and success don't change people ; they merely amplify what is        already there."

4. We all face failures sometime in life. How did you face it ? Share an incidence.
    I sleep. Wake up . Start again.

5. How you keep yourself motivated when things are not going as you wished them to be?
    I just  cry .. attempt another approach. Cry .. more modifications.. .... it goes on till its done :)

6. What you cherish more – reading or writing ?
    Feeling lazy -read . feeling active - write :)

7. Do you agree when I say ‘sense of humour’ is the most important ingredient in a happy               marriage ? If not, then share your recipe?
    Its important as it makes a marriage bliss, stress free and fun ...  friendly .  But personally             and honestly Empathy is more important and  mutual respect ESSENTIA

8. Who are you – simple ‘chai /tea ‘ person or the glamorous ‘coffee’ one !
     He he he... I am a 'Milk' person .. white with less sugar.

9. Define three qualities that make you – You, unique.
     Keen observation ( Purely unintentional) combined with brutal honesty and a whacky sense       of humour . The combo seems odd . And the list is endless... so for more kindly fill in the            Blogger Contact Form  Okay ! :p :)

10. Share something about yourself that you want us to know. It can be anything.
      Sure . I Love You friend .. wanted you to know it  :) :p

My 5 nominations for the 'Versatile Blogger' are -

Anita -   The Explorer Of Miracles 
Archana Chaurasiya Kapoor - Drishti
Anmol Rawat - AnmolRawat
Vishal Beroo - Vishal Bheero
Ankur Anand - Tangled Vibes

For 'The Sisterhood Of Blogging' Award -

Nimi AroraAll in A Day's Work
Meoww - Meoww's Musings 
Barbara Fischer - The March House book Blog
Sindhu - The Art and Me 
Kiran Acharya -  The sea and Me 

And my 5 questions for you all are -

1. Name one post (with links of-course )of another blogger than you which you find awesome.
2. Name one post of yours which is close to your heart (need not the best one )
3. Which character from a  movie/book you found resembles you the most ?
4. The first/most important item in your bucket list.
5. That one moment (there's bound to be one at-least) when your life changed.

Have Fun .Keep Blogging.
Love n cheers.


  1. Congratulations Kokila and thank you so much for thinking of me. I don't know anyone who deserves these awards more than you do. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions, and you have set some good ones.

    1. I am really glad you enjoyed my answers Barbara !Thanks for accepting the sisterhood award....and you know you are always so generous and loving in your words :)
      Glad to have you here dear :)

  2. Congratulations dear :)
    Interesting questions and very interesting answers... and inspiring too :)

    Can you believe this is the third attempt since yesterday I am doing to congratulate you?
    I don't know why my laptop is jealous whenever I visit your blog making so much noise and shutting down right when I am about to finish my last sentence :( Hitting publish now!

    1. Thank God its published ! Lol :D :D
      Yeah it happens .. when the lappy senses that the owner is getting rather too attached to someone other than it behaves like this :p:p It simply means that I am one of your dear friends :) so tests and trials of friendship we have to bear :) :P
      Jokes apart, Thanks dear for your patience and perseverance with your gadget... shows your affection for me dearie real happy and pleased :) Love n love to you dear :)

  3. And... Thank you so much for the award dear... I can see a lot of love behind this award :)

    Note: This is my second attempt :(

    1. Ha Ha Ha ... yeah Sindhu it happens ...
      and O! dear, no thanks is required ... Its me who is pleased to pass it on to a talented and sweet person like you :)
      love n cheers :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks uppal ji for the words, the patience and the visit ..:)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Kahkashan .. Its so nice to meet you again :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Celestine .. You are really patient dear :)

  7. Congrats dear :-) . You and Shweta, the two most beloved persons I've come across through blogging. You know my feelings and I truly believe that we were friends forever. Pichhle zindegi mein bhi sayad hum friends rahe honge.... :-D

    1. Mani the last time I spoke to Kokila I said We (Kokila, you and me) are like power puff girls and I plan to Penn a poem on that and she was just laughing and we were so amused. Some relations don't need definition and ours is such :) so the power puff girls are surely in the make :)

    2. Mani the last time I spoke to Kokila I said We (Kokila, you and me) are like power puff girls and I plan to Penn a poem on that and she was just laughing and we were so amused. Some relations don't need definition and ours is such :) so the power puff girls are surely in the make :)

    3. Ekdum right Mani :) I for one sure believe in rebirths ad all :) may be sisters aur bahut jhagda karte honge so this time we three are in three corners :P :P I can relate so much with your every word that its truly truly like soul sis...knowing a person's mind inside out ... Love you for being here,for the affection you shower, the inspiration you exudes and for your patience with this lazy crab ... :)love n love n cheers :)

    4. Oye Ladki ,I remember it so well and as promised, never breathed a thing about it ... :) I am waiting but don't test my patience Buttercup/Bubbles or are you Blossoms :p :p ".Our sweet smiles belie our innocence" :p :p

  8. I am not going to say thank you as thank you is too small and thank you would make it formal. I met Kokila and it more than clicked, I love her for her possessiveness, I love her for correcting my thinking when need be, I love it when she pushes me to voice better.... And I wudnt wasn't to call her a friend or sister the minute I put a name to what e have it will have boundaries :) all I can say is I feel stronger you being around. I know I don't talk that emo but felt the need of this expression..she is my babe....hugs and love...

    1. I have no words to convey what I am feeling right now .. And I doubt if words can ever convey that.Its been wonderful wonderful knowing you dear girl.. you are my new year gift from the skies :) And with you and Maniparna its become a bond when words are fast becoming useless ! I understand every word you have written here and can feel all those which you have not :) You are my blessing girl , cheers and wishes to you ... :) :)

    2. And on an sudden impulse (inspired by your above words) I have written a school-girl rhyme for us ... just going to publish it now dear :)
      Next time its gonna be for three of us :) :)
      PS . If its bad then people ought to know who is to blame for such rapid sudden surge of emotion tumbed out as words ! :p:p :)

  9. Congratulations Kokila and hi-fi to the 8th answer :D


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