# Togetherness

Sometimes. after all things said and done, after going through and 'emerging out' of all tests and trials you suddenly realise that you are  - broken.. emotionally and mentally. 
You find your heart and hands empty ! It feels as if all the harrowing experiences, all that temper you checked in , all the mockery you bore ,the denials you accepted, the acceptance you were denied... each and every thing you bore with that inhumane divine patience ... was in vain .You are suddenly left fragile and wounded. Every atom of your being feels raw. Your self confidence and self respect hits an all time low and there are moments when you actually wonder whether it was you who was in the wrong ... and surprisingly , with increasing conviction it seems as if you are the wrong person rather than the wronged one.

Here lies the catch .

In both the situations  its pure negativity as if you are wrong , you are wrong but if you think /feel you are wronged , then too you are wrong ! Because no one , absolutely NO ONE can wrong you unless you allowed them to !

So its basically  huge work on yourself you have to do . Sorting out yourself , your priorities, preferences , joys and expectations from life.
And in that painful time, that time when you must do introspection and contemplation, you pick up pieces of your life with your own hands,  you  need someone. Someone loving, caring, patient, listening your woes out for the umpteenth time, making you see where you could have dealt better, nudging you gently towards brighter prospects ......most importantly,  enabling you to let it do yourself.
You need someone standing with a smile and a first aid box as you go on gluing the shards of your life back to a normal shape .. or maybe into a different shape altogether

You have to wipe out the bleak desolation from your soul , the barrenness of feelings from your heart and ACCEPT that yes! you could have dealt better. You could have been stronger. You could have been wiser. And that id you failed to do so - its not wrong.
It happens  these are virtues which are hard to find and when one has these its even harder to try these at times when one is emotionally involved .Emotions can't let you judge critically. Emotions make you weak in knees, prone to hurt .  And to be emotional, sensitive is not wrong.

You have emerged out from the mess but you are still carrying the baggage. Once again the gentle hand of unconditional love supports you.  Once again the flowers bloom and new leaves break in their limpid glory . For me spring came early after autumn as I had my mother for that unwavering support and unconditional love. The unending wisdom and unfathomable patience with a divine acceptance of facts was all I needed. No questionings or probing only a timeless flow of love .. a rich smile, a twinkle in her eyes , a spring in her step which at her age of 64 gives more hope than thousand words, a disciplined routine despite any calamity and with an unending faith in the Lord/Nature  and His/its  ways she kept on  reminded me " Do the best possible in the given situation"

All I had to do was reach out and call her . She is a well and not a fountain . The seeker has to go and be nourished .She knows her worth and thankfully made me realise too. Its because of her that I was able to 'Look Up' and rise .She made me realise her favourite quote which has become mine too -
“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”  

add Mae West's words to this and you will have the gist of her.
"You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough "

People at Housing.com are also helping people in 'looking up' , making them free from miseries of a house and offering them a home to live and a life to 'look up' to .
These housing.com guys are being the First Aid Guys for all just like for my mom was and always will be .
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  1. I am also a firm believer of 'this too shall pass.'

    1. Well said Mridula .. Righr now am neck deep in kids' exams and a family wedding ...So no time for blogging or networking...but, this too shall pass ..... :p :) :)
      Thanks a Ton dear :)

  2. Change is the only permanent thing in the world. Let us just take life as it comes, one step at a time. Enjoy your time at the wedding! I am sure kids will do great at the exams.

    1. Thanks Meoow.. I need all the Luck in the world right now as I am not missing my side of posting but am lagging behind in reading my friend's posts : and still am getting so much love from you all !! It means a lot dear .. Thanks again :)

  3. It's one of my favourite quotes too. "Life goes on."
    A family wedding, and kids' exams at the same time! Usually one of this is enough to keep us busy. :) All the best to the kids, and enjoy the wedding. :D

    1. Thanks a TON Kiran and I mean it dear. Its so sweet of you to understand my position and continue showering your comment love !!The Sweetest and the most inspiring words these are :)

  4. I don't over-think when the times are bad, as nothing in life is permanent. One has to move on thinking something positive will happen soon,

    1. And that's the BEST attitude.one has to move on with positivity and hope ...
      Thanks for the inspiring words Alok :)

  5. A highly inspiring article... I felt as if I was being consoled by a near and dear one who is just sitting next to me! I wasn't feeling low, but I feel more energetic... your words pass very positive vibe! Thank you dear, for this awesome post :)
    Hope your kids' exams got over smoothly and the family wedding as well :)
    Tc! Kerr smiling :)

  6. I hate the word 'Hmmm', just because it's not a word. But, I'd love to use it here!

    Try and read Tao te Ching by Confucius. It has your answers. And the answer is.... You don't have any answers. :)

    I just love the way you played the music of pain and then suddenly healed it. So wish, the pain is really healed!

    Bravo! So moved me!

    1. How is it that I missed your comment ! Still reeling from amazement !
      Thanks for the immense patience to go through it :) Now at least I know it
      * you heard a chuckling sound ?* :DD

      Yes , it was healed ..at least this is what I love to think ..Thanks for your wishes :)


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