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There are times when my Happy Hours at the Indiblogger have turned into sad hours because my browser is not fast enough. Many other assignments written for competitions and contest also suffered similar fate- wasted due to the snail-pace of the browser and the research done for the topic, the feeling with which the piece is written, the zeal and zest for the cause,the satire ..duly went to the trash folder .
 I switched to another without much success and finally relented and accepted that if you want to meet a deadline, you have to be on your toes checking on the connection, speed and all that stuff thus missing out on other aspects of life .

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 It felt my work was being affected negatively as well as the quality time with my family was decreasing. I was torn in between, to have an update of the activities going on this world wide web and also not willing to let my  moments of daily happiness slide past unnoticed, unappreciated.

Enters a smart kid on the block the UC Browser backed up by the latest technology and a reliable mentor Yuvraj Singh aka Yuvi. 
It is a mobile browser developed by UCWeb much enhanced, upgraded and launched for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Black Berry etc. It offers a whole range of features of which the most outstanding ones the Speed .
 It is on Speed that UC Browser is riding high as Speed is the need of the hour.
We need fast and smart browsers to do a lot of things at a single time, so-much-so that we are putting  the word multi-tasking to shame . 
Specially the ladies of the century have evolved in a way that technology is no more a male domain entirely (though it never was) as not only working women or work-at-home moms Or work-from-home ladies but Home-maker and college girls all are multi-tasking at a level which is just one step away from proving that the Indian concepts of Ashtlakshmi and NavDurga are no more myths!
One single lady is essaying at least ten roles at a given time ranging from a mother, daughter, engineer, banker, writer, painter, designer, wife,blogger, daughter-on-law , baker, home-maker, interior designer..... 
Hence the speed is of utmost importance as she/he /we don't want to miss the action of a match between India- Australia , nor we want to miss the daily dose of soap-operas - they teach us ladies the tricks and tips to survive after-all :P 

 Plus we have to write for our monthly magazine and we have to teach our kids and feed them a  meal cooked not only at home by our own hands, simmered on care and love and garnished with smiles and stories . 
And where do you think that unending anecdotes about my son's favorite Rafael Nadal keep coming up? 
And from where the endless tales of far-off travels to far away lands as far as Iceland and the banks of Volga , complete with directions and landmarks keep tumbling out from my mouth like a cascade at night time ?  

 I would have lost my sanity long back if I was not having this little aid in my mobile to help me. So its the best and the Fastest for me. I have to update the match scores to my husband when he forgets to take his phone with him while tempering his favorite Toor Daal the just The right way .

With UC Browser life seems easy. It has Data Compression which reduces data consumption while using browsing . Its Cloud System makes the loading process quicker and smoother . The "view it later" mode caches images and relevant information for the later offline viewing - a good concept to save data consumption. 
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Its Sharing feature help to share data with all major platforms like FB , Twitter etc. and the data download system allows user to resume downloading from where it was left if in case the browser shuts down or the process is interrupted due to any reason.

 And for  the cricket crazies I have in my family it is the BEST thing as its UC Cricket has one-stop cricket info hub providing live scores, previews, stats, interviews videos...... a match reminders and the comment section ..whew!!  And All within a single click!No more bunking up classes , canceling appointments and providing lame excuses to work !

And after all these features and the speed I am getting, what is the best place to be this IPL season other than having UC Browser in my little phone :) 

You can check its other irresistible features here at

The post is written for  UC web Browser in connection with  UC Cricket.


  1. Liked your TADKA of Toor Dal & Ashtlakshmi. Enjoyed reading. :)
    My experience with UC Browser is: It's pretty good for Android and very bad for Windows.
    All the best for contest (Y)

  2. Thank you Bhai...waise my husband and son are also no less than Dashavtar these days :/ with phone,book,food,TV,nrwspaper ..sab ek saath!


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