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Break Free : Haibun

The best things in life are free with  free meaning- of no cost. Also freedom, being carefree, unbridled, free spirited and unchained.
Nature bestows free yet priceless gifts, which are strewn around if only one choose to look. Nature nudges the subconscious mind to feel and grasp the free, spontaneous flow of life... ebbing and surging, frozen at times but never still. Changing course, changing sound; in cadence and anacrusis but, lilting and gushing. Daily. Always. 
Indeed, the best things in life are free.

        frozen river breaks
        with first rays of golden sun 
        a vibrant new song 

Haibun is a prosimetrum including a haiku and a prose paragraph as its basic building unit. Both components are juxtaposed to contrast or compliment the imagery, idea or the emotion. The prefatory component generally having the expository qualities and the concluding one is ascribed with the climactic ones. 

with HaibunMonday and HaikuHorizons
Image credits: Here 


  1. Nature's gifts are priceless and free for the looking. I had to look up prosimetrum. It turns out to be a good description of a haibun and is a rather old term. Nice photograph. The brightness and contrast of the colors in it makes me want to pay attention more to nature's priceless gifts.

    1. Right, it's quite an old term which I wanted to use from ages but being a biology student and later teacher, had a really slim chance! Glad the pic made you want to look more closely at the free gifts. We both should thank the photographer for that... :)
      ...and, thanks to you Frank for reading and stopping by to comment! I hope you liked this maiden effort :)

  2. Yes the best things in life are no cost to us. Your first haibun shows a great deal of promise. I enjoyed the movement in it. You used an old word for prosimetric which I found interesting. Welcome to dVerse. Thank you for stopping by. Kanzen sakura is Toni Spencer/hayesspencer.

    1. Thank-you, Toni for appreciating and the warm welcome! It will definitely help me evolve in creating better haibun!:)

  3. This is lovely. I especially enjoyed the haiku. So nice to have you join us here--hope to see more of your work.

    1. Thank-you, Victoria! I look forward to more creativity and connectivity !:)

  4. I like that vibrant new song, something to look forward to ~ Thanks for joining us at Haibun Monday ~

    1. Many thanks,Grace! I am glad for the warmth and appreciation! Love. :) :)


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गुह्य गीत - hidden song( as in, the lyrics of which are decipherable only to the worthy)
परिभाषित- defined by.

अविरल- always, continual
निष्कम्प - unwavering

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                                    बूढ़े बरगद पर चिड़ियों ने,
                                    रह-रह कर फिर हूक उठाई ,
                                    पल-पलाश दहके शोलों से,
                                     ...याद वही लौट आई


Bringing Down the House : Review

'Bringing down the house' stars my two favs Steve martin and Queen Latifah :) so expectations were high ...only to be crashed again.

 A story idea with potential which turned out half baked as too many ingredients like the  Victorian attitude, the nanny-thing,blind -date-backfire, kids-need-attention, still in much love ex-couple ingredient....and many more.Different natures of these ingredients prevented the dish to bake fully. Alas! an amazing star cast but a moderate product. 
The most it will do is just bring down your expectations .
Still U can give it a try :)
Mostly for the sake of the lead pair which certainly shows sparks in this otherwise lack lustre film.