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आओगी जब तुम जान जाऊंगा मैं  
                                                                        चटकेंगी  कलियां और फूल खिलेंगे। 

                                                                       हवा होगी जैसे तेरा महका आँचल, 
                                                                       थपक देगी मुझको सितारों की झिलमिल 
                                                                       सुनाएगी लोरी थपकते-थपकते, 
                                                                       ये चाँद हंसेगा और तारे दमकेंगे।  

                                                                      सूरज भी चमकेगा निखर -निखर  कर 
                                                   पेड़ों पे हरे-हरे  पत्ते निकलेंगे 
आओगी जब तुम जान जाऊँगा मैं, 
                                                                       ठुमक-ठुमक  नयें चूज़े चलेंगे !

                                                                      झूमेगा स…

The Bull and The Butterfly

there was once a bull Magnifique  his Moo.. was sonorous calm his grazing refined, his gait sublime  he got that earthy charm
he'd romp and play in flowers and grass in pastures green and gold, placid, content in his life his countenance, a joy to behold.
his long horns set wide in a majestic curve  proud and decked up with blooms   the cows were awed and calves in love  leaving other bulls to spume and fume 
Protesting they cried, "No time to gambol with the weeds, lofty tasks have to be done !" a ludicrous grin and a silly look was all they could get out from him 
so for work, he was coaxed to sit near a bush,
with a thing trapped buzzing inside It was a Bee with a sting like death!
which pierced all the way through his hide

he screamed and stomped, bellowed and rushed and raged till it ceased to pain  but the field was ploughed, and the branches crushed  a work pending from weeks in vain!

Then one fine May day, a butterfly came  fluttering carefree and bright  flitting like an iridescent star …