Scent : Haiku

                                                                                the memory trove
                                                                                anguish sorrow passion love 
                                                                                sandal roses cloves 

That assuring smell of boiling milk, the beautiful smell of hennaed hands, the aroma of sliced green chilies on the cutting board, of freshly grounded cinnamon and cardamom for tea... of sandal, of roses, cloves and ginger, of frangipani, rajanigandha, harsingar... of Dettol on grazed knees, of Vicks Vaporub on sore throat and of Boroline in chipped lips. 
The vermilion of karonde, emerald of pomegranate leaves, saffron of harsingar, fuchsia and amber of the bougainvillea, drooling toddlers, candy pink gums of babies with toothless smiles.... are all Proustian memories. 
Of a life unblemished and undefiled, of an innocent happy heart which has now befriended melancholia and of dark ingenue eyes which are now skilled in drawing a diaphanous curtain over their deep feelings.

Frangipani - Plumeria flower                                                                                         Rajnigandha-  Tuberose     Harsingar - Coral or Night Jasmine                                                                                     Karonde- Cranberries

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  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful! Says a lot in so few words!

  2. The memories. They have it all :) Beautifully written Kokila.

    1. Haan. They have it all. well said. Thanks for stopping by!😊😊


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