The BOLD Step : #StartANewLife

When a shy,introvert girl from a small sleepy town in Uttar Pradesh dared to dream - it was a bold step for her. To imagine about a life different from her peers was a bold step.
After clearing the joint entrance for PG, she kicked aside the happening Industrial Chemistry for the traditional Zoology just for the love of it -  a bold step.
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Said no to the esteemed P.hd in 'Chordata' as she wanted only in Embryology/ Genetics- a bold step. 
Despite the social outrage and genuine concern ,left her secure job - a bold step. 
And the boldest of all for a homesick ghar-ghussu person like her was - shifting. Down south ,to Bangalore. More than 2000 kms from 'home' to set up a new home - a home decked not by brass-bronze statues but by  liberty,love and life . 
A Bold Step. A small House but A Big Home.



I always wanted to run wild around the world but being the sensitive crab, in the end it was Home sweet Home for me . Like a  well-fed cat napping under the afternoon sun I was always the one to bask under the love and affection of family and friends , either purring on my cot with a book or doing cycling stunts over potholes, racing through fields or playing basketball in grounds drenched and muddy in monsoon rains.
Without any warning came the turbulent weather.And the warm sunshine was imprisoned by the thunderclouds.Friendly rain showers turned into cruel lashings and in that dark period true colours of many were revealed ... 
Perhaps my sunny view was too bright to discern the true colours and the rains have now washed away the fake smiles and hollow words.

First , it was disbelief followed by shock, anger, frustration, subdued vengeance, desolation, despondency and finally acceptance.

Then the merciful, divine stage of forgiving came. Forgiveness towards MYSELF.

Though I never lost my sangfroid in public but I was culprit for murdering some precious moments of my life ... for those who were just fellow travelers in this journey of Life !
As I was working on forming an equanimity with life, Bangalore happened.
I was already in the serene and picturesque valley of Dehradun nestled cosily between the Himalayan and Shivalik range of hills ... but my inhibitions  had been cut loose and I was unstoppable. I was no more the soft-crab. My carapace had weathered and I was ready to test my might .

It was a risk.With zero savings, a meagre salary and two kids, a BIG and a BOLD step.


The Foyer
Secretly I always wanted to be a rolling stone albeit with a pocket for the moss of wisdom. With my journey down south I actually became one! 
It was an entirely new landscape, the terrain, the people,the language and the culture. From day one the city was welcoming with rain showers, cool breeze, green canopy and  a culture sans pomp and show was a respite from the pandemonium and glitz. 
I was astounded to see the vibrancy in clothes, in houses, on doorsteps, in jewellery and in temples! Such myriad colours ! 
Such tongue twister of a names and such intricate patterns in almost everything from weaving clothes to designing kolams, from headgears to the name of food items and roads !
The Kitchen
Unlike many others I was thrilled to be here and loved its every hue so I quickly learnt things from swalpa adjust maadi, the proportion of rice n urad daal for a crisp dosai, the dots in kolams, the rounds and turns of Kannada lipi, the Cholas and the Pallavas, the lifeline Kaveri and the rocky yet fertile red terrain dotted with lush fields and silver mercurial falls. 

Piece by piece we started our life anew, afresh leaving not the past behind but just the despair and gloom of it. 

We bought a house , made it into a home and founded it on mutual respect and a space for differences. We made a nook for my books and  a place for his temple. Bay windows for my sunshine,rain and zephyr and glass panels for his comfort. An attic for precious memories and a dustbin for negativity....

The Sunset !
Six years later Bengaluru is where home is.  
Life has truly started afresh and anew. Lows are there and mistakes happen but ultimately its a home full of love and happiness, courage and transparency and yes, a lovely view ! 
Leave the past behind , go for your dreams and explore the new horizons with 
It  will make you dreams come true perhaps .. no, definitely a bit easily than ours.
For more on it watch this video or visit HERE

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  1. "First, it was disbelief followed by shock, anger, frustration, subdued vengeance, desolation, despondency and finally acceptance." Here's key to bliss. Superbly written... Kudos :)

    1. I actually wondered if you would notice it ... Thanks for the words and really glad that you are what you are :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kahkashan :) You have a beautiful name :)

  3. Home is where you make it to be. Glad you found a home. Lovely post

  4. Beautifully written Kokila... I loved it :) very bold indeed ;)
    Btw - I also tried my hand at this prompt :p have a dekho...

    The lovesss and the hugsss :)

  5. Nice account, Kokila. So nice that you ventured into unknown territory and made a success of it. Bangalore is so beautiful, isn't it?

  6. Very inspiring one, Kokila... You have beautifully penned your experiences.. I want to describe more about how I felt reading a part of your life... But, the laptop seems to be jealous!

  7. I have met you and you are a gem babe, loved the post....what is life if it wouldn't teach us through experiences...and in the end its all happy is what counts. Love you hugs :)

  8. A bold step towards a new future and how happy you are!
    A nice read read Kokila. :)

  9. "in that dark period true colours of many were revealed ... " always happens dear. True colours of friends and relatives are only revealed in dark times...

    Life is a concoction of darkness and light...a perfect mixing, a cosmic one, I surmise...
    I believe one thing, everything that happens, happens for good. Life is supposed to change and it changes us too. Your story is a bold one and I know you're and will be a winner... lots of love...:-)

  10. Kokila, I'm so glad Bangalore happened to you and I got to meet you.
    Stay strong, stay happy and stay positive.
    Sending some hugs! :)

  11. Touching post. A bold step indeed! Cute pics.
    Keep rocking! Much happiness! Be blessed!

    Do check out this post for some info for your kids. Do join & win :)


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