Ek Nayi League !!

Not a single person who lives in India , Indian or not, is unaware from the 'Leagues' 
There are many . Starting from the IPL or the Indian Premiere League of cricket , to the ISL or Indian Super League , DPL or Dancing Premiere League , the CCL or The Celebrity Cricket League.... the list seems endless.

And now Kapil Paaji , the God of Indian cricket has come with another one - Ek Nayi League !!
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 Keeping in mind his gregarious and generous nature, the strict disciplinary he is said to be, its not a hoax but a real league .. definitely a Nayi League . But what is it ? 
That's the million Dollar Question !

Keeping in mind Kapil Sir's personality , his persona , charisma and his sense of humour , its not hard to guess (but it sure is !) that what he is hinting is going to be OUTSTANDING.
His league like himself must be transparent and seemingly easy but when played must be tough and for tough guys only. Players who are tough not only physically but mentally and emotionally. No place for those who thinks with heart (obviously wrong as heart don't think !) or for the tearjerker types. 
The emotions will be high but for the viewers . For the players the only emotion or feeling in the League must be  " the will , the desire to WIN "
 It does not mean that its going to be a mean game  rather my idea is that it  will require planning and strategy keeping emotions at bay.
  And, that it will require not showing your intentions and emotions  until you make the move. So a mix of Chess and Poker and  physical sports and eloquence too .

Well after watching the various videos of him hinting about it , I have  guessed  little . Obviously that were his intentions in the first place .And what I have guessed and brainstormed and deduced aka Sherlock Holmes style minus Dr. Watson is this -

1. Its a League related to entertainment . (Ya ya .. I know you'll say its easy but NO, it SEEMS easy but its NOT !)

2. Its a League related to mind games .( He is stressing so much on If you play by heart you are bound to get out !!)

3. Well if not heart then kidney , limbs and torso may also be involved along with brain .

4. So its a amalgamation of sharp brain , quick wit and energy . So sports meets games meet wit meet intellect ! Wow .

5. And as so much stress is on not to play with heart and heart symbolizes purity , softness and you know .. mushy emotions like love and affection ..so I am at the conclusion that in this Nayi League  emotions ought to be keep in check . Somewhat like being Poker faced and don't let the opponents or the other team know about your true feelings.

As Vince Lombardi said -
"Its not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up."

So it seems more on these lines and less on what Ernie Banks said -

"The only way to prove that you are a good sport is to Lose "

So the League must have all the 'S ' - speed , strength, stamina, spirit and skill but some more things  like no playing with heart and listening to your mind rather .  

Remember - Winners never quits and Quitters never wins .

The post is written for EkNayiLeague.


  1. It's actually about a trading League by Samco, a leading stock broking company. :-D

    It seemed to me as much ado about nothing.... :-P

  2. ROFL........if I'll get my voucher I'll bear the embarrassment ;);)
    Oh! What ado I have made my dear !!

  3. Oh, a trading league? I had thought like you Kokila. If heart isn't involved, it must be the brains. I had guessed some sort of KBC with Kapil. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. He he Kiran ..well now we both are stumped :)

  4. I really don't know! What's it?

    1. Well it seems to be some trading league ....sigh .

  5. Now the crazy me thinks what is exactly a crazy league....? well jo bhi ho I loved your post bestie.

    1. He he .. Thank you dear girl :) as that's all I need :) :)

  6. So the secret is out now :D

  7. I have no idea – even after reading the comments – please do an update on this post at some time kokila, or I will be puzzling over it for ever. :-)

    1. Sorry Barbara .. for the umpteenth time I was gone without a prior notice :( :(
      The league is related to a stock company - trading league . That all I can gather till date ! my mind stops working completely as soon as terms like ' stock exchange' 'trading' enters a conversation.. so you can understand dear !
      Thanks for stopping by :) I am eager to reconnect :) :)

  8. Thanks for the info Kokila. Will try it when I go to India next time. I was not very lucky this time as I had so much of hassel using the phone. Airtel is my provider.

    1. Uh-oh ! Well different providers work fine in separate geographical areas/states as AirTel and Vodafone are working fine here in Karnataka while people there in North are vouching for TATA Docomo . And as for the league, its concept alone is able to bring my little grey cells to a halt . :D :D
      Thanks for stopping bye .. and for your patience till I catch up at your place :)


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