Anticipation... the best hope, the best joy one can ever have before being hit by ANY reality.
Anticipation is the celebration of that feeling that our hearts still have desires..That we still have a bucket full of  wishes left, which can cause butterflies to flutter mad in our tummies and goosebumps to convert our translucent smooth skin into a spiked up surface of that rougned up rogue moon! To get these jitters, this feeling just by a mere thinking about our wish list, our desires, our hopes and the future is wonderful!

Buddha says not to give in to desires, not to have them in the first place but, my understanding or may be, my alleged denial syndrome to deny things which I don't like, make me understand him this way that he never asked to tame them either.
He meant to conquer them.
To have them but not to be a slave to them. Just like the Hindu scriptures-त्याग सहित भोग। To savour without getting attached, to relish and appreciate while staying free!

Similar freedom I experience with this word anticipation.

Anticipate that family  trip, that one meeting, that one date, that one excrusion, that perfect lecture... Don't expect or invest precious life energies thinking about the outcome.
Enjoy the preparations, the journey, even the wait.

Krishna says, " karmne vadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachana"
To perform the karma with utmost sincerety and perfection and, not to worry over the result!

Gospel says, "In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade."  (1 Peter 1:3b-6)

To me somehow everything boils down to the same that is, not to expect but enjoy that tingling of anticipation with a bated breath, and excited fervour but yet an unbelievably calm mind. To understand that Life is not what we are planning , trying and expecting it to be but , it is what is happening right then when we are busy planning it out!  Remember those times when you were packing bags for a short two day trip  brimming with that joyful anticipation of what's in store? Or those bridal tears and bridal laughter infected with nervous anticipation for the new life!
Life happens and we are bound to relish every experience if we alter out perspective just like we adjust the mirror to avoid or let in the sun in the kaleidoscope as per our whim.

There's is nothing which is bad, just different. Anticipate for the best... It's dreamily real.

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  1. In my post Laughter – The Language of Mystics, I asked not to get bemused by the words of mystics because they were said to confuse you, so that you could easily go beyond words. I wanna say same regarding this post of yours though it makes sense logically too.

    To make my point clear, lemme quote from your post, “not to expect but enjoy that tingling of anticipation with a bated breath, and excited fervour but yet an unbelievably calm mind.” You wonderfully expressed the notion of seemingly opposite as one – the concept of non-duality. Kudos.

    My father says it differently. He says, “Na samajhne wali baat ko na samjhne wale dhang se jitni baar samjhayi jaye wahi Darshan hai.”

    1. Out of the whole comment the best thing I liked is the saying by your dad! :D
      while writing I wondered if I ought to explain that line which you have quoted due to the seemingly opposite thoughts but am glad you got the nuances perfectly. Yes, anticipation, like acceptance has a calm. And it's not defeat but an active, a karm-sahit calm. Thank-you for the insightful comment!

  2. Kokila, it's been a while. Trust you are doing great.

    1. Right's been quite some time, relocation and all..but, you are here means, I must have done some good Karma..will visit you soon, mystic poetess! Thank-you!:)

  3. Anticipation is good for planning a travel... my take. :)

    1. Exactly! See, I have given the same example ... Nodding in agreement. :D

  4. Anticipation is exciting indeed ;)
    Well expressed as usual, Kokila!

    1. Thankyou, Anita! Real pleasure to see you after a long, long gap...Glad you liked the post, girl!:)

  5. Beautifully expressed Kokila. Anticipation means that hope is still alive, and that is definitely a good thing.

    1. Right.I like it how you always get to the bare basic point, Kiran...That's why anticipation can't be thwarted like hope.Thank-you for stopping by, dear! :)


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