Adieu : A Tanka String

                                                                            young fair lilies bloom
                                                                            tranquil in the lap of night 
                                                                            glowing through the dark 
                                                                            for those few borrowed moments
                                                                            smiling with the fading moon

                                                                            slender lilies sweet
                                                                            dreams folded within their souls
                                                                            tender petals blush
                                                                            moon spills in the sky- adieu    
                                                                            dew forms on dying flowers 

A Tanka (tan-short, kah-verse) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. 

It's an unrhymed verse of five lines with a syllable count of  5-7-5-7-7. 
It's generally not titled unless in a 'tanka string' or 'sequence'.

 Like haiku it nudges, hints and guides the mind to explore the hidden meanings but unlike haiku, it has a broad aesthetic and to let the reader wander  through the infinite possibilities, the capitalization of the first letter and the use of full stop after the last is avoided. 

Happy Reading.

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  1. Few borrowed moments smiling with the fading moon, dew forms on dying flowers - is a reminder for savoring each moment of life. Love the petite dreamlike quality of your tanka Kokila

    1. Well said Somali,each moment of life has to be savoured as its transient and people here, often evanscent!
      pleasure you enjoyed it and thanks for a sweet comment :)

  2. Nice one Kokila. I like the lines - borrowed from the moon, kinda like the contagious nature of optimism..

    1. Right Vinay, borrowed time, borrowed hopes but the feelings are real , Always.Thank you for stopping by :)

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  4. Beautiful depiction of day and night through these tanka. You wonderfully weaved the two contrasting perspectives in the central theme of life. :)

    1. so, you got the day and night scene, life and death bhi,love n surrender ?
      chatur chalak teevra medhavi..:))
      Thankyou for dropping by bhai.


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